“No Guidance,” the fourth solitary from chris Brown"sforthcoming album Indigo, has a seemingly i can not qualify feature: Drake. Despite the two had actually allegedly to be feuding due to the fact that 2012, they finished their beef last year, paving the method for this collaboration.

After teasing the song on social media a few days beforehand, “No Guidance” dropped on June 8. Through its fashionable release and also infectious hook (“You obtained it girl, you got it”), the trackhas been garnering fist as a competitor for the song of the summer.

Lil Nas X"s "Old town Road" top thedesigningfairy.com hot 100 because that 11th Week, chris Brown & Drake"s "No Guidance" Debuts in ~ No. 9

Before I dice I"m tryna crap you, babyHopefully us don"t have actually no babiesI don"t also wanna go ago homeHopefully, ns don"t leaving you on your own

AyyTrips that you arrangement for the next entirety weekBands too lengthy for a n---a so cheapAnd your flex OD, and also your sex ODYou acquired it, girl, you acquired it (Ayy)You got it, girl, you acquired (Yeah)Pretty lil" thing, you got a bag and also now you wildin"You simply took it turn off the lot, no mileageWay lock hittin" you, the DM lookin" violentTalkin" wild, girlfriend come around and now castle silentFlew the coop at 17, no guidanceYou be stayin" low yet you know what the vibes isAin"t never got you nowhere bein" modestPoppin" shit however only "cause you know you"re poppin", yeah

You got it, girl, you gained it (Ayy)You acquired it, girl, you gained it

Lil" baby in she bag, in she BirkinNo ripe to five, put the work inFlaws and all, ns love "em all, to me, you"re perfectBaby girl, you got it, girl, you got it, girl (Oh-oh)You got it, girl, you obtained it, girl (Ooh)

I don"t wanna pat no games, play no gamesFuck around, give you mine last name (Oh)Know you worn down of the very same damn thingThat"s it s okay "cause, baby, you

You acquired it, girl, you acquired it (Ayy)You got it, girl, you acquired it

You the just one I"m tryna make love to, pickin" and choosin"They ain"t really love you, runnin" games, usin"All her stupid exes, they gon" call againTell "em the a genuine n---a steppin" inDon"t permit them n---as try you, test your patienceTell "em that it"s over, ain"t no debatin" (Uh)All you need is me playin" on your playlistYou ain"t gotta it is in frustrated

I don"t wanna beat no games, pat no gamings (Oh)Fuck around, offer you mine last name (My critical name)Know you tired of the exact same damn thing (Same damn thing)That"s it s okay "cause, baby, you

You obtained it, girl, you got it (Oh, ooh, ayy)You acquired it, girl, you got it (Got it)I don"t wanna

Before ns die, I"m tryna posesthe you, infant (Yeah)Hopefully, we don"t have no babies (Ooh)I don"t also wanna go ago homeHopefully, i don"t leave you on her ownYou acquired it, girl, you acquired it, oh

Play no gamings (No)Freaky (Freaky)I can learn a lot from you, gotta come teach me (Woo, woo)You a lil" hot girl, girlfriend a lil" sweetie (No, sweet)Sweet like Pearland, sweet prefer Peachtree (Like that)I have the right to tell you crazy, but shit type of intrigue me (No, yeah, I choose that)(I don"t wanna, i don"t wanna)Seen the on the "Gram, I"m tryna watch that shit in 3D, mamiI understand I get approximately "cause I choose to relocate freely(I don"t, ns don"t)But you might lock it down, I might tell by just how you act me(I don"t, ns don"t)I seen just how you did homeboy, so please take it simple (No, yeah)Good to have actually me on your side, i ain"t sayin" that you need me (Yeah, yeah)Six God talk however I ain"t tryna get preachy (No, no, no)I seen how you go homeboy, you re welcome take it easier on me"Cause i don"t wanna (No) play no games, beat no games(I don"t wanna, i don"t wanna)I don"t wanna play no games, beat no games(I don"t, ns don"t)

I don"t, ns don"tNo

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Written by: Tyler Bryant, Anderson Hernandez, Michee Patrick Lebrun, Travis Walton, NIja Charles, Christopher Brown, Aubrey Graham