The KLTA family was rocked on 27 December 2018 as soon as the anchor, Chris Burrous, for the channel because that over seven years, was discovered dead in a motel room in Glendale. He to be a renowned man in the Los Angeles area as the anchor was the primary resource of information for most citizens.

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Chris Burrows was born top top 11 January 1975 come a father who was a farmer and mother who functioned as a NASA technician for a lengthy time. Human being who knew kris from a young age said he was destined to it is in a news anchor native a young age, and also from his developmental years come his adult life, Chris continued on his singular pursuit of being an anchor.

Chris Burrous was a happily married husband and also a father at the time of his death.

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After working and also appearing in former of a camera for multiple different local news outlets, Chris uncovered his home in KLTA. However while functioning in a different place, he obtained on v KGET, where he uncovered the love of his life and also got married shortly after.

Chris Burrous was Happily Married come His wife Mai do Burrous, and also They to be Parents to your Daughter

In his bouncing approximately from ar to place and working in miscellaneous news outlets, chris arrived in KGET, wherein 1999 the met Mai Do-Burrows because that the first time. She was likewise a journalist and also working because that the channel as soon as the 2 met. The wasn"t exactly love at first sight, but there were sparks between the two, and also it was just in the two people’s best interest to seek the feeling and see wherein it led.

In 1999 the two started to date, and also love followed soon; the large day followed about four years later when chris popped the question, and Mai claimed yes. The pair got married on 19 October 2003 in the presence of your friends and family. Mai slowly stopped working, and soon, the married pair welcomed their first and just child, daughter Isabella in 2009.

The marriage showed up to be an excellent as we experienced the husband and wife generally on his on facebook feed, cooking, and also laughing together. But Chris Burrous was hiding a huge secret native his family, and he to be reportedly involved in one extramarital affair, which eventually resulted in his fatality on 27 December 2018.

Chris Burrous died due come “Methamphetamine Toxicity”

Chris Burrous and Mai do Burrous were married and also were parental to your nine years old daughter at the moment of his death.

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On 27 December 2018, kris Burrous left early on from his work, saying he was feeling unwell, and also instead of walking home, he went to a Glendale motel in Los Angeles. At the motel, he was wait for a guy he met top top Grindr (a dating app primarily for men looking for men). The 2 met in the motel, and also this was not the very first time they were sneaking turn off for a sex-related escapade.

Chris and the man he was with met twice before, and when he came down on the motel, chris greeted him at the door, completely naked, and the room to be decorated with lights and also sex toys. Over there were likewise drugs in the room, and also the pair engaged in some sexual task when chris allegedly put a absent of meth up his butt, and after a while, the did the again.

But soon after, he started to feeling discomfort, and when the mask he was wearing to be removed, there to be vomit in his mask, and the male he to be with called 911 while beginning CPR to assist him breathe. As soon as the paramedics arrived, he to be pronounced dead, and the autopsy confirmed it was meth poisoning.

There was no wrongdoing in the part of the man Chris was with, and the fatality was rule accidental. Kris left behind a wife of over 15 years and a nine-year-old daughter. She to be distraught ~ the death of she husband and also later thanked all the world who talked to her and also sent her an excellent wishes in she trying period.

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