Jeff Buckley to be an acclaimed singer/songwriter who drowned in 1997 while swimming in the Mississippi River. His father, Tim, to be a an extremely influential individual singer who died of a heroin overdose in 1977. Tim was 28 once he died, Jeff to be 30.

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Euphoria Morning was Cornell"s first solo album, i beg your pardon he followed in 2007 with Carry On and also in 2009 v Scream. He was formerly lead singer the Soundgarden, and also went top top to type Audioslave.

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Joe indigenous Sin City, NvI agree v Kurt indigenous Illinois, chris Cornell is probably one the the most underrated singers in music. Exactly how Rolling rock could disregard to incorporate him in a perform of the peak 100 Singers of the Rock and also Roll Era is nothing brief of a crime.Joe indigenous Sin City, NvHis 2nd album "Carry On" is a an excellent listen and I can"t wait for the new one come come out.Brandon from Saskatoon, CanadaChris Cornell"s 2nd solo album, lug On is collection to be exit on June 5, 2007. The very first single indigenous the album is entitled "No such Thing".Alpesinger native Inverness, ScotlandI think it"s also about breaking up v someone and also having one offical good-bye and missing them in ~ the very same time. Cornell is amazing. Pete Scotland kurt from Downers Grove, IlThis track has great example the Cornell"s significant range. Examine out the part in the middle where that sings "How long I"ve waited for solution or a sign." somebody probably had to squeeze out his nuts for that one! he is the best singer ever, and also if girlfriend don"t agree, hear to the last pair minutes that "Reach Down" by holy place Of The Dog.see an ext comments
wonderful TonightEric Clapton

Eric Clapton created "Wonderful Tonight" while waiting for his girlfriend, Pattie Boyd, to gain ready for a night out. By the moment she to be ready, he had written the song.

One DanceDrake

Drake"s "One Dance" was the very first ever track to rack increase one exchange rate streams ~ above Spotify.

back In The U.S.S.R.The Beatles

There to be a rumor in the Soviet Union the The Beatles had actually secretly saw the U.S.S.R. And also given a private concert because that the kids of optimal Communist party members. They believed the track "Back In The U.S.S.R." was written since of the concert. Actually, part fans still believe so.

wake Me UpAvicii

Avicii"s "Wake Me Up" to be the first ever song to reach 200 million streams on the Spotify music streaming service.

an individual JesusDepeche setting

"Personal Jesus," a song around "being a Jesus for someone else," was inspired by Elvis and also Priscilla Presley.

to win ItMichael Jackson

Eddie van Halen play the etc solo top top "Beat It" as a favor to Quincy Jones, who developed the album.

Lace the Music: how LSD readjusted Popular MusicSong creating

Starting in Virginia City, Nevada and also rippling the end to the Haight-Ashbury, LSD reshaped famous music.

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prick Wagner (Alice Cooper/Lou Reed)Songwriter Interviews

The co-writer/guitarist on numerous Alice Cooper hits, prick was also Lou Reed"s axeman on the rock n" Roll pet album.

Francis Rossi of standing QuoSongwriter Interviews

Doubt brought about drive for Francis, who still isn"t certain why one of Status Quo"s greatest hits is so beloved.

glen BurtnikSongwriter Interviews

On Glen"s résumé: struggle songwriter, on facebook dominator, and also member that Styx.

Kim Thayil the SoundgardenSongwriter Interviews

Their frontman (Chris Cornell) began out together their drummer, so Soundgarden takes a linear method when it concerns songwriting. Kim explains how they carry out it.

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One that rock"s top photographers talks about artistry in photography, increasing funds for a documentary, and enjoying a ar Fair v Tom Waits.