If you’re searching for theThe best TH9 HYBRID/TROPHY basic 2021!! | town Hall 9 (TH9) Hybrid Base architecture with copy link in Clash of Clans, then you have come to the best place. This base is among the best base because that coc city Hall 9 accessible on YouTube. This city Hall 9 coc basic layout deserve to be supplied for Trophy pushing. Come know an ext about this TH9 finest coc base, proceed reading this post.

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Hey men I’m dark barbarian, welcome to an additional base building video, today room making a new Town hall 9 hybrid base, I’ve excellent one recently yet I want you guys to have more options to select from, so that you can quickly switch to other if one doesn’t work for you, this base too is a hybrid base just like my various other base layouts which method that you’ll have the ability to save her loot while maintaining trophies, to know more about just how this base works, whereby we perform a complete breakdown of the base, so that rather of simply copying blindly, you can understand how this base in reality works. For this reason I’ll watch you men after the base analysis.


Let’s execute the basic analysis

The an initial thing friend can notification is the the city hall is well safeguarded in the center because it has actually some prey in it and also it is precious one star, so it is one of the an easy rules to keep in mind while make a hybrid base.

Mortars are placed towards the external compartments that the base since we want them to protect us against spam assaults like BARCH and also mass goblins, however they not only protect the outer buildings of the base they are put in together a way that lock pretty much cover the whole base.



Wizard towers are one of the most important defense at city hall 9, so the is necessary to place them in ~ the spots whereby they’re well protected and their variety covers many of the defenses, hence, placing castle in different compartments away from one another, would be the most suitable choice, as you can see sorcerer’s towers’ range cover many of the defenses in their range which is specifically what us wanted, so next time once you room making a base you yourself or you gain it from somewhere else, make certain to inspect how plenty of defenses room the sorcerer’s towers spanning in their range, if the barely extending 2 or 3 defenses, then you may want come reconsider your placement.


Air defenses are well paired with the waiting sweeper, castle are inserted in the main point of the base, to rise the protection against air attacks like lava loon, fixed drag, they also have air sweepers fine paired through them.

Cannons space evenly spread throughout the basic and provide a good balance to the base.


Xbows space well protected in the center and they are set to both ground and air since as every my observation, i was getting attacked by both ground and air armies, setup it top top the ground only mode just for the increased selection isn’t really worth it.

Now, coming to the storages, lock are inserted in various compartments, unlike the bases you generally see where most of the storages are placed in a single compartment. Every storage is inserted in a various compartment that method the foe has to take out the whole base in order to get all the loot.

if we placed both the gold storages on this next of the base, the attacker have the right to take practically all your gold just by taking out this part of the base. So in order to protect against that. We ar them alternatively, just like this base.

dark elixir storage is placed near the main point of the base surrounded by every our defenses, for this reason it’s rather well protected.

Now coming to the location of the traps, after observation of for this reason many strikes on this base, feather traps, and also giant bombs are strategically inserted in various compartments according to the pathing the defense attack troops like hogs and giants, which helps in do this basic stronger against ground attacks.

coming come the external buildings, I’ve inserted them alternatively, like I’ve avoided placing the same kind the collector close come one other, I check out most people not putting enough thought when placing those outer buildings to they end up put the exact same kind that collectors every together, these collectors become an easy target to attackers when placed together for this reason it is necessary to spread out them the end to make it more difficult for opponents to take it them out.

That’s it because that the basic Analysis

Make certain you have something in your clan lock for defensive, that’ll rise the efficiency of the base by manifolds.


Using clan castle troops for defending your base is extremely recommended together they can put the attacker in problem by distracting them. Even though the basic alone is enough to stop many of the assaults used by town Hall 9 attackers, using the clan castle can aid a lot. At town Hall 9 you can gain Maximum the 30 housing an are in your clan castle, below are several of my referrals for CC troops combinations because that defense at city Hall 9 :-

1 Electro Dragon(Recommended)1 baby Dragon + 2 Valkyrie + 1 Wizard1 Golem1 Witch + 4 Wizards + 2 Archers1 Lava Hound1 Dragon + 2 magician + 2 Archer

Since most people can’t gain these troops from their clans, friend can likewise use other troop combinations which space easily available like all wizards, every balloons or any type of other troop mix but i extremely recommend you come have over mentioned troops for ideal defensive suffer at town Hall 9.

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Centered and well-protected city hallAir Defenses well paired through air sweepersGreat catch placementWizard Towers in well-protected compartmentsBeast against Ground & wait AttacksMortars inserted in outer compartments to stop spam attacksX-bows in well protected main compartmentsArcher Towers covers pretty the whole base.


If you desire to copy this base just click on the Copy basic Button, it will certainly redirect you, from where you can easily copy this basic design.