Determine if a ladder is the correct device to usage for the situation.Your assessment will incorporate the physical condition of both the ground and also the area gift reached, the elevation of the work, the form of work-related being done, and also if other hazards space present.

Determine which kind of ladder will certainly be best. Constantly inspect the ladder prior to use, and set the ladder up correctly. This paper discusses climb up and also down the ladder. Please check out the other papers on Ladders from OSH answers for much more information.

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Always make sure the ladder is bound or secured correctly before using. As soon as climbing increase or down, always:

face the stepladder. Keep your human body centered between side rails. Maintain three-point contact by keeping two hands and also one foot, or 2 feet and also one hand top top a ladder always. Keep a certain grip. Make sure that footwear is in an excellent condition. Clean your footwear by removing mud, water, snow, ice or grease. Place feet firmly on every rung. Wearing footwear through heels can help to stop the foot from slipping forward. You have actually climbed too high if your knees are above top the the ladder or if you cannot keep a handhold ~ above the ladder. Rise or reduced tools and materials using a hoist, hand-line, bucket or various other device. If utilizing an expansion ladder, be careful when stepping or gripping near the locks as the locks will certainly obscure part of the rung. In many cases, only allow one human on a ladder in ~ a time. Wait until the other person has stepped turn off the ladder before one more person offers it. Have a second person organize the bottom of a lengthy ladder, specifically when tie or untying an extension ladder. Use the ideal safety devices when required (e.g., safety and security belt, fall restraint, etc.). Examine with her jurisdiction for demands when working at heights close to or over 3 metres (10 feet). Make certain that any type of harnesses or ties do not interfere v safe travel once on the ladder.

carry out not hurry increase or slide under a ladder. Perform not jump from a ladder. Check footing prior to descending a ladder. Carry out not bring tools or materials in your hand when climbing.

Other tips include:

If working close to electricity, perform not usage an aluminum ladder. Follow her jurisdiction"s indict on the distances recommended because that each level of electric voltage that might be present. Collection up warning signs, barricades, lock the door, etc. As necessary to prevent various other employees from bumping into the ladder. Job-related from the center of the ladder. If you cannot reach, rise down and move the ladder. Perform not "shift" or "walk" a stepladder as soon as standing ~ above it. Perform not use devices that call for a many leverage (such as a pry or pinch bar) as this activity may reason you to it is in unbalanced or fall. Carry out not stand, climb, or sit ~ above the stepladder top or pail shelf. Perform not stand on or over the peak two rungs or actions of the ladder. Perform not enable another person to work listed below the ladder.

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