To connect our network devices, there are different species of layers and also topologies that comprise network architectures.

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Most networks use a three tier design that divides the network right into three layers:

Core LayerDistribution LayerAccess. Layer


Figure 1: Three-Tier design with Core, distribution and access Layers.

The core layer is wherein Layer 3 routing is done and will have actually have relationships to things like servers and the Internet.

The distribution layer is used as an aggregation point for the accessibility layer to connect to the main point layer.

The accessibility layer is offered to attach end hosts choose PC’s and also phones.

Collapsed main point is an additional thedesigningfairy.common network architecture.


Figure 2: fell down Core Architecture

This architecture simply merges the roles of the core and distribution layers right into one. This type of architecture would be for smaller sized networks that have enough ports to terminate the access layer on the main point switches and do not have any kind of distance limitations.

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Lomoveishiy – Finland

I needed those to attach my pc on the third floor to have internet accessibility in the room, and ISP mounted their modem on the an initial floor only. After dropping fiber spot cables, plugged in every cables into these media converters at both sides, and link came up instantly. To be much easier than i thought!



Great suffer – units functioned straight the end of the box – simply needed plugin cables and we to be done. I also like the possibility to allow jumbo frames, when we execute not have a need for this attribute at the present moment it’s good to have this option.