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girlfriend know how you really feel choose eating a salad after ~ a long weekend that fiestas? That’s type of favor Week 2 in college football.

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(Those of us who watched CFB for 5 straight days in week 1’s gorgeous sprawl while additionally eating choose football fans throughout are living the an allegory to completion.)

Week 2 is light, however as watch GRID reader will get a little tired the hearing, every weekend of university football is good.

Below, stop walk with each time slot, with gamings sorted follow to a finest guess the watchability, based on a little an ext than simply the high quality of one team, or also both teams.

Streaming links for every TV network space in here. Weeknight gamings have been removed, for your Saturday convenience.

Saturday, Sept. 8 university football schedule

Khalil Tate vs. Ed Oliver! Zona forgetting it has actually Tate and Houston in which method struggling with Rice aside, how can you not watch that? this is a really great post ~ above Oliver, BTW.

Yes, I’m just listing UCLA-Oklahoma below in really hopes you capture one or 2 Vintage Chip Kelly scoring drives. We’re not going because that competitive football there.

one of the day’s mere two ranked-vs.-ranked games is means up high here, yet mostly the end of obligation. This is SC’s big chance at a signature win. Who’s buying that, though?

Our an initial look in ~ Scott Frost’s Nebraska is likewise an alternative (Nebraska term), against an old competitor to boot. And pickings room so slim, ns trying to spot FCS upsets over Kent State.




I practically wish pen State hadn’t goofed around and also tried to lose to Appalachian State critical week, because otherwise, conditions would be exceptionally right for a classic PITTening.

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A most sneaky goodness below (Cal and BYU could be an excellent again), a many of evident weirdness (I’m i m really sorry in breakthrough for the stupid means you lose, Kentucky), and also a entirely bizarre late-night load, with note Dantonio lastly meeting the only coach an ext 1980s NFL than him ... Since Herm Edwards remained in the 1980s NFL, you see.

Also, this is a year in i m sorry Hawaii’s worth staying up for. Be advised.

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