The nationwide Hockey organization announced that 2015-16 continual season schedule today, through the Colorado Avalanche collection to open up the franchise’s 20th season in Denver ~ above Thursday, Oct. 8, against the Minnesota Wild in ~ Pepsi Center. The Avalanche’s 2015-16 schedule is emphasize by the Coors light Stadium collection outdoor game against the Detroit Red wing on Feb. 27. The event, which will certainly be organized at Coors Field, will certainly be the first-ever outdoor video game in the state of Colorado. The Avalanche will start the season with three straight home games, dealing with Minnesota on Oct. 8, Dallas ~ above Oct. 10 and also Boston on Oct. 14. The three-game homestand matches the franchise’s longest-ever to begin a season, together the 1998-99 squad also opened through three directly at home.This marks the second consecutive year the Colorado will face Minnesota in the season opener. The last enemy to fulfill the Avalanche in back-to-back openers was the Dallas Stars in 2006-07 and also 2007-08.Colorado will play a total of 28 gamings versus its department foes, facing Minnesota, Nashville, St. Louis and Winnipeg 5 times each, while conference Chicago and also Dallas four times.The Avs will play 22 games against the Pacific Division, conference each of the enemies three times with the exception of mountain Jose, that they will play four times. Colorado will have actually 32 complete games against teams native the eastern Conference, facing all 16 clubs double (once in ~ home).The Avalanche’s schedule has 17 house "weekend" games, hosting four on Friday, 10 ~ above Saturday (including the end game) and three ~ above Sunday. The Avs will conclude the 2015-16 schedule at home on Saturday, April 9 versus Anaheim.The Avalanche will have actually a seven-game road expedition from Nov. 10-23, equaling the club’s longest journey since the franchise relocated to Denver. The Avs additionally had a seven-game expedition from Oct. 8-21, 2009. The Avalanche’s longest homestand the the year is five games, Dec. 31 come Jan. 8. Colorado will play a total of nine back-to-back gamings this season after having 12 in 2014-15. The Avs will host a brand-new Year’s Eve game for the third straight year, together they welcome the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks top top Dec. 31. The Blackhawks will additionally visit Pepsi facility on Feb. 2. The finish broadcast schedule, including Altitude sports & to chat telecasts, and also information about the on-sale days for preseason and also regular season tickets will be released in the close to future.

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