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as result of safety considerations and also legal/regulatory factors Black Powder guns may not be returned.

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Product Overview

The 1848 Dragoon was based on the much larger 1847 pedestrian Colt. It had actually a to reduce cylinder, and also the all at once scale of the pistol was diminished to make it less complicated to handle and carry. The original model was manufactured in a manufacturing facility owned by Eli Whitney, Jr., and these were well-known as "Whitneyville" revolvers. Eventually production was moved to Samuel Colt"s factory, and also as enhancements were made come the revolver"s design, the Colt factory created three different models of the 1848 Dragoon between 1847 and 1860. While many of the modifications were stylistic, other changes greatly enhanced the gun"s performance. Each of this Uberti replicas is 44 caliber through a 7-1/2" round barrel, fixed sights, 6-shot cylinder, brass cause guard, 1-piece walnut grip and color case-hardened steel frame.

Developed in 1848, the Colt® Dragoon was issued in bag as organization firearms come members the the U.S. Army’s an installed Rifles 1st Cavalry, the very first of many units well-known as Dragoons. The revolver had a long and also distinguished background in military and also civilian service during the 1850s and also 1860s, consisting of its use in the civil War.


Blue finishCase hardened frameClassic modelCivil war era revolverOnly around 2,700 made