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Reams Artz native Zamboanga City, PhilippinesI have the right to really relate come the lyrics.. Only God deserve to love that human being the means I do:(goodbye Jude Nyce.Zack indigenous Noblesville, InYea, that"s what it provides me think around - that reminds me how much ns love my ex.see more comments
Lady MarmaladeLabelle

The chorus of "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir" in "Lady Marmalade" is French because that "Do you want to sleep v me tonight?" once Labelle performed it on television, they had actually to adjust it come "Voulez-vous danser avec moi ce soir" (Do you desire to dance v me tonight?).

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Wanna it is in Startin" Somethin"Michael Jackson

"Wanna it is in Startin" Somethin"" was Michael Jaskson"s assault on the tabloid press: "They eat off of you, you"re a vegetable."

Somebody prefer YouKeith metropolitan

When Keith metropolitan played "Somebody like You" because that his girlfriend, she dubbed him a hypocrite due to the fact that he "sucked at relationships."

running Up that Hill (A deal with God)Kate bush

The Kate shrub song "Running Up the Hill" is about making a deal with God come switch lives with your companion so there would certainly be no more misunderstandings.

Casey JonesGrateful Dead

The grateful Dead considered "whipping that chain" and "lugging propane," but cleared up on "high top top cocaine" for "Casey Jones."

KokomoThe Beach guys

"Kokomo" provided The Beach guys their first #1 hit in 22 years. They choose the title because it sounded tropical.

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Daryl HallSongwriter Interviews

Daryl Hall"s TV display is a hit, and also he"s been inducted into the Rock and Roll room of reputation - only one of these advances excites him.

Supertramp founder roger HodgsonSongwriter Interviews

Roger tells the story behind some of his greatest hits, consisting of "Give a tiny Bit," "Take the Long method Home" and also "The logical Song."

valley BurtnikSongwriter Interviews

On Glen"s résumé: struggle songwriter, facebook dominator, and member of Styx.

Director note Pellington ("Jeremy," "Best the You")Song composing

Director mark Pellington ~ above Pearl Jam"s "Jeremy," and also music videos he produced U2, Jon Bon Jovi and also Imagine Dragons.

Randy NewmanSongwriting Legends In Their own Words

Newman renders it look straightforward these days, yet in this 1974 interview, the reveals the paranoia and also pressures the made him yearn for his old 9-5 job.

surname the character in the SongMusic Quiz

With a couple of clues (Works in ~ a diner, dreams of to run away), can you surname the personality in the song?