2020 was unmatched in eextremely method. For retailers, it changed the way they execute organization. Traditionally, measuring the performance of stores has been done by looking at Comparable Store Sales. Comparable Sales or Comp Sales (or Like for Like) compares current year actual results to the results of the same time durations in the previous year. 2020 was anything yet Like for Like.

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In March of 2021, the human being will “Comp” Covid-19. What does this suppose for your stores and also your organization? Starting in March, all of your historical information will certainly become less useful to use as a comparative. How execute you compare against not being open up, or versus being open on decreased hrs or via capacity limits?


Some could say that the most basic point to perform would be to compare 2021 to the last “normal” year, being 2019; yet, it is not that simple. Tright here are the evident distinctions to 2020, such as stores closures, shortened store hrs, and also in-store capacity boundaries. What is more significant is that 2020 carried on astronomical transforms in customer behavior. We need to think about the impact of these transforms once determining just how to meacertain performance going forward.

Customer habits learned over the course of 2020 are below to remain. Services that were ‘occasional’ in 2019 prefer BOPIS, curbside pickup and also very same day shipping have come to be conventional techniques, and are currently meant offerings in the eyes of the customer. The magnitude of the transforms we’ve checked out in customer habits, and also the rate at which they have embraced these brand-new services, are even more significant than any type of other year that retailers have actually knowledgeable in recent background.

While these changes in customer actions won’t limit a retailer’s capacity to attain 2019 sales quantities, they will have a significant influence on 4-wall performance. This is specifically true concerning ratio metrics such as Median Transactivity, Convariation and also Visit Value. Because nothing is “favor for like” anymore, creating a brand-new baseline on exactly how to meacertain save performance will be essential to measuring and motivating your save and area staff.

Is Comp still King? It’s Time to Establish a New Baseline

1. Reorganizing Your Financial Plan

Your financial plan is still the structure, though the sales circulation throughout channels will readjust. This readjust will certainly have to be considered as product is planned for the stores in 2021. We’ve learned from the customer that the full size / color assortment does not must be physically in the keep, as they are currently more comfortable through digital purchases. This, consequently, changes your in-store jobs and tasks, additionally diminishing the relevance of 2019 as a beneficial benchnote.

2. Unified Commerce: Combining Online and also Offline Sales


Retailers have to take into consideration developing a consolidated check out of all sales networks within a sector, to get a better knowledge of keep performance. With all the new digital activities obtainable in the last year (click and collect, endless aisle, curbside pickup, and so on.), it is crucial to integrate all neighborhood demand generation and also order fulfillment activities. This will provide a more finish photo of what the store influences. This will provide retailers an extra specific view of sales within a industry location and also enable you to better recognize and reward performance.

3. Using Trfinish to Set Targets on Operational Metrics

Given the restricted worth of Comp metrics, just how need to a Retailer go about establishing targets in 2021? While year on year transforms in weekly Market Sales is an interesting financial metric, it will carry out bit to drive insights and performance within your Store company. For that, Retailers will have to emphasis on the fads of vital proportion metrics such as Typical Basket, Conversion and also Visit Value. Adopting a strategy of boosting on last week’s outcomes will certainly both ground the targets in ‘what is possible’, and also give your Stores a systematic target to strive for.

4. Understanding the Shift

Many type of retailers had to acceleprice their omni-channel strategy over the last year to save up via the changing customer habits. What retailers had actually planned to execute over the following 3 to 5 years was accomplished in as bit as 9 months. Looking at ecommerce sales as % of total retail sales over last the 14 years, we deserve to check out it took 10 years for penetration prices to double, whereas we saw a 40% boost in 2020 alone.

US Brick and also Mortar & Ecommerce Sales14 Year Comparison

Source: Digital Commerce 360, 2021.

In summary, 2020 has actually motivated significant and irreversible changes in Customer behavior and has actually carried many type of ‘novel’ business methods to the forefront. And yet, via all this readjust, Retail continues to be a simple company that focuses on the customer experience and also is driven by metrics. The coming year will certainly existing a unique opportunity for Retailers to develop a new baseline from which to set objectives and measure performance later.

StoreForce can help you to achieve your retail objectives and labor planning efficiency. Interested in learning more? Contact us and interact via among our retail experts regarding exactly how we can future proof your as a whole retail store administration.

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Chris Matichukleads the Services and also Product groups as the General Manager of StoreForce. With over 30 years in retail, Chris has actually a vast experience in retail consulting and also retail units. Chris has actually functioned very closely with 100+ retailers extending virtually all formats of retail. She has hosted positions from field company to corpoprice operations in department stores, big-box retail, and Specialty Retail.