As we head right into the tenth week of the NFL season, it’s time we officially put Cousin Sal all-in on our challenge that started all the method back in at an early stage September.

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Cousin Sal and also Bill Simmons pointing out whether or not to accept the Crow Worthy Locks challenge.

What follows is our last plea to The Cuz: “HEAR US NOW AND ACCEPT OUR CHALLENGE, OR FOREVER FORFEIT YOUR HONOR AS A SELF-PROCLAIMED DEGENERATE!” And of course, our Crow Worthy Week 10 Locks

Our letter we sent out to Cousin Sal this week below:

Dear Cousin Sal and The Degeneprice Trifecta,

I think it’s important that you get a tiny context prior to I stake my claim to the Halls of Degeneracy.

While it’s a little bit cliché to provide the definition of the word in an opening debate, Webster specifies a degenerate as follows:



an imethical or corrupt perboy.

synonyms: reprobate, debauchee, profligate, libertine, roué

“a team of degenerates”

In excellent conscientific research, we need to admit to ourselves before God and our peers that, in reality, the Urban Dictionary definition suits us better. Simply put, we think when you hear our story…you’ll agree that we have actually decreased past what any type of normal personal would think about conventional in regards to actions.

After mirroring on this interpretation it is clear that we are worthy for nomination AND selection into your Degeneprice Hevery one of Fame. In fact, we think if the Hall of Fame adhered to the exact same framework as your boy Simmons envisioned for pro basketsphere, we would certainly be at the greatest level of the pantheon.

As avid listeners of both you and your gurus of gambling each week, we’re hoping that you’ll consequently hear us out in explaining a little bit of history that clarifies our firm place on why we deserve to be in.

For many years currently, we’ve unleaburned our weekly NFL picks on a mostly unsuspecting public. Affectionately dubbed “Crow-Worthy” locks, these are those assured choices that have actually proven so money, you don’t even know it.

Do you remember the old saying, “to eat crow”? We’ve upped the ante on this concept, and also rather take a shot of Old Crow Whisessential whenever we are wrong. What might be even more damning proof of degenerate condition than the fact that fifty percent of our league walks around drunk each day based on the predictions we made on everything from sports to the current status of our marriages? Eexceptionally year throughout our fantasy drafts we even go via a list of predictions or hot takes made from each owner all seakid and ensure they have taken their crow. If tbelow is any debts not phelp, you need to take all shots in the moment. When you owe, you have to sip the crow!

Oh yes; taking crow is not ssuggest scheduled for sports evaluation. We incorporate this cruel and also unusual punishment on topics related to league drama (of which there is plenty), the individual stays of our owners, and anypoint else we have the right to think of. Hell, we when made a member dvery own SIXTEEN SHOTS in a solitary night after we bet him that he couldn’t save his degenerate hands off of his cigarette pack! Of course, a lot of of our BAC comes from predictions made throughout our Crow Worthy Locks. Trust me, our league is chock-complete of degeneprices.

As you yourself deserve to attest to, you have to provide the listeners what they want. So this year, based on renowned demand (or world that wanted our picks yet didn’t offer a shit about our fantasy league analysis), we created a sepaprice podcast that is breaking documents via almost 50 lis10s a week!!!

We called it:


An exclusive club that was expected for degenerates, by degeneprices. We were so excited to bring a weekly podcast talking about our picks, props, futures, and any kind of other chatter on anypoint we might talk around as degeneprices.

That being shelp, our excitement was tempered much faster than a red zone drive from the Browns while needing a ago door cover when I tuned into the Against All Odds previously this year to hear you announce “the Degeneprice Trifecta” as your brand-new shtick.

As a long time BS podactors subscriber, a weekly GUESS THE LINES listener, and a Cousin Sal fan… this one really stung. How can a fellow degenerate give such a low blow to another degenerate?

It was noticeable that our 50 person or so podcast audience was indeed a danger to The Ringer, to Simmons and also to yourself and also therefore you had actually to steal OUR branding rights via the “Degenerate Trifecta”.

What to perform in this David vs. Goliath conundrum you ask? Sheight production? Quit being a degenerate? Soptimal gambling??? HELL NO!

Instead, we have challenged YOUR best bets for the year all seaboy lengthy. We’ve composed to you on Twitter, we’ve blogged about it, and also of course we’ve talked around it on our podcast. The stakes are simple: If we beat your winning % this year, we obtain a segment on your podcast to talk about our degenerate stories and also the background of our fantasy league, The Jungle. We’d love nothing more than to share our a lot of significant crow-worthy bets made in Jungle over the years, and also we think your fans might choose to hear also. This is a league we feel is the single best fantasy league this side of the Mississippi and also is around to hit our 18thyear. If we lose, my co-host and also I will certainly add $1000 each to a charity of your choosing.

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We’ve tracked and documented our picks vs. yours all year. My co-host, SRODO is off to a warm begin, while I’m just over 50% and struggling. Combined, our Crow Worthy Locks come in at 55% versus your Best Bets at 50% with week 9 (8–8).