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The Creighton Bluejays look to knife a tough road game win together they head come Rhode Island come battle huge East adversary the Providence Friars. Pointer for this conference video game is collection for noon (ET) indigenous the Alumni Hall and will waiting on FOX.

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Venue: Alumni room Location: Providence, Rhode IslandDate: Saturday, January 2, 2020Time: 12:00 p.m.TV: FOX


Creighton-Providence Betting Odds

Line Movements

Spread: Creighton -3Money-Line: TBDTotal: 146.5

Odds subject to Change

Creighton beginning this road video game as a -3-point favorite, spring to prevent a .500 road record with a loss. Providence is 5-1 SU at house this season, but both colleges are below .500 ATS (combined 8-11). The suggest total is set at 146.5, something both teams usually walk OVER on.

The schools are a an unified 13-6 ~ above the O/U this season. Creighton start on a three-game winning streak, coming turn off an exceptional win against Xavier ~ beating UConn in overtime. Providence has won two straight games, and has viewed three complete overtimes end its last 4 games.


Betting evaluation – Creighton Bluejays

Straight increase - SU, versus the spread out - ATS, Over-Under (O/U)

SU: 7-2ATS: 4-5SU - Home: 5-1SU - Away: 2-1O/U: 6-3

Its hard not to like the No. 11 team in this game, as Creighton is looking impressive after a house loss to Marquette. Don"t forget, this is a team the only lost to Kansas by one point inside Allen Fieldhouse - where practically no roadway team wins. Creighton pass the other two road tests with a blowout victory over St. John"s and also a hard combated battle versus UConn.

Denzel Mahoney is a large difference device for this team, as his defense has gained better. Mahoney averages around 15 and five per game, however it"s guard Marcus Zegarowski the leads this Bluejay club. Zegarowski is a wooden Award candidate, contributing in scoring, rebounding and also passing.

He"s not alone, as Creighton has five complete players average a double-digit allude total. All 5 players space upperclassmen too, therefore this is one experienced, talented and also complete team. Deserve to they enter Providence and also win becomes the question? Yes, however a lot will certainly be based on two Providence football player (will get to the in a minute).

Creighton deserve to only control what they carry out well - which is happen the ball, score points and also shoot the three. If they do those three things well, then their 45th-ranked offense that scores the 38th-most clues in the nation should be fine outscoring a somewhat offensively tested Providence team.

Betting analysis – Providence Friars

Straight up - SU, versus the spread - ATS, Over-Under (O/U)

SU: 7-3ATS: 4-6SU - Home: 5-1SU - Away: 2-2O/U: 7-3

As hard as the is to bet versus Creighton, it"s equally as an overwhelming to bet versus Ed Cooley at home. He is among the finest coaches in college basketball, make Providence a nightmare regardless who they face. This team is important "Jeckyll-Hyde" in regards to betting, beating Seton room in overtime on the roadway while likewise losing to Alabama by nearly 20.

Let"s begin with what we know, the Friars room led by 2 players that make up almost all of the scoring production. David Duke and Nate Watson each average 19 point out or an ext per game. That"s insane. What"s crazy is that A.J. Reeves is the next highest scorer, averaging only 8.9 points every game.

Providence"s violation is drive or die v Duke and Watson, for this reason if one of two people is off their game then the Friars room in trouble. What functions well with having actually two mammoth scorers is that it just takes one or two other players to perform well for Providence come win any type of game (evident by Seton room win).

If Providence can obtain a secure scoring performance from Reeves or any other player, impede a battle each other or Watson meltdown, Providence have the right to absolutely success this game. This team dram from within the paint, therefore this could end up being a fight of Providence"s write-up play matches the Creighton three-point range.

Providence shooting the 88th-most complimentary throws per video game in the entire country. Acquiring inside looks, easy buckets, cost-free throw shots and also production outside Duke and Watson is just how Providence can play upset alert ~ above Saturday.

Inside the Stats – Creighton Bluejays

PS/G: 82.9 (38th)PA/G: 70 (164th)Off Rtg: 112.3 (45th)Def Rtg: 94.9 (132nd)

Inside the Stats – Providence Friars

PS/G: 75.7 (125th)PA/G: 71.4 (201st)Off Rtg: 108.3 (89th)Def Rtg: 102.1 (249th)

Key football player to Watch

CRE - Marcus Zegarowski (13.8 PPG, 5 APG) CRE - Christian Bishop (12.8 PPG, 6 RPG) PROV - David fight it out (19.9 PPG, 6.3 RPG) PROV - Nate Watson (19 PPG, 6.9 APG)

Creighton-Providence Predictions

Creighton should be able to cover a -3-point spread, together it actually opened up at -2. If friend can obtain Creighton for -4 or reduced then the Bluejays need to be the wager. However, skipping the suggest total walking OVER for both clubs is tough to do.

The groups are merged 13-6 O/U this season, as 146.5 is pretty low. Both teams must touch about 75 points because that the full to go OVER, which Providence averages per game. Creighton scores virtually 80, for this reason OVER seems fine if playing the 13-6 odds and going off each school"s allude per game average.

Score Prediction: Creighton 78 Providence 74Best Bets: Creighton Best Bets: end

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