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Blue MountainFollow up From The Meowling

This mission starts instantly after ‘The Meowling’ and requires a fair bit of travel. It is in warned, if you’ve not acquired into Egypt or Transylvania area at this point, this mission may be past your present abilities. Shot to find some civilization to help you!

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Tier 1

Objective: uncover a method to get Siabhra’s AirThe heart comes and points to the publication on the left together you enter… this appears to have no real prestige on the next step, however, if girlfriend look back at the old spell book it offers some clues.

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Found a shop in London named: Annapurna , as referenced in the “Rending the Veil Chant” order book.


Head inside, you’ll discover a laptop top top the table in the direction of the back. ..

The password hint on the laptop… “Best Olives Ever”


If you search the shop, you’ll find… Davi-ees Olives …


The password is… davi-ees

I went v all 12 item under suppliers…


Which leads you to…

Siabhra’s air …

Freshly picked seed chewed to ruin fair Boadicea, blended in equal parts to calming leaves from the Capon’s Tail, and one part the maiden’s water that the roads. Produce a thick, sedative smoke as soon as burned.

So you’ll should research and also locate Chicory, Fennel and also Valerian…


House of Chalk selling the highest quality. I can’t convince Mama Abena to share she supplier, OR offer a bulk discount. Shrewd businesswoman. At the very least her prices aren’t bad.

Go to buy the ‘root chincory’ indigenous the home of Chalk in London at coordinates ( 136,156 ) (right across the street from wherein you are now, the Voodoo shop..)

(Samhain Lore #1 in this room)



If normal customers ask because that leaves and stalks, just sell lock anise; lock won’t understand the difference for your tea. Because that prime customers, fennel seed should always be ordered indigenous Marya (Kareem) +20 101 420 8991.

Head to the Corrupted Gardens in City of the sun God, phibìc of Nefertari The Younger, take the small rock leg across, at about  coordinates ( 281, 503 ), you’ll spot some Pharaoh’s Fennel , pick some of this up, there room a couple of places come grab it.



Andrzej in Bucharest — Flirtatious, permit Nihar manage it. Always specify we will only accept leaves and roots native Siren’s Lake or he’ll try to skimp ~ above the quality.

Head to the Shadowy Forest, come Siren’s Lake. Approximately the lake, or in the facility near the wagon, you’ll uncover Siren’s Lake Valerian coordinates (953,826) grab among these. 


So the next step, will certainly be to combine this, open up your crafting window and include the root chincory, Pharaoh’s Fennel, and Siren’s Lake Valerian – then hit assemble, to acquire the “Siabhra’s Air”


Tier 2

Objective: Rend the veil in ~ the stone of dawn.

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Head to Blue Mountain. Coordinates( 644,625) at the Wabanaki spiritual Site (Sobhoban Stone), this is the dawn stone being ad to. The entrance to the area is located at coordinate (551,624)

As you operation on optimal of the stone, the black color objects are circling, you’ll see a article pop up.. “Your Skin Tingles” … This indicates you’re in the best spot. As soon as there, autumn and /pray 

Once you’re praying, click the Siabhra’s waiting in your inventory to open up a portal!


That concludes this mission …

The monitor up mission is “The Cat God“, make sure you have actually this prior to entering the portal. 

Note: as of the composing of this guide, you’re not given this mission automatically, you’ll must return to mam Roget in Kingsmouth to pick up the mission, then return ago to right here to enter the portal.

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