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The Washington Nationals will shot to also their national League department Series against the Chicago Cubs in video game 2 on Saturday night at Nationals Park in Washington D.C. (5:30 p.m. ET, TBS).

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Through four days the the 2017 MLB playoffs therefore far, the Nationals space the only house team to shed a game. Washington is 2-7 in ~ Nationals Park in the postseason dating back to 2012, v the team trying to avoid its fourth first-round leave in that is last 4 postseason trips.

The Cubs take it the opener 3-0 on Friday, through Kyle Hendricks pitching seven scoreless innings to out-duel Stephen Strasburg.

Gio Gonzalez it s okay the speak to for Washington in video game 2, with Max Scherzer pushed earlier to video game 3 through his lingering hamstring tightness. Gonzalez had a 2.76 ERA in 15 home starts in 2017, v 89 strikeouts in 91⅓ innings because that the left-hander.

Jon Lester starts for the Cubs, do his 20th career postseason start. In division Series pat in his career, the left-hander is 3-2 through a 1.67 ERA in 6 starts, v 37 strikeouts and 11 to walk in 43 innings.

NLDS game 2 time, TV and also streaming infoTeams: Cubs (92-70) at Nationals (97-65)Series: Chicago leads, 1-0Time: 5:30 p.m. ETFirst pitch: 5:38 p.m.Location: Nationals Park, Washington, D.C.TV: TBSAnnouncers: Ernie Johnson, Ron Darling, Sam Ryan Nationals vs. Cubs news & notes

Walks will certainly be a key issue because that the Chicago bullpen, write Sara Sanchez at Bleed Cubbie Blue:

When they room good, they space very, really good... And also when they room bad...

This Cubs bullpen has had moments of brilliance and also moments that frustration. The first thing that jumps the end in the number is that Davis, Edwards and Wilson all sport astronomically high K/9 rates, averaging over 12 strikeouts every nine innings. The 2nd thing the stands the end is that practically ever member of the Cubs bullpen walks an ext runners than their Nationals counterpart.

I have actually to believe that among the keys to the Cubs winning this collection is to manage the walks.

Washington manager Dusty Baker talked about the Nationals offense, which to be shut the end in video game 1. Patrick Reddington of federal Baseball has more:

“I mean, it"s sort of a moot suggest when friend don"t score,” that said.

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Washington’s hitters regulated just 2 hits total, both off Kyle Hendricks, and also came increase empty versus Chicago’s bullpen.

What was Hendricks doing that made that so effective? Or to be the Nats’ hitters to blame?

“Well it was a combination of both however you can"t take it anything away from him since he threw the round well,” Baker explained.

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