BOSTON (AP) — Marco Hernandez"s hustle paid off in a large way for the Boston Red Sox.

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Hernandez scored the go-ahead run on Pedro Strop"s wild pitch in Boston"s four-run eighth inning, helping the Red Sox win the sloppy Chicago Cubs 6-2 top top Sunday night.

The Red Sox took 2 of 3 in the vivid weekend collection that featured a strong showing because that Cubs fans, chants in assistance of each side and the World series trophies that finished long title droughts because that the once-frustrated franchises.

"This was a high-build series, a compete series, certainly," Red Sox manager john Farrell said. "A great series success for us that was needed."

Hanley Ramirez hit a two-run homer for Boston, which had dropped 4 of five before the weekend set against Chicago. The Red Sox gained two more runs ~ above shortstop Addison Russell"s throwing error in the eighth that bounced past first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

"It to be fun," Boston outfielder Andrew Benintendi said. "I felt prefer there to be a lot an ext Cubs fans here than ns expected. The was fun to sort of hear to the pan go back and forth."

Kris Bryant struggle a solo homer because that Chicago, prolonging his hitting streak come 11 games. The Cubs close up door a nine-game road expedition at 5-4.

Boston has actually won 19 of its last 22 interleague series in Fenway.

Hernandez led turn off the eighth through a grounder come Rizzo, that relayed the sphere to reliever Koji Uehara (0-2). However a hustling Hernandez was for sure at an initial in a bang-bang play.

Uehara showed up to break turn off the mound late.

"I acquired there as quick as i could, the runner was just faster," he said through a translator.

Xander Bogaerts and also Benintendi climate singled, loading the bases. Strop come in and bounced a 2-2 key to Ramirez, bringing Hernandez home. Mitch Moreland"s grounder scored a run prior to Russell"s error allowed two an ext to score.

Chicago looked as if the might be able to escape ~ Strop struck out Mookie Betts through the bases loaded for the first out. But the wild pitch resulted in the big inning.

"I assumed Stropy did a an excellent job, striking the end Betts, wild pitch, however other than that the did a really nice job in there," Cubs manager Joe Maddon said. "Then we made another mistake to do it really look ugly at the end."

Matt Barnes (3-0) worked one scoreless inning after perfect his four-game suspension because that throwing behind the head the Baltimore"s Manny Machado. Craig Kimbrel acquired the final three outs.

Chicago trailed 2-1 before Jon Jay scored from second after reliever Joe Kelly bounced a pitch previous Christian Vazquez in the seventh.

Jay"s headfirst slide beat Vazquez"s throw to Kelly ~ the catcher couldn"t find the sphere for a couple of seconds. He was originally dubbed out, however the contact was challenged.

After play the first two gamings in summer-like temperatures, the groups took the field to a chilly 47 degrees.

That didn"t it seems ~ to affect the street of Ramirez"s homer, estimated at 440 feet after ~ it totally left Fenway end the environment-friendly Monster seats in the first.

On Saturday, he had one approximated at 469, the longest at Fenway this season.

Boston starter Eduardo Rodriguez struck out nine over 6 innings, allowing one run and five hits.

Chicago"s Kyle Hendricks offered up two runs and also three hits in six innings.

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Worth noting

Cubs pitching coach chris Bosio is supposed to re-join the team Monday after leaving a week ago for a personal matter.

Trainer"s room

Red Sox: Farrell stated 3B Pablo Sandoval, put on the disabled perform April 24 with a sprained best knee, still hasn"t started any type of baseball activities and is just going through variety of activity exercises.

Curse busters

The 2016 World series trophy, won by the Cubs to end their 108-year drought, and the 2004 one recorded by the Red Sox, their first in 86 years, were with each other on a table under the stand behind best field. Fans had the possibility to take pictures with the trophies because that a $20 donation to charity.

There to be a steady circulation of fans dressed in both Red Sox and Cubs jerseys.

Up next

Cubs: LHP Brett Anderson (2-0, 3.54 ERA) is collection to face Philadelphia RHP Vince Velasquez (1-2, 6.33) in ~ Wrigley ar on Monday night.

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Red Sox: RHP rick Porcello (1-3, 4.75 ERA) wishes to end a wire of losses in three consecutive starts Monday. Dylan Bundy (3-1, 1.65) is slated to begin for Baltimore.