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Walk-up music -- the unofficialize soundtrack the the baseball season -- didn"t start with the Philadelphia Phillies in 1994. But longtime Philadelphia public director john Brazer"s "Lenny Dykstra" moment is an interesting marker ~ above MLB"s musical timeline. Brazer was responsible because that the music played during games at Veterans Stadium. He just played the music the liked, such together the Allman Brothers, Warren Zevon, the rolling Stones and REM, between innings.

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Then, one day, Dykstra called Brazer the end to the outfield throughout batting exercise to talk around something very important.

"The Dude looks in ~ me and says, "Dude, we have actually to change some points up,"" Brazer recalls. "I said, "OK." yet I tho didn"t recognize what that was talk about. The said, "When i come as much as bat for the very first time, I want you to play Hootie and also the Blowfish"s "Hold my Hand.""

Brazer nodded and asked if the was every Dykstra wanted.

The MLB Walk-up Music Tournament

"No, dude," Dykstra replied. "The 2nd time i come as much as bat, I desire you come play Tom Petty"s "Won"t earlier Down.""

Brazer claimed OK, and also asked what Dykstra want played before his 3rd at-bat. Dykstra thought about it for a while and then replied, "I preferred that tune you play a pair days back -- "Philadelphia Freedom" by Elton John."

And when Dykstra batted a 4th time? The Dude thought around it some more and determined that Brazer might play whichever ahead song had actually led as much as a hit.

Dykstra, however, did not obtain a struggle to any type of of those songs. Instead, Brazer remembers, The Dude go 0-for-8 end the following two games, thus finishing his walk-up music experiment, at the very least temporarily.

So if Dykstra doesn"t acquire credit for turning the batter"s box right into a jukebox, who does? In 1993, the Seattle Mariners might have been the very first club to begin playing songs for every player. But, uneven nowadays, the team selected the music, not the player. And also the M"s usually chose songs the fans might easily associate v their players, states marketing manager Kevin Martinez.

For instance, due to the fact that Jay Buhner"s nickname to be Bone, the Mariners played "Bad to the Bone" as soon as he batted. Catcher Dan Wilson was known to Seattle fans as "Dan the Man," therefore the team play "What a Man" prior to his bowl appearances. Reliever Mike Jackson strode in from the bullpen come the ominous strains that Michael Jackson"s "Thriller." Raul Ibanez acquired "Werewolves the London" since of the chorus that sounds prefer "Ra-oooollllll!!!"

Drake tops the chart of most renowned MLB walk-up music artists, appearing 17 separate times as a command artist (not come mention secondary 13 together a featured act).Bob Levey/Getty ImagesAnd catcher Dave Valle sometimes got stuck with the theme track to the 1960s TV show, "The large Valley."

"It was an excellent if there was a piece of music that matched their personality or your name," Martinez says. "If it had some an interpretation or had some link for the fan between the music and also the player, it had actually a little an ext impact than simply a cool tune that was famous at the time."

Few song-player pairings are an ext memorable than erratic (and, alas, fictional) ind closer Ricky Vaughn"s theatrical entrance to gamings accompanied through "Wild Thing" in the 1989 movie "Major League." Vaughn, play by gibbs Charlie Sheen, aided make entrance songs renowned for pitchers, particularly closers.

In the 1970s, Pittsburgh"s organist played snake-charmer music at any time Dave (Cobra) Parker batted. And former Cardinals organist Ernie Hays, who retired after 40 year on the project in 2010, told a St. Luigi radio terminal that Lou Brock requested that the layout to the movie "Shaft" it is in played once he batted.

Who knows? possibly walk-up music goes ago even further. Maybe Babe Ruth had actually a banjo player strum "Yes Sir, That"s my Baby" when he batted in the 1920s.

While the beginnings of walk-up music room obscure, what is specific is the it is now as intrinsic a part of baseball"s fabric as $150 replica jerseys. Every player currently strides to the plate (or mound) add by his own an individual anthem, through tunes ranging from rap, pop and heavy steel to country and also even candid Sinatra (more on that later). Well, not fairly every player. Earlier this season, Oakland 2nd baseman Tyler Ladendorf specifically asked for that the Athletics no play music for his at-bats.

But for most everyone else, walk-up music is as an essential and identifiable as the names and also numbers on their jerseys.

"Your walk-up music needs to mean something," says Minnesota twins outfielder Torii Hunter, who most-played walk-up song over his 17-year career is the 2013 hip-hop ditty "Immortal" by kid Cudi. "When friend hear the song"s lyrics, you want it to kind of lock friend in prior to you walk to the plate. So I need to hear those words: "I"ve gained my lion heart ... Flowing v my brain." and also when I action to the plate and I hear, "Tonight ns feel immortal," I just feel unstoppable.

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"When you choose a walk-up song, you"ve obtained to select wisely."

Just ask Cody Decker. Decker, a catcher in the Padres" system, picked Foreigner"s "Jukebox Hero" together his walk-up music last season due to the fact that he preferred the chorus.

"But hearing that four times a night, because that a month ...?" he says. "I provided to prefer Foreigner yet now I dislike that song. It nauseates me."

What room the most famous walk-up songs? Austin Hutchison tracks walk-up music for players on every team for his website mlbplatemusic.com and Twitter feed