Draw the Fischer estimate for the D-2-ketotetrose. Move betweenan aldose and a ketose by clicking \"switch carbonyl group.\"Add or delete carbon atoms making use of the include (\" \") or delete (\"x\")buttons. Clicking a blue box once adds a hydrogen atom (H).Clicking top top a blue crate again toggles between H and also OH.

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The framework of a ketotetrose demands to be drawn. The name denotes the the molecule belongs to carbohydrate family. Hence, attract the structure by considering the rule for illustration a carbohydrate.

To deduce the structure of carbohydrate, follow the steps given below:

• identify the group that the carbohydrate belongs come from the name choose monosaccharides (consists of one unit), disaccharides (two devices of monosaccharides), or oligosaccharides (3-8 devices of monosaccharides).

For example: aldotriose is a monosaccharide, maltose is a disaccharide which gives two molecules of glucose ~ above hydrolysis and so on.

• attract the chain comprise total number of carbons native the offered number. For example: triose stand for a 3-carbon chain and also so on.

• Deduce even if it is the molecule is an aldehyde or ketone. For example: aldo stand for an aldehyde and keto stand for a ketone to get the complete structure.

• The D and also L nomenclature configuration decides the position of the OH group bonded come the last chiral carbon.

The offered molecule is a monosaccharide.

The molecule formula that the provided molecule is C4H8O4\rmC_4\rmH_8\rmO_4C4​H8​O4​

The framework of the D-2-ketotetrose is together follows:



The framework of the D-2-ketotetrose is as follows:


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