EISA Award because that DALI IO-6

The DALI IO-6 receives and also EISA award for best Product 2020-21 in the Headphones category.

DALI IO-6 "The Ultimate work From residence Cans?"

24. Mar 2020

The DALI IO-6 has actually been tested by hifitrends.com "They space a handsome set of headphones, both tasteful and luxurious. They wouldn’t be the end of ar on the head that a fortune 500 CEO."


KATCH ONE - The Telegraph "Recommended"

20. Mar 2020

The KATCH ONE has actually been the evaluation by The Telegraph and also is awarded your Recommended product status!

Loudspeakers series



The DALI EPICON collection is developed on expertise from much more than 30 years of research, development, and also manufacturing of speakers, and on outcomes from trying out with both brand-new and known modern technology the EPICON series shows just how much DALI has come in our find for herbal sound reproduction. With a intuitive appearance the signals exclusivity and simplicity these speakers are for the many demanding the music and also movie enthusiasts. And with a performance which is clearly DALI - taken one step more - us intend not just to fulfill these demands. We will certainly surpass them.

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EPICON series


DALI RUBICON C is the exemplary mix of the drivers and also cabinet construction from RUBICON, the amplifier modern technology from CALLISTO, and the wireless audio infection from the DALI SOUND HUB. With each other they shape the RUBICON C series.

RUBICON C series


Bringing friend a step closer come "the actual thing". For much more than three decades we have been specialized to the pursuit of audio excellence. DALI RUBICON is yet another landmark on that journey. Designed and crafted in Denmark, RUBICON stands on the shoulders that the EPICON series; structure on the fix up driver an innovation to bring a room-filling audio suffer to the broadest audience. V a simple, sleek, stylish design, RUBICON elegantly bring the feeling of a live power to your home. V the advent of the SMC based "Linear drive System", we"ve broken brand-new ground in the loudspeaker industry. Utilizing the modern technologies behind the SMC in the RUBICON series, us aim come create an extremely low distortion and also maximize the level the details, also at low volume. With the drivers manufactured in-house at our Danish factory, and also featuring the recent in magnet engine technology, the RUBICON collection is prepared to set new standards because that audio top quality for Hi-Fi lovers.

RUBICON series


The wireless DALI CALLISTO C speaker system re-imagines Hi-Fi because that the 21st Century - there is no the need for complicated electronics. Playback and stream all your Hi-Res music papers easily and conveniently via Bluetooth from your smart device or music server. The CALLISTO C Hi-Fi system is made in Denmark and also is built on 35 years of DALI audio traits.

CALLISTO C collection


It is with great pleasure the we introduce the DALI MENUET - a small, yet powerful speaker that reveals good musicality that will certainly set brand-new standards for sound and performance indigenous a compact speaker.

DALI MENUET collection


The OPTICON MK2 speaker range majors ~ above clear, undistorted, enjoyable and also coherent audio - perfect complementing music, radio, streaming, TV or movie sources. The speaker series caters to every necessity - giving a speaker for every room and also every occasion. Comprising six models varying from a compact on-wall speaker to a towering floorstander.

OPTICON MK2 collection


Striking sound that have the right to both soar and also soothe is in ~ the heart of the DALI OPTICON range alongside purity of picture at any kind of volume, rich detail and a sweeping soundstage – as always; draft in admiration that music. Every models function DALI’s very own unerringly specific woofer and tweeter modules, plus ours proprietary SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) pole piece.

OPTICON collection


The DALI FAZON reaps the complete benefits of an imaginative Scandinavian style talent, and also decades of experience at the advanced of technical innovation. DALI FAZON combines advanced driver and material technologies developed for the acclaimed DALI IKON and MENTOR series.The FAZON series is proof confident that, as soon as done right, form and duty can it is in allies. The fluid, organic present of the die-cast aluminium enclosures room a perfect example. The distinctive styling and also curved forms are much much more than creative whims. Castle also provide enhanced structure integrity, lessened vibration and no parallel surface - all key elements in the pure, musical ton of these masterful loudspeakers.

FAZON collection


DALI OBERON is a breakthrough: that the first entry-level loudspeaker to incorporate DALI’s patented SMC technology, drastically reducing non-linear magnetic distortion – therefore you have the right to hear your favorite music choose you’ve never ever heard that before. With brand-new oversized tweeters, wide-dispersion wood-fibre woofers and also striking Danish room design, DALI OBERON set a brand-new benchmark for affordable audiophile speakers. It’s time to rediscover the magic of music.

OBERON series


With the active OBERON C series, DALI gift wireless Hi-Fi, that matches tantamount passive systems. Music lovers and also audiophiles no longer have to choose between incredible sound quality and convenient integration.

OBERON C collection


By introducing the ZENSOR series, DALI launches a actual hi-fi loudspeaker range applied with refined in-house technology. Heritage indigenous DALI deluxe speakers is evident, if performance and appearance join forces to create a most satisfying best-in-class audio-visual experience. Consists of 4 models, the entry-level ZENSOR family covers all requirements from a compact stereo to an ambitious multi-channel setup.

ZENSOR collection


Bringing the SPEKTOR collection to life has been a breakable balancing plot of acquiring the optimum quantity of audio performance, and optimising the production of every aspect of the speaker. Getting this much Hi-Fi performance from a speaker collection in this price range not just took every one of our experience and also know-how, but also hours and also hours spent in the hearne room, improving the driver and also crossover draft to develop the perfect audio performance.

SPEKTOR collection


The DALI KUBIK series is a range of wireless speaker that combine DALI’s impressive loudspeaker heritage with state-of-the-art digital amplification. Include a huge variety of input — consisting of Bluetooth for wireless streaming — and also the result is a one-box sound mechanism that can fill a room through beautifully reproduced music from just around any source.

KUBIK collection

The DALI KATCH series

Setting fresh requirements in portable and TV audio, the stunning DALI KATCH G2 and DALI KATCH ONE space the can be fried embodiments of DALI’s progressed digital an innovation and unique architecture knowhow, bringing both aspects together to develop loudspeakers that provide incredibly well-off sound native an incredibly compact chassis.

KATCH series


Setting fresh criter in portable audio, the "DALI Active" classification features put in order portable speakers by DALI - based on DALI’s advanced digital technology and unique style know-how. Bluetooth speakers with a perfect balance in between portability, superior audio performance, and also Danish design. Loudspeakers that delivers exceptionally rich sound indigenous an incredibly compact chassis. The pursuit of music perfection is why DALI constantly target to innovate and also why us exist.

ACTIVE collection


The up- and down-firing ALTECO elevation speaker collection completes your residence cinema by adding that extra dimension to the sound, which enhances the illusion of gift present. Usable as both a elevation speaker and also a timeless stereo speaker. By developing the crossover for stereo use and by maintaining a strict emphasis on DALI sound architecture principles, we have developed a speaker that delivers believable height information indigenous Atmos, DTS-X and Auro-3D movies.

ALTECO collection

DALI PHANTOM install speakers

PHANTOM is the suffix for all integrated DALI speakers and also related download accessories. If In-Wall/-Ceiling or On-Wall is your preferred speaker setup, DALI is able to cover practically any need you may have.The DALI PHANTOM series is the natural choice when search a true Hi-FI install audio experience. This In-wall and In-Ceiling optimised collection are built roughly many the the classic speaker style virtues and also based ~ above DALI’s low-loss technologies.

PHANTOM collection


A DALI subwoofer will blend-in perfect with any kind of existing stereo main speaker mechanism thanks to very closely selected built-in crossover roll-off, ultra low time shift, and woofer acoustics v soft and coherent overtone reproduction. The DALI subwoofers contradict the common (and periodically reasonable) prejudice against boomy base boxes, converting your system right into a perfectly balanced full-frequency range system.

SUBWOOFERS collection


DALI cables, interconnects and connectors. In order to ensure DALI high quality all the way from her amplifier to your DALI speakers, we have actually developed and also custom-made a devoted range of equipment to enhance your sound and also DALI speakers.

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ACCESSORIES collection

FAZON F5 Anniversary

The first shipment of our 30th Anniversary FAZON F5 speaker. Throughout 2013 we will certainly launch 200 distinct sets of our stylish FAZON F5. Every set has to be meticulously airbrushed by several of the best artists in the game. Because of this no two sets are the same. Every set is unique and also holds the DALI 30th Anniversary logo on the back together v the artist"s signature. We didn"t touch the sound in this edition. The sound is exactly the same high DALI quality, as in the "regular" FAZON F5"s. New designs that this anniversary speaker will certainly be published roughly every second week for the next year, so continue to be tuned.



DALI loudspeakers to fill a broader area the the room v smooth, integrated sound. We design our loudspeakers for optimal frequency an answer (consistent sound pressure regardless that frequency), also for listeners sit off-centre.

3D Audio

When listening come DALI loudspeakers, you will certainly not be able to point out the precise location that the loudspeaker. Friend hear specifically the sound the artist intended. For example, if the artist wants you come hear sound comes from details angles, DALI loudspeakers grasp this perfectly.


We have actually a very high typical that is ensured by a Quality monitoring System. Among many other things, this system ensures that no loudspeaker pipeline our manufacturing facility without having been rigorously tested, both acoustically and visually.


Powerful vocal harmonies and intimate melodies. Fulfill American folk-band Frances Luke Accord because that a talk around the music, love songs, society commitment - and peanut butter.

BE there - problem 1

In this an initial full-length printed problem of the DALI "BE THERE" music magazine, you will get to satisfy some that the legends and also minds behind the music of her youth. Be certain to take a totally free copy.

Podcast - Season 02, #04

The greatest sidemen in the background of studio recording: ours guests, David Hepworth and also Siân Pattenden, select the best-produced document of every time. And what happened to the sturm und drang that used to make pop so noisy? Yout can get the price in the 4th episode. Your hold is Andrew Harrison.