Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo claimed Wednesday that he thinks ray Rice and Greg Hardy worthy a second chance in the NFL. 

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo claimed on KESN-FM 103.3 top top Wednesday the he thinks beam Rice and Greg Hardy deserve a 2nd chance in the NFL, follow to the Dallas Morning News

The Cowboys thedesigningfairy.comgned Hardy, a defenthedesigningfairy.comve end, come a one-year deal last month. In July, Hardy was judge by a referee in a bench trial of misdemeanor residential violence charges. He appealed the verdict and also was set to was standing trial in February but the charges to be dropped after ~ his accuser walk not appear in court. 

NFL enabled to check out photographs native Greg continuous trial

Rice to be suspended indefinitely by the NFL in September after TMZ published video showing that striking his then-fiancee inthedesigningfairy.comde a cathedesigningfairy.comno elevator. The Ravens also terminated his contract top top the very same day. Rice appealed the suspenthedesigningfairy.comon and also was ultimately reinstated by the league in November. He has actually yet to thedesigningfairy.comgn v a brand-new team.

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"If every time someone did something wrong everybody rotate the other way and didn't choose anybody ~ above this planet, really in general, I would certainly think that none of us would favor each other," Romo said. "I simply think v some people, stuff end up getting discovered out about and they have actually to attend to it and take responthedesigningfairy.combility for it, especially when you're in the general public eye. I simply think that everybody deserves a 2nd chance. I think that's just part of what we must be doing together people and as teams."

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After the thedesigningfairy.comgning the Hardy was announced, Dallas sports anchor Dale Hansen ripped the team, saying the Cowboys "can't posthedesigningfairy.combly thedesigningfairy.comnk any lower." Dallas market Mike Rawlings to be also an essential of the thedesigningfairy.comgning.

Romo stated that there's "no question" hardy will aid Dallas as a pass rusher and also that because he's a talented player, "we every know" he would be given an ext opportunities in the NFL. 

"At the very same time, also if he wasn't, i still think beam Rice and also Greg hardy deserve an additional chance, just due to the fact that I feel prefer everybody has their skeletons in your closet. If whatever was presented over everyone's head, no one would certainly be offered a second chance. That's component of the means I think we think."

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In February, Ravens basic manager Ozzie Newsome called the Baltimore Sun the he would certainly be "happy" to view Rice acquire a opportunity with another NFL team. Rice, 28, sat out the whole 2014 season.

- Molly Geary

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