The 2016-17 Dallas Stars schedule has been released. Let’s dive in a tiny deeper and see what’s in save for following season.

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With the NHL Awards in the books, the 2015-16 NHL season is official over. That signifies the beginning of ready for the next year of difficult work, and the Dallas Stars–along v the rest of the league–have currently received and released your schedules because that the 2016-17 season.

With the in mind, it’s important to inspect them outin development and check out what’s on the road ahead. Here’s one in-depth, month-by-month look in ~ the Stars’ consistent season schedule for 2016-17.



November functions even an ext divisional play together the Stars will accomplish up through each adversary at the very least once.

Perhaps the greatest stretch in November, and also one the the greatest all year, comes at an early stage in the month. ~ above Nov. 3, the Stars will certainly take on the St. Louis Blues on the road. They’ll gain one day off after that and then they’ll head house for the beginning of a back-to-back versus the Chicago Blackhawks, v the second game being on the road.

That will note the beginning of a five-game roadway trip, with the next 4 games coming versus teams in Cananda, and also it will certainly be adhered to up by a four-game residence stand.



This is usually the moment of year once every team starts to think around playoff positioning and every game becomes a little much more important.

To start the month off, the Stars will certainly play the Islanders, Panthers and also Capitals, acquiring a taste the the East.

Then, among their biggesttwo week follow me of the totality season willbe near. Indigenous Mar. 12 come Mar. 24, the team will play the defending western Conference Champion mountain Jose Sharks three various times. Those 2 weeks will also feature a four-day road pilgrimage to Canada because that games versus the Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks and also Calgary Flames, if a match with the Blackhawks will certainly come near the finish of the 2nd week.


April serves as the last month that the continual season and also the last opportunity to make a so late playoff surge. It’s been good for the Stars recently, together they’ve unable to do a combined 7-2-0 in April the 2015 and 2016.

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In 2017, the team will begin the month off through a back-to-back games against the Carolina Hurricanes and also Tampa just Lightning, before ending the season on a three video game home stand versus the Coyotes, Predators and Avalanche.

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