The #1 brand-new York Times–bestselling writer of Mommie Dearest explores WomanSpirit through the ages, indigenous the Neolithic Goddess to the Inquisition to existing day.   Breaking totally free of the emotionally wreckage of she childhood and also a damaging illness that tested her physically, emotionally, and spiritually, Christina Crawford sought the end an indomitable and innate inner source of power. Upon reconnecting v the an extremely essence of the woman spirit—that i m sorry unites all daughters throughout time—Crawford made decision to pursue and discover that “herstory.”   drawing on year of research, she explores every facet of the advancement of womanhood over the previous ten thousand years: culture, government, religion, professions, laws, customs, family, fashion, marriage, commerce, art, industry, and also sexuality. Charting the trajectory of mrs communion, Crawford delves right into the Goddess culture of the Neolithic period, in which self-sovereign females governed, constructed empires, and were deified; explores the Inquisition in which ladies were demonized, brutalized, and erased from history; and celebrates the rebirth of the WomanSpirit and its affect over generations ~ above the western world.   Both an enlightening journey and also an invaluable reference, Daughters the the Inquisition is a testimony to the rise, endurance, survival, and also lasting influence of the WomanSpirit—its givers that life, that is queens, and also its warriors.  

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Christina Crawford is the #1 brand-new York Times–bestselling writer of the memoirs Mommie Dearest and Survivor, as well as the women’s history book Daughters the the Inquisition. Crawford i graduated magna cum laude indigenous the university of California, Los Angeles, ~ spending practically fourteen years together an actress in television, theater, and also film. She received her master’s level in interaction management indigenous the Annenberg institution at the university of southern California. Because then, Crawford has functioned in corporate windy relations, to be a partner in a winery, owned and operated a country inn, and also spent eight year booking concert entertainment because that a phibìc Idaho casino. One of the an initial people appointed to the Los Angeles county Commission for Children’s Services, she also served one term together county commissioner in Idaho. Her regional TV display Northwest Entertainment has won 3 Telly Awards for excellence. Crawford has actually been a lifelong support of concerns for social justice, indigenous the at an early stage days of kid abuse prevention and also family violence treatment to worries of the legal rights of women throughout the world.

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She stays in Idaho, wherein she proceeds to write and pursue an innovative projects. Monitor Christina top top her facebook fan page:  

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