My mam had always wanted to see The Nutcracker and also I was able to provide her wish... Every seven... Read an ext

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My Father and two daughters loved the Auditorium Theatre, the employee was friendly, organized and helpful. Acoustics to be amazing and also David Gilmour placed on a fantastic show!


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This landmark theatre designed through Adler and also Sullivan and also completed in 1889, is a spectacular venue for theater and dance. The acoustics are stated to be perfect; there are no columns come interfere v sightlines. My favorite seats are in the "dress circle" due to the fact that they room on risers, for this reason I deserve to see end the heads of those in front of me. Box seats are not desirable as they room along the political parties of the theater. Tourism are offered occasionally for those who just want to view the building and also learn a bit around it.

While in Chicago i attended The Alvin Alley Dance power at the beautiful, spacious, ornate Auditorium Theatre. Us were assigned an excellent seats, 1st row, facility aisle and also of food as always an awesome power by the Alvin Ailey Dancers.

This Auditorium, i m sorry is part of Roosevelt University, is located on conference Parkway, simply off from southern Michigan Avenue. This auditorium typically hosts events such together Theater, music recital & graduation ceremony.

Worked an event here because that a mainly so had actually time to check out all the surprise nooks and haunted crannies in this 100+ year old landmark. Several gold and also Edison"s lights stay true to its roots and also if you have actually a opportunity head allllllllll the way to the sixth floor balcony and also peer down from what provided to it is in the segregated section and a 45 level angle!! just be weary of the lobby, time has actually left the beautiful mosaic floors and Greek columns so party you get a tiny bit that a funhouse feel.

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The Auditorium Theatre is by much the ideal theatre in Chicago. The stage performances have adjusted over the years to offer much more dance than phase plays, however, the facility still supplies the finest ambiance and comfort by far.

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