Donning Nike socks through the “100” brand emblazoned about the exterior, previous Oregon running back De’Anthony Thomas supplied the emblem and also today as a way to signify his perspective and capacity to numerous scouts in ~ Oregon’s pro day. “The socks were my an ideas today about the 4.5,” claimed Thomas, introduce …

Donning Nike socks through the “100” label emblazoned around the exterior, former Oregon running ago De’Anthony Thomas offered the emblem and also today as a means to denote his mindset and capacity to numerous scouts in ~ Oregon’s agree day.

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“The socks were my motivation today around the 4.5,” stated Thomas, referring to his 40-yard dash time at the NFL combine. “Today i just had to come out here and also keep everything 100 and just walk hard.”

And cutting board did just that together he it is registered a far far better showcase that his natural speed for NFL teams with an unofficially time that 4.39 seconds in the 40.

“I (ran) 4.5 in 9th grade so ns was like, ‘Wow the crazy,"” thomas said. “But i feel choose it do me train harder and also I just use it together motivation.”

Now training in ~ the Nike Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore., Thomas’ various other marks because that the day had 4.23 quick shuttle, 6.95 three cone drill and an 11.46 lengthy shuttle.

Often the object of conversation when it involves an athlete that can play multiple location at the greater ranks, the Crenshaw, Calif., native continued to display his positive nature as soon as it pertains to his breeze status and where the will end up on one NFL roster.

“I want to get everywhere on the field just to play and show my ability that I can play football,” cutting board said. “Wide receiver, punt returner, kick returner, simply somewhere I can contribute and make plays.”

Several various other Oregon future traveled back to Eugene and performed because that their last time at the Moshofsky center Thursday. The list included safeties Brian Jackson and also Avery Patterson, no of whom were invited to the NFL combine.

For Jackson, being ago at the framework to compete for a last time produced an unexplained feeling, simply knowing the he would leave behind a location where the wore the green and also yellow for 4 years.

“I was simply seeing some of the cool stuff they are going come wear for (spring football), yet that’s all over with now,” Jackson said. “Walking roughly here remembering every little thing that you’ve been through, it’s sort of surreal the it’s already over.”

For men like mockery Huff, Taylor Hart and Terrance Mitchell, though, Thursday had actually a lot an ext waning on their futures to even get captured up in the memory of their stay at Oregon.

Mitchell, in spite of hamstring tightness, carry out in every the drills and posted an unofficialize time of 4.56 in the 40. Mitchell said he was disappointed in the occasion at the combine, wherein he ran an main time the 4.63, and also his result Thursday did not do much to readjust the all at once perception that his speed. The did, however, boost his large jump by four inches indigenous his note at the NFL combine.

Huff ongoing his superior offseason, showing no obvious weaknesses in any of the drills. His 40 time would certainly be just behind Thomas’, at an unofficially time the 4.43. Hart ran a 4.81.

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With many scouts representing several NFL teams in attendance, this to be the last, and also only time because that some, to screen their athletic capacity in a setup such together this before the draft begins on might 8. Because that the 11 ducks participating, Thursday to be a measurement that can define wherein they will end up in May. For many of them, though, simply one chance is all they room asking for.

“If I get a shot, climate I’m walking to do the most of it,” Jackson said. “I all set a lot for this day, and also I tho feel like I could’ve excellent a small better, yet there’s nothing you deserve to do around it now and that’s every behind me.”