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The adhering to questions are the ones that ns cannot figure out,they room c,g, h, i, k and also l.

Exercise 2-5

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Identify the element or elements associated with theseitems.


The element

(a) Arises native peripheral or incidental transactions.

distributions to OwnersComprehensiveIncomeExpensesGainsInvestments through OwnersAssetsRevenues,ExpensesLossesGains, LossesLiabilitiesEquityRevenuesInvestments byOwners, substantial Income

(b) Obligation to move resources occurring from a pasttransaction.

AssetsInvestments byOwnersExpensesDistributions come OwnersGainsInvestments by Owners,Comprehensive IncomeGains, LossesRevenues,ExpensesEquityRevenuesLossesLiabilitiesComprehensive Income

(c) Increases property interest.

RevenuesLossesDistributions toOwnersInvestments by Owners, an extensive IncomeInvestments byOwnersExpensesComprehensive IncomeGains,LossesLiabilitiesEquityAssetsGainsRevenues, Expenses

(d) Declares and also pays cash dividends to owners.

Revenues, ExpensesGains,LossesInvestments through OwnersDistributions toOwnersLiabilitiesComprehensive IncomeAssetsEquityInvestments byOwners, an extensive IncomeExpensesGainsRevenuesLosses

(e) Increases in net assets in a duration from nonowner sources.

Gains, LossesLossesInvestments byOwners, considerable IncomeEquityDistributions toOwnersGainsRevenues, ExpensesRevenuesInvestments byOwnersExpensesLiabilitiesComprehensive IncomeAssets

(f) Items identified by service potential or future economicbenefit.

ExpensesInvestments by Owners,Comprehensive IncomeDistributions come OwnersGainsLossesGains,LossesComprehensive IncomeLiabilitiesAssetsRevenues,ExpensesEquityRevenuesInvestments by Owners

(g) Equals increase in assets less liabilities during the year,after including distributions to owners and also subtracting investments byowners.

EquityExpensesComprehensiveIncomeRevenuesInvestments through Owners, ComprehensiveIncomeDistributions come OwnersGainsRevenues, ExpensesInvestments byOwnersLossesAssetsGains, LossesLiabilities

(h) Arises from earnings statement tasks that constitute theentity’s ongoing significant or main operations.

LiabilitiesRevenues,ExpensesInvestments by Owners, considerable IncomeDistributions toOwnersComprehensive IncomeExpensesEquityRevenuesInvestments byOwnersAssetsGainsLossesGains, Losses

(i) Residual attention in the heritage of the enterprise afterdeducting the liabilities.

distribution toOwnersLiabilitiesEquityInvestments by Owners, ComprehensiveIncomeComprehensive IncomeRevenuesAssetsRevenues,ExpensesInvestments through OwnersExpensesGainsLossesGains, Losses

(j) Increases assets during a duration through sale of product.

ExpensesGainsEquityLiabilitiesLossesInvestments by OwnersRevenues,ExpensesRevenuesGains, LossesInvestments through Owners, ComprehensiveIncomeDistributions to OwnersComprehensive IncomeAssets

(k) Decreases assets throughout the period by purchasing the company’sown stock.

EquityComprehensive IncomeInvestmentsby OwnersDistributions toOwnersLossesRevenuesExpensesGainsInvestments by Owners,Comprehensive IncomeLiabilitiesGains, LossesAssetsRevenues,Expenses

(l) Includes all alters in equity during the period, except thoseresulting from invest by owners and also distributions toowners.

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invest by Owners, ComprehensiveIncomeComprehensive IncomeDistributions come OwnersInvestments byOwnersLossesGains, LossesRevenuesExpensesLiabilitiesAssetsRevenues,ExpensesEquityGains

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