Indevelopment considered trustworthy yet not I going to shed earcolony money if listing mis-represented amenities?

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TLDR; Buying a house, listing had central air and also greenhome as amenities, both were not correct in the listing. If I halt the sale, execute I shed my earswarm $ bereason of the "indevelopment understood trusted yet not guaranteed" language in the listing?

So, if you're in the US, the first part of the title likely looks acquainted to you from eextremely genuine estate listing. I think I'm running right into a trouble via a house we're schedubrought about close on in a few weeks. Here's the trouble:

We put an sell in on a home, which was countered and we accepted the respond to. On inspection, we found that though the home was provided via the amenity of main air (air conditioning), it did not have main air. As an outcome of this, we asked for an additional amount off of the sales price as that had been misstood for in the listing. They countered and also we agreed to a slightly smaller discount. This was not a vast deal to us, yet it was disappointing to not have actually central air.

Today, we were in the community and also drove by to uncover that they were relocating the greenresidence and removing it from the property. In the listing, greenresidence was detailed as an amenity, so this is the second point that was blatantly incorrect in the listing. The greenhome was an extremely important function to me, as it is a several thousand dollar model and also was really among the points that really made this the residential or commercial property for me.

I have contacted my agent, that is going to contact their agent. If this is not refixed and also the sellers carry out indeed refuse to rerotate the greenhome or reimburse us for the cost of replacement, I intfinish to not go through with the sale. The incorrect depiction of both items in the listing renders me very wary of what else is going to be not best when we take possession.

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As in - will certainly they switch the appliances out for inferior versions? What else is going to be not the same as advertised or missing?

I know that listings are reputed trustworthy however not guaranteed, so does that language intend I'm screwed at this point?

My question: if I chose to halt the sale at this point, will certainly I lose my earnest money? I've currently phelp for the inspection, of course, and I'm fine via eating that price as that really helped me uncover out more about the property, yet I'd really rather not lose my earcolony money ($1000). Any answers, advice or suggestions?