OBJECT that DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS: The target of Deer In The Headlights is to it is in the an initial player to discard every one of your cards.

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NUMBER that PLAYERS: 2 or an ext Players

MATERIALS: 2 Decks of play Cards, 3 wood Dice, a Scorepad, a rojo Chart, and Instructions

TYPE that GAME: family members Card Game

AUDIENCE: eras 8 and also Up


The goal of Deer in The Headlights is to be the player through the fewest quantity of points as soon as the game involves an end. Each round, players will roll three die and follow the instructions provided on the roll chart, depending upon what their role equaled.

Rounds of beat will continue until a player has actually ridded your hand of all of their cards. The round then pertains to an end and points are tallied. The player through the many points at the end of the video game is the loser, so eliminate those cards! Take care to not be the player left v the Deer in The Headlights look!


To begin setup, shuffle all of the cards. Deal all of the cards equally to every one of the players. Place the dice and also the rolling chart in the middle of the group, ensuring the all players may easily accessibility them. Assign a score pad to every player by composing their surname at the top. The video game is prepared to begin!


The dealer will start the game. Come begin, they will certainly roll every one of the dice and discard the cards that have been notated by the chart. Some of the cards space to be inserted in the facility pile and others are to it is in passed to other players, depending upon instructions.

Gameplay will proceed clockwise around the group, through each player rolling and also the appropriate actions being taken. The round comes to an end when a player has actually no more cards left in their hand. All various other players v cards staying must add up your points. Players will write their suggest total in ~ the top of their scorecard.

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Kings, Queens, and Jacks counting for ten points and also Aces counting for one point. The goal is to have actually the fewest variety of points through the end of the game. The player with the fewest points wins, and also the player v one hundred and fifty points loses!


The game concerns an end when a player earns one hundred and also fifty points. Every one of the players will certainly then tally their scores, and the player who has the shortest score wins the game.