Nick Deluca is stumbling into the NFL ~ a pair of injury plagued seasons. Could he work-related his means onto a roster though?

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Nick DeLuca had a bit of negative luck throughout his college career.

After he was wildly successful in 2015 as the middle linebacker for North Dakota State, he couldn’t shake the injury pest the adhering to two seasons. In 2015, he had actually 135 tackles (56 solo), 10 tackles for a loss, three sacks, two interceptions and also six happen breakups. The was everywhere the field. He also gained national recognition when he was nominated because that the 2016 Butkus Award.

However, he suffered a separated shoulder prior to the season unfortunately, though. He proved his love because that the video game by trying come play v it because that three games until it obtained to the suggest where he needed surgery.

Then in 2017, DeLuca let go games versus Eastern Washington and Robert Morris because of a knee injury, though he tho finished second on the team in complete tackles (74), tackles for loss (10.5) and also sacks (6.5).

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Now, DeLuca is hoping he did sufficient in 2015 to earn a shot at an NFL roster.


Height: 6’3”

Weight: 248 pounds

Class: Senior

Position: Linebacker

College: North Dakota State

Projected Round: Seventh or undrafted

NFL Comparison: A negative man’s Nick Vigil



DeLuca really just doesn’t seem to have the tools to it is in a linebacker that gets thrown right into the protective lineup ~ above a continuous basis. At best, that is a back-up linebacker in ~ the NFL level. He verified he really doesn’t have the speed at the NFL Scouting combine by failing to complete inside the top 15 of any kind of of the drills as well as 20-yard shuttle.

It seemed choose DeLuca just overcame lesser talent in ~ in the FCS. It is tough to refuse his love because that the game, and also his willingness to do everything the coaches ask. That could lead to his only route come the NFL. The could end up being a quality special teamer. Together a freshman, the led the team v 15 distinct team tackles. Probably he could translate that to the NFL level.

Deluca is likewise a very intelligent player. He had the ability to lineup the defense, and also get them right into the perfect position more times climate not. He likewise understood his responsibilities, but the problem came once he had actually to chase under athletic ball carriers. Especially when they bounced it to the perimeter. That will be a an ext frequent difficulty at the NFL level.

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How he could fit v the Bengals

Deluca would have actually a difficult time cracking the roster for the Bengals. They have actually a variety of young linebackers with video game experience to construct off. The would need to make quite the impression on one-of-a-kind teams. The coaching staff would really be intrigued by the mentality and understand he brings to the position.

That can give him enough time come develop, develop up his strength in an NFL weight program, and also then possibly come to be what men like Vincent Ray has actually been because that the Bengals. It’s not the easiest path to take, but it might be DeLuca’s ideal bet for making it in the NFL.

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