The fantasy blocking breakdown series evaluate the impact that run and pass blocking have actually on fantasy football performance, utilizing methodologies detailed here.

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This week"s fantasy blocking failure will detail the leading run impede of the Tennessee Titans, highlight an upside route for fantasy managers with Todd Gurley on their roster, testimonial whether Jay Ajayi will start to create anytime shortly for his fantasy squads and take a look in ~ what led the Giants" passing game to post large point totals.

The best run impede in the NFL

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The Tennessee Titans led the organization in my an excellent blocking price (GBR) metric after mainly 2 with an insanely high 58.5 percent mark (GBR steps how regularly an offense offers its ball carriers quality run blocking). To put this into perspective, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the GBR champions in 2016 and also they finished the season with a 44.1 percent GBR.

The Titans certainly didn"t live as much as that pace in the an initial half the the contest versus Seattle, together Tennessee post a 20 percent GBR in the first two soldier of that game. This mediocre power led DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry to short article a an unified total that 5.4 fantasy points at the half and likely had their fantasy managers concerned about seeing a single-digit allude mark because that each running earlier in main 3.

Thankfully for those owners, the Titans" powerhouse offensive line is adept at wearing out opponents, a trait that permitted Tennessee come rack increase a 68.8 percent GBR in the second half and led Murray and also Henry to end up v a linked 26.4 points. The Titans now have a 53.6 percent GBR because that the season, a mark that is most likely to lead the league at the end of mainly 3.

Even more upside potential for Todd Gurley

In his rookie project of 2015, Todd Gurley was among only 2 running backs to write-up a double-digit total in my good blocking yards per attempt (GBYPA) metric, which steps how abundant a round carrier is as soon as given great run blocking.

That number fell ago to earth last year, together Gurley"s 6.8 GBYPA ranked 40th the end of 42 qualifying to run backs (100 or an ext carries to qualify) and led come his being a major disappointment to fantasy managers.

Gurley certainly has been anything yet a fantasy letdown this season, as he has actually posted 20 or more points in three right weeks and also led all players in the Thursday or Sunday gamings with 37.9 points.

The most amazing component of this power is that Gurley has done it regardless of posting a 6.4 GBYPA the is nearly half a yard reduced than last season"s abysmal total.

So why has actually he to be able to rack up leading fantasy numbers? many of the thanks here have the right to go come the Rams" offensive blocking wall surface that has actually posted a 50.0 percent GBR this season. In ~ this point, the Rams and also the Titans are the just clubs through a GBR the 50 percent or higher in the 2017 campaign.

What this can mean because that Gurley"s fantasy supervisors is that the skies is the border if Gurley finds a way to combine his rookie season breakaway skills with this year"s superb GBR. If the happens, he can end up completing for fantasy MVP honors by season"s end.

Big Blue"s pass blocking turnaround

Eli Manning received great pass protection against the Eagles, which caused his most passing yards in a game since October 2016.Eric Hartline-USA this particular day SportsThe new York Giants" passing video game had to be nothing but a headache come fantasy owners in the very first two weeks of the season, as Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and also Sterling Shepard had one double-digit scoring game between them.

That drought ended emphatically against the Eagles in mainly 3, as the members of that trio post 14 or much more points apiece and scored a total of 69.8 points.

A significant factor in this manufacturing spike to be elite happen blocking. Eli Manning confronted pass rush push on just 8.5 percent of his dropbacks, a complete that rated second best with the Sunday games of week 3. This superb happen protection allowed Manning come be off target on only 6.4 percent of his overcome after having been off target on 18.6 percent that his throws in mainly 1 and also 2. If new York"s blocking proceeds to organize up, the Giants" pass-catchers need to see a many double-digit fantasy gamings in their futures.

Miami"s run blocking is a huge concern

The Miami dolphins were among only two teams with a GBR of lower than 30 percent headed into Week 3 (25.8). This didn"t seem to it is in too much of a worry for Jay Ajayi owners because he post 14.6 point out in the Dolphins" season opener and also Miami had actually a main 3 matchup against a new York jets defense that put next to critical in GBYPA enabled (11.1).

Those fantasy owners need to be an ext worried ~ the Jets hosted the dolphin to a 14.3 percent GBR and a 6.5 GBYPA. This offers Miami a 22.2 percent GBR because that the season, i beg your pardon is the worst in the NFL. The is highly unlikely the Dolphins will certainly block this poorly for the remainder of the season, yet these number should give Ajayi"s fantasy managers pause to placed him in the lineup till the blocking worries are resolved.

Quick hits

• The Chicago Bears to be the various other team with a sub-30-percent GBR through two mainly (27.8). Their 31.4 percent GBR versus Pittsburgh doesn"t offer much hope that their run-blocking consistency is improving, however. This method that Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen have to still be taken into consideration to have an ext boom/bust characteristics than various other comparably valued running backs.

• The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders came into Week 3 together the just teams to post a double-digit GBYPA with the an initial two weeks (12.3 because that Kansas City, 11.1 for Oakland). The Chiefs added to their elite GBYPA full by moving it as much as 13.2 through the contest against the Chargers. Because Oakland"s offense dropped apart versus the overpowering Washington defense, it means Kansas City is now the only team to boast a double-digit GBYPA. It likewise serves as an indicator that any Chiefs running back is worth rostering, as the Chiefs" blocking wall surface is opening up holes huge enough to drive a van through.

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• The Giants pass catchers weren"t the only ones to benefit from top-notch pass blocking, together Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen returned to their leading Week 1 forms versus Tampa bay in part thanks to good pass protection. Situation Keenum faced pass press on only 13.9 percent the his dropbacks, a complete that ranked fourth best in week 3 with the Sunday contests. This permitted Keenum to tally 17.8 points on vertical passes, a complete that rated second highest in week 3, and led straight to Diggs" and Thielen"s superb production.