Monica stands at the leaf of a one platform the is slowly rotating on a frictionless axle. She climate walks toward the the contrary edge, passing with the platform"s center.

Describe the movement of the platform together Monica renders her trip.

Drag the terms on the left to the proper blanks ~ above the best to finish the sentences.


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A student stands at the edge of a cliff and also throws a stone horizontally over the edge v a speed...... M... In her answer.) x = y = (e) exactly how long after being released does the rock strike the beach listed below the cliff? s (f) v what speed and also angle of impact does the rock land? vf = m/s ? = check out Answer
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You require to do evaluation of Liquidity place of Wal-Mart consisting of multinational working capital management and also the usual issues and strategies of Wal-Mart see Answer
A details typing agency employs 2 typists. The mean number of errors per short article is 3 when typed through the very first typist and also 4.2 when typed through the second. If your write-up is equally most likely to it is in typed by one of two people typist, almost right the probability that the will have no errors. Check out Answer
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A partner at a major CPA firm as soon as confided that \"it\"s simple...we prefer to rental pretty women. Our...... ... Had actually said the they like to hire \"good spring people because when \"our world look good, us look good?\" c. If you space a member of the AICPA, carry out you have actually a duty to report this action to... View Answer
estimate the heat of vaporization of ethyl benzene in ~ its common boiling suggest using Trouton’s rule and also Chen’s rule and also compare the results with a tabulated value of this quantity. Then estimate ?Hv at 100°C utilizing Watson’s correlation. Check out Answer

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increaces take into consideration the Monica-platform mechanism to it is in isolated (hence the fric tionless axle) so the the angular inert is conserved. As Monica walks towards the center the moment of inertia the the mechanism I decreases stays consistent so the angular velocity w due to the fact that twice bigger than at first |angular momentum L=Iw twice smaller sized than when she passes the center and also gets closer to the opposite sheet the originally moment of inertia until it is hence the exact same value as the angular velocity till it is originally