Waiting for Hank is the 12th chapter in Detroit come to be Human. This walkthrough will overview you with all the choices the the wait for Hank level because that 100% completion.

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Triggers automatically after completing the chapter From the Dead.

Flowchart (100%):

Here’s a fast overview the the 100% complete flowchart for waiting for Hank.


Checkpoint: In the Zen Garden


Find Amanda:

Find Magic Stone: indigenous your starting position, walk left along the leaf of the pond until you find a one archway ~ above the left side of the path. Communicate with it to activate the node.Check the Graves: If Connor has passed away at least once, native your beginning position, go ideal along the leaf of the pond till you discover a path resulting in a little graveyard top top the right side the the path. Connect with it/them to activate the node.Find Amanda: In the center of the pond is one island attached to the edge by bridges. Go to the center to find Amanda tending to her roses.Talk v Amanda:If you managed to uncover the deviant in Partners, and successfully interrogate the in The Interrogation without gaining killed, Amanda will comment that you have actually been remarkably efficient. Amanda▲▲▲If you have died during The Interrogation, Amanda talks around how her predecessor wasn’t cautious enough. Amanda▼Amanda will certainly ask you what you assumed of the deviant:TRAUMATIZED: No effectDEVIANCYINTERVENTION: No effectSIMULATION: No effectAmanda will certainly then ask you what you think that HankUNPLEASANT: No effectDYSFUNCTIONAL: No effectINTRIGUING: No effectUNSURE: No effectFinally Amanda will certainly ask what you think is the ideal approachFRIENDLY: Amanda▼ADAPT: Amanda▼INDIFFERENT: Amanda▲DON’T KNOW:

Checkpoint: come at Police Station



Find Lt. Anderson: speak to the android at reception and she will straight you come wait at Hank’s desk. Go with the gates and into the precinct.Read “Famous artist Dies”: check out the magazine collectible on the counter near Hank’s desk. Be certain to check both pages.Read “Robotic Parenting”:  Read the magazine collectible ~ above the counter near Hank’s desk. Be sure to check both pages.Read “Ivanoff says ‘Niet’!”: Read the newspaper collectible ~ above the counter near Hank’s desk. Be certain to examine both pages.

Wait for Hank:

Explore the Station: At Hank’s desk, sit in the chair in former of it briefly, then obtain up again.Listen come headset to hear Knights that the black DeathCall Hank ~ above his phoneScan the desk to uncover 8 clues.Hank Arrives: If Connor died in The Interrogation, Hank is a tiny unnerved to check out you up and also around. Hank▼Shortly after ~ Hank shows up, he’ll get called into the Captain’s office.Hank Storms Out: every responses to the Captain have actually no effect.Talk through Gavin: While waiting for Hank friend can likewise find Det. Gavin Reed in the rest room. No matter what options you pick, it results in Public Opinion

Progress the Case:

Android saved in ‘The Interrogation’: If you regulated to capture and also interrogate the deviant successfully, you deserve to talk to it now, in a stop area behind the Captain’s office.Talk with Carlos’s Android: The deviant states that it is going to it is in destroyed:SINCERE: No effectCOLD: No effectCOMPASSIONATE: Software Instability▲INDIFFERENT: No effectConnor states he to know there’s other the deviant didn’t tell him:STATUETTE: No effectSECRET: No effectrA9: No effectDEVIANTS: No effectCarlos’s Android Self-Destructs: together Connor starts to walk away from the holding area, the android smashes that head right into the glass until it dies.Talk come Hank: go over come Hank’s desk and also make awkward small talk.First statement:NEW CONNOR: : No effectUNDERSTANDING: No effectPRAGMATIC: No effectCONSTRUCTIVE: No effectFollow-up:?POSITIVE: No effectPARTNERS: No effectDESK: as soon as you ask, Hank indicates the desk opposite him is free for use.Sitting under at the desk gives you more opportunites to talk to Hank. Extr questions will existing themselves together you gain answers:DOG: : Hank’s dog is named Sumo. Hank▲BASKETBALL: Hank points the end that Connor do him miss out on last night’s game. Hank▼MUSIC: Hank▲ANTI-ANDROIDS: Hank▼FOWLER: No effectHOURS: No effectSTART WORKING: as soon as you’re ready, go v the deviant documents on her terminal.Examine Files: as soon as you’ve scanned the files, Connor will certainly stand up and also go end to Hank’s desk.Talk about the case:All responses have no effect.Hank is mad: Connor can’t win with this one.All responses cause HankHank left to gain lunch: If Kara and Alice are dead, Hank will certainly leave to gain lunch.Hank gained a lead: If Kara and Alice room alive, one officer will provide Hank a lead on their location, diverting his anger away from you.

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All done! This concludes the waiting For Hank chapter.