In the heat of the moment, emotions sometimes get the finest of you. Top top Sunday, Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant reportedly got into one on-field fracas through teammate J.J. Wilcox throughout a team scrimmage.

Bryant took exemption to a hard hit over the middle, together per Clarence Hill of the Fort worth Star-Telegram:

TXA 21 in fort Worth captured a pair of display shots that the scuffle:

Ryan Gerbosi of The Dallas Morning News provided video clip of the fight:

Tension between the 2 didn"t last long, though. Follow to Jon Machota the The Dallas Morning News, after Jason Witten acquired Bryant to work out down, the wideout captured a touchdown pass and made peace with Wilcox:

Rainer Saban of The Dallas Morning News provided Wilcox"s and Bryant"s think on the scuffle:

“I got a an excellent little cheap shoot in,” Wilcox said. “That’s the spark friend need. Ns am trying to feed turn off it and get mine defense right.”

Bryant’s view?

“J.J. Placed a nice fight on me,” the recipient said. “He pissed me off, yet at the end of the day, ns loved it. Ns told him, ‘Keep that coming.’ hopefully the remainder of the males on the defense – not only the defense, however the offense and the whole team – feed off of that. It is what that takes to win. That’s what we need to win. You’ve gained to have actually that passion and also that love for the game.”

Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News added more:


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With many NFL stars, this would just be brushed aside. Football player push and shove all the time after a play is over; it"s rather to be intended in a physical game like football.

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However, since Bryant to be involved, some critics could use it together ammunition in arguing that his mindset remains a problem. The MMQB"s Robert Klemko alluded come as lot on Twitter:

Most have the right to agree that while this altercation will likely be overblown come a particular extent in the comes days, Bryant and also Wilcox need to be smarter 보다 to get involved in shenanigans like this in maintain camp.

Bryant, 25, is among the best wide receivers in the league and also is primed for what must be his best year yet. Meanwhile, the 23-year-old Wilcox numbers to have a bigger role after play in 13 gamings last season together a rookie.

Bryant doesn"t need an ext drama—no matter how minor—clouding his on-field accomplishments. Furthermore, neither player requirements to risk any type of kind of injury the might result from together actions.

With your defense a major question mark heading into the 2014 season, the Cowboys" success will certainly hinge on the rapport Bryant and Tony Romo develop through the air. Bryant must be one of Dallas" attack catalysts in order because that the team come have any type of chance of making the postseason.

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