The big man is trying to make the most of his footround shot. Once it"s almost everywhere, he knows what he wants to do.

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Baylor"s LaQuan McGowan was detailed as a 6"7, 390-pound lineguy once he shocked the people and Michigan State"s defense by springing for an 18-yard touchdown in the Cotton Bowl 2 seasons earlier.

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This was at the end of McGowan"s redshirt junior seakid in Waco. But at the adhering to year"s spring exercise, it caught McGowan by surprise as soon as a coach had actually news to provide him.

"I didn"t understand that it was gonna occur," McGowan said. "The initially day of spring practice last year, they were type of prefer, "Oh, hey, you"re via the tight ends now, so great luck.""

McGowan didn"t say anything. "Is this really happening appropriate now?" he assumed.

It was.

McGowan, on his way up to 410 pounds, transitioned from guard to the largest ability player in significant football

He had actually two more catches in his senior seachild, both for touchdowns. His cameos earned him an All-Big 12 honorable mention and also a bona fide Piesguy Trophy candidacy.

Nowadays, McGowan is steeped in preparation for this month"s NFL Draft. There"s most uncertainty in his world. He thinks he can be a starting guard and also said he"ll line up at fullback or protective tackle if a team wants him there.

McGowan spent five years in Baylor"s outrageously fertile offense, the last couple as a function player. The Bears run a kind of pro-style spreview, and McGowan feels ready for what"s following.

"A lot of the things that we do, you view in the NFL," he told SB Nation. "Well, maybe not utilizing a 400-pound tight finish. But most the things that we carry out stem from the NFL, the style of play, I believe, that the NFL uses. You"ve acquired workout training and stuff favor that, that"s choose the NFL. Offseaboy, it would certainly be just prefer the NFL. Everypoint that we carry out stems about just how points are done at the next level."

But he hasn"t been able to gauge interemainder yet from any particular teams. He"s going right into the draft somewhat blind.

"It"s simply a waiting game," McGowan shelp. "All I have the right to execute at this point is pray. If it happens, it happens. If not, life goes on, and also you"ve gained to uncover something else."

McGowan is a huge guy, also among NFL big guys. He reckons his time in the league wouldn"t last much longer than 3 to five years, an accomplished NFL career also for mere 300-pounders, whose weight have the right to reason health and wellness troubles.

Fortunately, he has a post-playing career already in mind.

"I feel choose as soon as that"s over through, the WWE is calling my name"

The Amarillo, Texas, indigenous wants to be a skilled wrestler. He"s already talked to a "couple of people" in the sector who "sassist they might be interested and also talked to me a little bit around the process and also just how stuff works."

When asked, incredulously, if he was serious around planning this much ahead, McGowan deadpanned, "Yup. I"lllllll execute it," drawing it out for focus.

"I"ve watched it on TV. I"ve assumed about, "What would certainly be somepoint good or somepoint that I would gain doing for a decent, for a lengthy duration of time?"" he sassist. "For significant males in the NFL, they really don"t last that lengthy."

This isn"t a lifelengthy dream for McGowan. He began reasoning around it recently, and he just watched the WWE periodically while he was flourishing up. But he sounds established to give it a shot, via one thing left to number out.

"I"ve been reasoning, and I can not come up through a nickname," he shelp. "But I"ll acquire one. It"ll be the ideal nickname you"ve acquired out there, as well."

McGowan wants you to know he"s even more than just huge

When you"re well over 6"7, you"re currently partly an NFL scout"s dream. But when you"re even more than 400 pounds, it"s not the most basic thing to convince evaluators you"ve gained abilities past being astronomical.

"Some people may be blinded by my size and not identify, you recognize, the skill collection that I execute have actually. Once they watch me, they might go ahead and make a preconceived judgment on just how I could play or somepoint prefer that," he said. "But those civilization do not recognize that I have the right to catch. I deserve to run. I have the agility to carry out stuff."

There"s a pretty good chance he"s quicker than you, and he"s gained endure in basketround, track and basesphere. He was a placekicker in high institution and says many of his kickoffs reached the finish zone. He have the right to additionally capture footballs through one hand also.

But it"s pretty clear that dimension is McGowan"s defining asset

McGowan embraces being huge and he thinks it gives him a emotional edge. Radepend execute linemen or linebackers go head-to-head against someone who entirely dwarfs them.

"It"s always good, guy. Sometimes it gets in people"s heads, and simply looking at a guy, saying, "Wow, he"s huge." Sometimes it disrupts something in someone else"s head. Someone might have actually much longer arms than someone else, so it"s simply an benefit, being bigger," he sassist. "There"s always gonna be someone more powerful, always gonna be someone quicker, however to me, I just can not let anyone outwork-related me. If I"m going against someone that"s on the defense, my goal is to never let them beat me as lengthy as we"re going up against each other."

On left: Baylor"s LaQuan McGowan (410 lbs) dimension 52 pants. On the right: WR Corey Coleman"s size 26.
SSpakeESPN) October 23, 2015

For fun, SB Nation grilled McGowan on whether he"d quite catch a touchdown or lay a massive pancake block on somebody. It was a hard question, but tright here was only one answer.

"Yeah," he said, "you deserve to give me a pancake any type of day."

Before the WWE, McGowan is collection on playing in the NFL.

McGowan is trimming a little bit -- now to 405 pounds -- prior to the draft. If he gets drafted, the likeliest spot is somewbelow late, or he can capture on as an undrafted totally free agent.

The NFL is a brutal company, and the odds aren"t in favor of anyone yet the highest picks continuing to be for long. But McGowan jobs confidence that"s as substantial as he is.

"I very doubt that I will not gain in and also gain on a team. To me, it"s a need to. Like, I have to obtain to the NFL. I need to acquire tright here, for me, bereason I"ve been doing this for so long," he shelp.

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"Why speak now?"


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