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Dumbledore request Calmly, likewise known together Did You placed Your surname In the Goblet the Fire, describes a humorous discrepancy between a scene from 2000 fantasy novel Harry Potter and also the Goblet the Fire and also the matching scene from 2005 film of the very same name. In the book, Dumbledore is defined as behaving calmly, when in the film the character is presented interrogating the main protagonist take care of Potter in a extremely agitated manner. The discrepancy spawned multiple memes and parodies in the bother Potter community.


On July 8th, 2000, fantasy novel Harry Potter and the Goblet the Fire by British author J. K. Rowling was released in the joined Kingdom and the unified States.<1> In one step of the novel, personality Dumbledore is described calmly questioning the main protagonist harry Potter about how his name showed up in the titular Goblet that Fire.

"Did you put your name right into the Goblet the Fire, Harry?" the asked calmly.

On November 18th, 2005, fantasy movie Harry Potter and also the Goblet that Fire based on the novel to be released in the united Kingdom and also the united States.<2> In the film, Dumbledore is shown approaching and also questioning harry Potter in a highly agitated manner.

Harry! go you put your name in the Goblet the Fire?!


Following the relax of the film, the scene easily gained notoriety in the Harry Potter fandom, v parodies, tributes and remixes posted digital in the following years (examples presented below).

On April 21st, 2008, DeviantArt user Kelly "kellywormtongue" Lynch submitted a webcomic compare Dumbledore in the Harry Potter books and movies.<3>


On December 28th, 2011, Tumblr user the-last-enemy it is registered a GIF from the scene through a humorously misspelled all-caps caption, also posting the initial quote from the publication in the write-up description.<4><5> The post, because deleted, obtained over 22,700 likes and also reblogs in eight years.


In the adhering to years, the write-up by the-last-enemy, generally paired with picture of the web page of the quote, to be circulated ~ above Tumblr, Reddit and other websites. On march 28th, 2016, YouTube user lengthy John Slongson post a comparison of the audio book narration that the scene and also the step from the film.<6> The video clip gained end 4,9 million views in 3 years.

The trope gained significant recognition online, v multiple video clip parodies, comics and also memes referencing the discrepancy post in the following years.

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