Divinity: original Sin is a complicated RPG, with numerous NPCs and also enigmatic areas that need to be explored and discovered. It’s never too direct in such standard turn-based RPGs, and also one can conveniently get shed or stuck, particularly when you are bothering yourself in extracurricular activities.

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Divinity: original Sin next Quests

Side-quests in divinity come in all kinds that shape and also forms – some will certainly be demanding, asking for long travels and also a mixture of key quest accomplishments and separation, personal, instance specifications, when others will certainly be basic and linear.

Many the the side-quests are even interlinked. This provides it a bit complicated to go for pursuits that will certainly not entirely advantage to the development of the story, though they execute certainly include depth come it.

If she one who wishes to complete all the side-quests in the game, here’s a walkthrough guide for the optional quests in the game.


The talk StatuesWhile top top your method to Cyseal in ~ the start of the game, you’ll come across a corpse with a journal. This journal will tell of how he was promised the ability to fly once encountering a collection of statues, i beg your pardon turned the end to be a lie.

For girlfriend to inspection this strange incident, you’ll require to very first head to the city. Go north and also you’ll discover an enntrance gate to the cavern there, i beg your pardon is guarding through ten enemies.

Use your wizards wisely and take a couple of out, then head for the finish of the area v them chasing. They will either give up midway if you are quick enough, or will certainly chase you all the way and you can quickly dispose of them.

Inside you’ll likewise encounter a specific robot. Keep note of how to handle this foe, together he’ll appear in one more sidequest. As soon as you’ve defeated the robot, head v the other exit-way and also to the west. You’ll ultimately reach the four statues.

You should use the elemental spells of water, air, fire, and also earth ~ above the statues here. Each time you use one, an element demon that the very same kind will certainly appear.

It will certainly be immune to spells of the very same element, and also weak to countering elements. Take it them the end one by one it rotates all four are dead. This will open up a cave, within which girlfriend can discover an imprisoned wizard and end the side quest.

The Wishing BrotherIn Cyseal, contempt to the south-east you’ll uncover a well that you have the right to speak to. He’ll tell you his surname is Wally, and also his brothers William has been entrapped somewhere in another icy civilization by the Winter King.

He knows just how to get there, and also he’ll immediately transport you to the location if friend wish.

You’ll it is in in part blizzard-hit area v William the well best there. There are a pair of doors below to the south that cannot be unlocked, and one locked chest in the northwest corner that deserve to be damaged easily v a couple of hits.

Grab what you have the right to from the chest and talk come William. Hell tell you the in stimulate to cost-free him you require to uncover another means from the various other end. Sadly, for now that’s every you can do at the moment, and also you’ll need to head earlier for Cyseal.

Later on throughout the video game you’ll obtain the “Find the Witch!” quest, wherein you will certainly teleport to Hieberheim. Stick to the southern component of the map here till you encounter an area with falling icicles.

You require one of your party members to stand on a switch, if the remainder of them go past. Once they are previous the region, have that person standing on the move teleport come you.

In this area friend should find a few spikes that note the enntrance gate to the wintery region that you need to acquire to because that completing this sidequest. Move forward and also turn to the right during the fork till girlfriend spot a Guardian.

After taking treatment of it, head up and also you’ll an alert a lava trap, with three panels behind it. Over there is one surprise panel on the right that demands to it is in dug up and unveiled.

Use barrels and other weights to press these floor panels, then move up front to clues the doors you could not open earlier during the sidequest (except you space on the various other side).

Check the bush on the left of the door to find a hidden lever, i beg your pardon you have the right to pull to open up the doors. Now you have full access to this area of the map.

However, friend still can’t free William since you i can not use slayed the Winter King yet, and also you need a distinct scroll to perform so. Fortunately, the Winter King’s location is told in the quest.

Once girlfriend have beat him, head past the obstacle blocking your method by comment the statue’s riddle – the exactly answer is “Lurrean”. Head forward and also you’ll at some point read a corridor with statues and falling rocks.

This location is a fatal trap, and also you’ll require a party member with great stealth and sneaking an abilities to get through (invisibility spell additionally works). Sneak past these statues and pull a chain top top the wall surface at the finish to deactivate the defense that the area.

Move ahead and you’ll uncover yourself in one area with several treasure. Among the items on the workdesk to the ideal is the “Well Teleportation Scroll.”

This is specifically what you need.

Grab it (and everything else friend want) and head back to William’s location and also use the role to deliver him come Cyseal. Head ago to Cyseal and talk come them to end this rather challenging side-quest.

The quest of Braccus Rex/The Undead ScourgeThis is a daunting quest that you need to only play as soon as you have actually reached close to level 9. Girlfriend will need to finish the main quest A Myserious murder in order to end up this sidequest.

After leave the church, you can talk come the command to acquire the quest around the mysterious undead plague.

You will also get the alternate quest because that the resurrected Braccus Rex ~ slaying Evelyn during the first main quest – simply make sure you take her amulet.

Once girlfriend have gained the 2nd quest, head to the church to discover a few cultists. They’ll clues you, and also the leader will head to the tombs below. Fight these easy foes off, and then proceed onwards.

You’ll need to find four paintings and also press the buttons behind them come gain accessibility to the lower levels. Among them is behind a locked door – you can uncover the keys for it close to the benches through the wall.

Once friend have got access, head to and go with the portal utilizing Evelyn’s amulet that you acquired after slaying her.

After the scene, in the next passage friend will discover king Braccus Rex. This is one difficult fight, mainly since Braccus will summon extr foes come fight through his side. Hell summon the lighthouse guardian, the undead items baron, and also the twin elementals. Not good.

You will really require the best out of your elemental wizard for this fight, the end of i beg your pardon Fire and Ice elementals space the most important. Head earlier to the door you came from, location your personalities behind it, and summon the elementals to absorb the incoming damage from Rex and the dual elementals.

Rex and also the elementals won’t be able to get past the door, and also only baron will come through. Attack immediately as soon as he does, ~ which friend should try and finish off the rest.

The guardian have the right to actually be eliminated off quite conveniently by ranged spells, after i beg your pardon you deserve to unleash ice spells on the pair from a far-off to decimate them. When done, just Braccus will be left.

Braccus has actually one deadly attack that deserve to take out an entire party. Use any element other than Fire to attack him, and beware the his an effective spell. Whenever he gets close to you, use your water aspects to teleport him back and take it him the end from a distance.

Once did you do it slayed him, go back to the command to get your rewards.

A resource Hunter’s JourneyThe Imp remaining at the finish of time will ask you to find a certain kind of stones, similar to the ones Evelyn had. Look through the telescope here, and the Imp will certainly tell you just how to gain accessibility to the door in the main hall.

Once he is done giving you the tour, speak to the mrs standing next to the painting. Talk to the Imp afterwards and he’ll provide you a portable portal.

The very first stone is found during the secret Murder key quest, when you come across a lady shower in a tub. You’ll find it in Evelyn’s clinic or at the crime scene. This stone will unlock the Halls of Heroes.

Return to the city and use the pyramid to find the 2nd stone. This one is found with the undead captain during the Crab vs. Skeletons sidequest, and will unlock the living Quarters.

The third rock is uncovered east the Cyseal where you will fight several fire enemies. After ~ fighting a big lava monster you should come throughout the rock on the road. This rock will unlock one of four rooms. Every room will have a specific element attached to it, and also a vendor inside the will offer spell publications of a given type.

The fourth rock can be discovered with Braccus Rex throughout the Myserious Murder main quest. The is concealed in among the chests in the chamber, and will unlock Halls the Secrets.

The fifth stone can be discovered in The Initiation quest, after resolving all the riddles. You’ll have the ability to acquire one more element room of your choice.

The sixth rock is found after completing The Initiation quest, and the saturday one in the church after ~ the quest, in ~ a cover.

The sixth one will certainly unlock the hall of Darkness, whereby you have the right to reset and also reinvest your an abilities and readjust them. The seventh will unlock another element room that the staying two.

Warming the CrowdIn Cyseal, head come the industry to discover Reginald entertaining a crowd of world with a talking head. Investigate the issue by talking to the male cheering the group (Gallagher), and you’ll discover out Reginald payment him to perform the job.

Head come the various other side the the square to find Cedric, who has small to no group at all. Talk to him and tell him that Reginald has paid because that his crowds, and also he’ll ask that you bribe Gallagher.

Head back to Gallagher and also put her Charm and also Charisma ability to great use through convincing him to word for Cedric.

If you manage to to convince him, Gallagher will start working because that Cedric. Currently go come Reginald and inform him the Gallagher is currently working because that Cerdic. He’ll be displeased with the news, and also it’ll eventually finish the quest.

The Scaredy PactIf you encounter the clock leader, hell tell you that the lighthouse is haunted. He sent out a few men to clear it up, however they haven’t reported earlier yet. It’s time for you to check out what’s happening there.

Go to the greater western gate, and also you’ll eventually be attacked by some undead. Dispose that them, then inspect the very first house to find the corpse that a guard.

Follow the western path, and take the end the zombies with bombs on their backs from range to avoid any type of collateral damages to your party. You’ll pass a farm and also a residence till you conference two surviving guards. Talk to lock to uncover out that they’re also scared to get in the lighthouse itself.

You’ll have to do points by yourself it appears – monitor the pathway till you arrive at the light house. At its entrance you’ll be met with a mini-boss, that will additionally have the firm of his dogs and a set of archers.

The ceo isn’t tough, yet he’ll store reviving his dogs, so make sure you commit 2 party members on killing the boss, when the remaining address the minions.

Once you get in the lighthouse, you’ll meet a ghost that will tell friend his love story. As soon as he’s done, head ago and speak to the guards. They’ll decide to take credit transaction for what did you do it done, and go come the clock leader to tell him.

You can intervene and inform the clock leader that it’s a lie, or you could let them take it the credit. Doing the latter actually provides twice the lot of experience.

Lost Love in ~ the LighthouseAfter completing ‘The Scaredy Pact’ quest, you’ll be request by Samson the ghost to uncover the mrs he has actually loved. Departure the city through the southwestern area near the harbor.

You’ll an alert some orcs and also human corpses, with footprints causing a large orc v guards. Take it these guys out in whatever means possible, then get in the cave ahead.

Inside the cavern will it is in a fight in between orcs and skeletons. It’s ideal not come intervene and also let them kill each various other – take the end the continuing to be ones and also then head downstairs. You’ll come across a couple of remains that a dragon, and also after walking a bit further be ambushed through a massive crab.

The crab has a powerful water AoE assault that deserve to do a lot of damages – keep your party members away from each other to isolation the damage, and take out the crab with aspects other 보다 water.

The best method to remove it is to have actually your wizards constantly attacking through Fire and also Lightning spells, while any type of warrior deals with the smaller sized crabs the it keeps on spawning.

Once it is defeated, relocate on ahead to find the ghost that the woman. Talk to it and also tell her around Samson. Departure the area and also head to the irradiate house, wherein you can choose to permit them leave with each other or separately, and also end the quest.

Lost ArcheologistTalk to Aureus and also he’ll ask girlfriend to find an archeologist he sent out in the northwest an ar to investigate some underground ruins. Head come the northern exist that the city after talk to him, and also go west. You have the right to easily discover Wulfram the archeologist hiding in one of the derelict houses there.

The archeologist will certainly ask friend to assist escort him ago to the city, after i beg your pardon he’ll start running and undead will begin to appear. They deserve to be rather irritate together they’ll strike you and shot to sluggish your progress to the city. Have some greatly armored warriors take care of them and also push through.

If you succeed in saving him, friend can find Wulfram in the tavern. If he dies, you’ll must report to Aureus. He won’t be happy, however the quest will quiet finish.

Kitty LoveIn stimulate to take it this sidequest, you’ll need to have the pets Pal skill for one for your characters. Head to the King Crab tavern and talk come a cat there referred to as Sam. Hell ask you to find out why a woman cat called Maxime is no interested in him.

Head come the library to discover her, and also she’ll tell friend that since of Sam’s old age, she thinks they won’t be able to produce offspring. Go ago to Sam and talk come him, and he’ll decide he’ll dress as much as convince her, however for the he requirements a appropriate collar.

To acquire the collar, head come the western exit of the city and also go in the direction of the beach to uncover the black Cove. There room orcs exterior the cave. Head inside to uncover a few orcs and also skeletons fighting – let them fight and also move on.

After the battle, find the key, own by the pirate captain in the Crabs matches Skeletons quest. Over there is a substantial door on among the walls. Gain accessibility to it and head down.

You’ll it is in in the same an ar as girlfriend were throughout the shed Love at the Lighthouse quest, and also will struggle a large crab that will drop the collar. Return the collar to Sam to complete the quest.

The Fabulous FiveStanding in front of the tavern is an NPC named Mendinus, who will ask girlfriend to sign up with his guild once you speak come him. If friend do, you will do it be granted a quest instantly to hunt under a robot in a cave located north of Cyseal.

Before actually setup off, head to Arhu and talk come him about the robot. He will offer you a pilot the can aid you hit it, and also the hands-on for it deserve to be discovered on among the desks – simply make certain you mental the codes if you great to use the pilot.

Exit the city through the east and also head north. You’ll eventually come across a cave that is being guarded by ten foes. Use your skills to do the boars explode here, so the the fire and also acid deserve to spread to every the rest and also you have the right to take them out easily. If a couple of remain, simply make them follow you and also corner them.

Once you’re within the cave, you’ll meet a soldier who will ask friend for aid in fighting the robot. There space two alternatives here: you have the right to either use the pilot password to struggle the robot, or you have the right to do it in the old-fashioned way. If you use the pilot, you won’t get any kind of experience or prey after ruining the bot.

However, friend can try to deactivate its armor, which will certainly make that weaker and easier come kill.

Once you do, usage water-based strikes to take it it out – the robot is weak to together attacks, and freezing it will slow it down and also prevent it from being lot of a threat. Rain also helps in avoiding the burning assaults by the robot.

Once you’ve eliminated the boss, walk to Cecil’s office situated next come the tavern to finish the side-quest.

Cecil’s Mighty StuffCecil will certainly ask you to uncover a an effective relic which was stolen indigenous him, and also he trust the clue might be at the docks where Conrads is. Head to the docks and talk come Conrad, that is standing on a big vessel v a crew member. He’ll tell friend he doesn’t know anything about this relic, yet perhaps someone in his crew can help.

Talk to Marv the sailor here, and he’ll tell friend that during the attack, Captain Deimer escaped with something in his hand. Speak to Conrads again and also he’ll tell you the Deimer is most likely on among the beaches.

Head come the same cave with the robot in The Fabulous 5 quest (see above), and after beating the robot relocate on front to the west and use the teleport.

You’ll discover Captain Deimer and also his guys near the beach, and also he will assault you as quickly as friend spot him.

Captain Deimer himself has actually the invisibility skill, for this reason whenever that vanishes concentration on acquisition out his crew instead. When done, Deimer have to pose tiny threat. Collection the artifact and also head back to Cecil.

You can select to disclose the artifact come him, or save it to yourself. Either way the quest will it is in completed as soon as you have talked to him.

Crabs vs. SkeletonsHead to the beach west that the city. There room orcs and corpses of orcs laying over there, the same area whereby you went to uncover the cavern with a huge orc in former of the entrance. Head inside and also deactivate the electrical field by placing some load on the circular panel in the middle.

Head additional up and you’ll encounter an ext enemies, including undead orcs. Once you have beat them, rise down with the smoke and also reach the boss here.

The boss right here is demands to be dealt with by lightning attacks, and you should avoid cramping up together as few of his water abilities transaction a the majority of area damage. Setting him ~ above fire additionally works fairly well.

Once friend have beat this boss, get in the room behind him. Here, find for a painting on the table, and expose it. Traction the lever next to you, and also then press the revealed button. A flower will open up up in the edge of the room, from where you deserve to go deeper.

The lower levels is filled with traps and crabs, and also any route you take will at some point lead you to a room in the center with levers. You need to find the correct lever below to pull.

The correct lever is the one situated next to the stairs ~ above the right, at the external parts of the room. Pulling this bar will unlock a i ahead, and also you’ll eventually encounter the ceo here: the skeleton captain.

The Skeleton Captain will have its minions attacking you at all times, and he’ll revive any type of that you manage to carry down. Prioritize the main boss since of this and also make certain the minions don’t get to those party members who are straight assaulting the boss. Once you have done so, the search will it is in completed.

Minor side Quests

Headless NickWhile completing the Crabs vs. Skeleton quest, in the central room search extensively for a crucial next come the table. This will open a door into a corridor, which will be full of traps and also planks.

At the end of the corridor you’ll spot a few undead ~ above fire, as necessary standing in a puddle of oil. Actors rain and also then throw something in ~ them to make them explode.

Head forward and you will at some point encounter a headless ghost and his daughter. The girl will certainly request that you find for his father’s head. Head earlier to the city, and also if you haven’t already, finish the “Warming the Crowd” quest.

In order for the head to go through you after perfect the quest, you’ll have to fight it. As soon as you do, return to the cave and talk come the daughter to finish the quest.

Elf-Orc Blood FeudHead to the city graveyard and you’ll encounter n elf nearby called Eglandaer. Hell ask girlfriend to accomplish him in King Crab tavern. Head there and also go upstairs, and also through the room through the open door. It seems he wants you to kill Victoria, that is an orc the is located in the library.

There space multiple means you can pick to complete this sidequest:

Kill the elf and inform Victoria that what did you do it doneKill Victoria, seize the amulet, and return it come the elfTalk to Victoria, and shot to convince her to give earlier the amulet, after which you have the right to return it to the elf as a false proof the she has actually been killed.Talk to Victoria, and also tell her the you’ll shot to have actually Eglandaer arrested. Pick-pocket her and also steal her amulet, climate take it come the watch Commader. After ~ that, had ago to the elf and also watch him gain arrest. Head earlier to Victoria ~ this

Fire! Fire! Fire!Head come the pier southern of the Cyseal’s entrance video game (where girlfriend originally gone into the city from). There will be a burning ship here. This is a time quest, so you’ll must act fast. Have actually your wizard cast a Rain assignment on the ship. Once you’ve put out the fire, people will begin to give thanks to you and also the quest will it is in done.

Shipless SailorsAfter the orcs strike there will certainly be three seafarers whose ships will certainly be destroyed. They’ll ask friend for some help. In bespeak to aid them, head come the market and talk to Captain Jack standing next to the fountain. Tell him about the fellows needing employment, and he’ll accept to recruitment them.

Head back and tell them of the good news. Once you execute this an easy sidequest will certainly be over.

The Fish ThiefHead come the market over the docks, and you’ll encounter a male who wants to “borrow” a fish if the vendor is absent. Friend can shot and to convince him no to take it, or let the steal it.

If he does steal it, a guard will come and also inquire around what he did. You deserve to either select to lie about it or phone call the truth, in which case the man will walk to prison and the search will be complete.

The Apprentice the StoneHead to Evelyn the healer in ~ the clinic close to the markets and also she’ll ask friend to decide which one of the patient she must heal through her magic stone. You can either pick Steave – and also old guy with many grandchildren, or Boris – a young guy with a knack for business.

Choose one of two people one and also you’ll earn a tiny reward.

Legionnaires in ~ the ChurchSpeak come Aureus the watch commander and also he’ll tell friend of a unit that soldiers he sent out to the church, who have actually not report back. Leave the city through the east gate and also follow the roadway to the ruins.

There are two undead below who are actually a part of the unit. Return earlier and educate Aureus around this to finish the quest.

Tom the Wannabe AdventurerTalk to Charlene on the an initial floor the Cecil’s office to learn about her absent brother that wanted to be an adventurer. While doing The Fabulous five quest, girlfriend can discover Tom’s corpse in the same area where you fight the robot, at the northern part. Search his body for the journal, and return come Charlene.

You deserve to either tell her the truth, which she will discover hard to accept, or lie to her about it. Either way the quest will be completed.

The Grieving OrcHead to the eastern beach and also you’ll discover an orc that tells you about his deceased brother. He buried him along with his goods somewhere. If you wish, you have the right to decide to become greedy and also dig out the products that were buried.

You’ll require a spade to destruction the grave, but very first you’ll require to recognize which one is the brother’s. You can persuade the orc to tell you. The dig is situated on the pond to the left the the orc, yet you’ll must be quite great at spotting it.

Once you start digging up the grave, the orc will strike you. You’ll have to kill him, after i beg your pardon you have the right to loot the brother’s grave, and also pat you yourself on the earlier for your unethical behavior.

The PhilosopherHead come the graveyard in the northwestern component of the city, and dig up the dig of Nemris. A ghost will certainly appear and will desire to test you with knowledge that he authored.

The exactly answers room options: 2, 2, 1.

Giving the exactly answers will give you experience and a chest.

Little Bo Berta lost her SheepFor this quest, you’ll require a spade, which have the right to be discovered in the graveyard. Head come the market and also talk to Berta, who will ask friend to discover her sheep.

Head to the northwestern graveyard in the city and dig the tomb of Jake.

You’ll finish up recognize a coffin v the carcass of a sheep. Go back to Berta, who will then notify the clock commander, perfect this quest.

Charmed ns SureFrom the main entrance that Cyseal, turn right and also head come the warehouse. Inside you’ll encounter an orc and two soldiers. Supposedly this orc is under the effect of a love potion on one of the soldiers.

One that the soldiers wishes to dispose the her, when the various other believes this is destiny. It’s as much as you to decide what to execute with the orc here.

The Preacher of Earthly DelightsHead to the graveyard north of Cyseal alongside the church. You’ll meet a ghost right here who is reluctant to go to the Halls of Echoes. He’ll also tell you about a cat referred to as Oscar.

That cat is in reality Sam, who you may have actually pulled favors for in the Kitty Love sidequest. Sam will inform you the the ghost’s problems once friend visit the in the King Crab’s tavern (you’ll need the pet Pal talent because that this).

Head ago to the ghost. You have a choice: you have the right to either leaving him alone, or force him to go to the Halls of Echoes. If you select the former, you’ll gain lots the experience and a chest.

If you select to force him, added ghosts will try to assault you – you’ll get lesser experience from perfect the quest, yet ‘killing’ the ghosts will also give you XP.

The Legionnaire’s WillThere is a ghost in the mill close to the church that asks you to travel and give his testimony to his wife. You need to travel come Silverglen in the north to acquire there, which involves going with a forest. You have the right to return the testimony to his wife.

Take the road to the best from the wastelands up north. Head through the forest, and also you’ll point out a sign – as soon as you do, rotate left. This will lead you come the Silverglen village. Get in it, and also find Marisa in the tavern and hand she the testimony.

However, girlfriend can show a lack of empathy and open the testimony (something the ghost asks you not to do), and alter that so you benefit from it.

Luculla Forest and also Hiberhiem

Goblin TroubleLawrence of Silverglade has told you that goblins have controlled to capture the mines in the north. Head west and also then northeast to discover the mines.

You’ll understand you’re walk on the right path if you manage to conference goblins along the method – they’ll it is in drunk and sleeping, so girlfriend can pick to wake them up and fight the whole group, or you have the right to simply sneak past them if possible.

The mines entrance will be guarded by cultists working with the goblins, and also they’ll assault you together you approach. Loss these foes and also enter the mines. As soon as inside the mines, you’ll require to find Dereksis, that is being held in a hold cell. You must kill the goblins here and take his head come Lawrence. Open the door with the bar close come the grates, and kill them and take his head.

The Troll’s BountyBrandon is remaining at Silverglade close to the tavern, and you can talk come him come initiate a quest in i beg your pardon you have to recover tenembrium, guarded in bulks by the Troll King.

For this quest, make certain you have actually the invisibility spell to do it a lot less complicated for you to obtain tenembrium. Friend should likewise be in ~ a kind level of roughly 15 if attempting this quest.

Exit the area v the north gate, and head northwards. Overcome the bridge and you’ll ultimately be in a desert. Indigenous here, head eastwards to discover Maradino’s hideout.

It’s located near the Spider Queen, through the NPC Frederick standing beside it. It’s likewise covered in brush and also has a tree close to it, therefore make sure you’re trying to find these signs.

Go to the lower areas until you with a an ar where there are plenty the fruits. Below you should start digging because that the research Key. Head ago to the beginning of the area and open the examine room.

There are two things right here of importance: a book that opens a surprise passage come an area from where you can acquire a blood gem to heal Frederick (this will certainly be essential for the Frederick’s Blood stone quest), and also a book called Maradino’s Files.

Keep the blood gem for sure for currently if you actually do get it.

Leave the cavern now and you’ll ultimately be encountered by Maradino’s ghost and his companions. Have actually a couple of party members deal with the companions, while the remaining strike Maradino.

As with most bosses, he will revive those ghosts, so make sure you space chipping away at his health also while attacking the ghosts. Maradino has a the majority of health, and the best method to obtain him is by freeze him, knocking that down, and then setting him ~ above fire.

Once he is finished, go back to the city, then go v the western exit, every the method to the bottom that the map.

You should actually control to uncover a troll if you are going in the ideal path, that you can convince to tell friend the ar of the Troll King.

Afterwards, friend will likewise meet a couple of orcs – a male and also a female.

The female here will summon additional powerful orcs, so before she does for this reason make sure you disrupt her and also take her the end as easily as possible. Knock her down and unleash everything you deserve to on her, and also once she’s dealt with for good, emphasis on the staying foe.

Head throughout the bridge to the right after dealing with them, and also use the publication you found in the mushroom circles. Go into the cave after this, and you’ll at some point encounter the Troll King and also his companions.

These men are really tough, however you don’t actually have to fight castle if you have invisibility or sneaking.

Cross the chambers through that human being while sneaking or being invisible, and head come the spot whereby you need to mine tenembrium from. You’ll have to extract about 10 ingots and take them back to Brandon. As soon as you do, this pursuit will ultimately be over.

The naked TruthImmediately ~ finishing The Troll’s Bounty quest, Brandon will tell you around Lawrence’s poor decision come send the miners to the mines regardless of knowing about the risks.

You have actually a an option now to either go talk to Lawrence, or you have the right to talk come Nadia, who husband passed away in the mines incident.

If you go the Lawrence, he will certainly attempt come bribe you, and also if friend don’t expropriate the bribe your reputation will certainly go down. However, you can actually expropriate the bribe yet still go to Nadia and tell her what Lawrence did.

If you carry out so, she’ll demand suitable hard evidence to reveal him.

The proof can be uncovered during the main quest “Investigating the Mine”, in which girlfriend will discover the Mining Officer’s Letter. If you regulated to get that, hand it over to Nadia, that will climate go and also confront Lawrence.

Lawrence will certainly now shot to bribe her as well. You deserve to either convince her to take the bribe, or tell her to expose him come the public. If you execute the latter, she will go outside and start shouting out, after which the general public will gather up.

You deserve to either let them kill him ~ above the spot, or let that go. If you execute the latter, girlfriend will uncover his dead human body in Cyseal, and also justice will certainly be served either way.

Fredrick’s Blood stone / Slave and MasterDuring the Troll’s Bounty sidequest you will come throughout Fredrick. He will tell you that he’d been driven off the cliff by his own imp, and that he demands to be healed.

You need to enter the cave here and find the blood gem to cure Fredrick.

Head right into the cave (see the Troll’s Bounty quest) and also you’ll at some point encounter the Imp. Speak to him and convince him to go to his master, and he’ll refuse. You need to develop a potion of valor because that the imp to force him to go to his master.

In stimulate to do so, head more down the cave and you’ll come throughout an area with several fruits. You must collect an apple and a pumpkin and mix castle to kind the potion required.

Check the contents of the Troll’s Bounty quest above to discover out how to get the Study crucial and ultimately to the study. You need to collect Maradino’s publication that will grant you access to a concealed chamber, which consists of the blood gem.

Once you space on your method back, you will certainly encounter Maradino’s after you exit the cave. Describe the Troll’s Bounty search to find out how you must defeat him. After managing Maradino, give the blood gem to Fredrick and also the medicine of valor to the Imp.

Once you give Fredrick the gem, he will certainly go ape-shit and also attack you. To win the hell out of that till he dies to finish the two related quests.

Minor next Quests

An A-mount of heal MagicWest the Silverglen is an NPC called Bjorn, and his poor horse is wounded badly. You can either aid escort Bjorn, leaving the poor animal to die, or help it through some powerful healing magic. The course, most of united state will pick the latter.

Luckily, after ~ you finish The Initiation main quest, you can discover a blood gem in Loic’s research room that can be supplied to conserve the creature. However, you’ll shed one of her rooms in ~ the home location by law so.

Once you have actually healed the animal, friend will have to escort them come the village. During the escort there’s a chance that one of them will die. If the guy dies, the mrs becomes the smith in the village.

If the animal dies, the man will become the smith however he will not it is in happy. Try and save them lively so they deserve to be happy together.

Bicky the BomberHead to the tavern and also go come the upper floor. You’ll notification that Bonnie has been trapped inside one of the rooms through a kamikaze skeleton.

During the conversation with him, you require to pick the 2nd option, i m sorry will allow you to teleport and take him to one more chamber. If the does punch up and kill the girl, you i will not ~ receive any kind of kind of suffer for this pursuit – think about it a failure.

The Captive in the CrystalsIn east Hiberheim in the frozen regions, there is a frozen troll. You deserve to unfreeze him by spreading a spell over him, and you’ll eventually be attacked by two snowmen. After beating the snowmen, the troll will ask friend to carry a teleportation scroll.

You have the right to either do that or just fight him. If you choose to lug him the scroll, the will join a cultist group that lurks roughly in this land.

There are extr frozen characters you can uncover here.

To the north is a frozen ice cream elemental, that will educate you about the mystery ring of winter the you can obtain in Boreas’s endowment chamber during the search for The Wishing brothers in Cyseal.

To the southern is an earth elemental, who you have the right to unfreeze. He won’t aid you the end much, yet he’ll be quite pleased through the favor.

Beauty and also the BeastUnder the departure from Silverglade, you’ll find a troll named Fumble. Apparently he wants you to collection him up with a girl in the village. Head earlier and discover a woman named Ruby.

She’ll need 2000 Gold for the “services”, and once you provide that amount come her, you can fulfill them up back where Fumble to be to finish the quest.

Roy’s Menagere’sHead behind the goblin town in Luculla forest to find a man named Roy taking animals for slaughtering. Your goal is to protect against him indigenous doing so. You have the right to either convince Roy the letting them walk for free, or purchase them indigenous him, or just kill him.

Whichever means you choose, once the pets are at hand you need to decide whether to take it them earlier to Cyseal or set them free. If you choose the latter, you’ll need to have the pet Pal talent to speak to them.

Dark Forest

The king’s Dark DealAfter you have actually encountered and met Jahan, during the journeys he will certainly tell you of a demon the he desire to kill. The demon’s name is Balberith, and he is encountered in the Dark Forest.

You can only uncover Balberith while performing the “Follow the Wizard” main quest.

When you face him, you are provided three choices. The an initial choice is come hand over Jahan come the demon, in which case he’ll revolve him right into a Cyclops and also use him because that performing his deeds.

The 2nd option is come kill an additional demon because that him. If you select this option, Jahan i will not ~ be pleased with it, even though that will complete this quest. The final option is the most obvious one: to aid Jahan slay the demon.

If friend receive and also accept the proposal of killing another demon because that Balberith, girlfriend will need to go to the northern part of the map between the ruins.

You’ll conference this fire demon, that will also have minions that will expose. Take treatment of them first, and utilize your hydrosophage spells come take care of the demon. When it is dead, the search will be completed.

If you pick to fight and also slay Balberith, you’ll have to prepare because that a grueling fight. The demon will summon four souls that offer him a vast amount that resistance to virtually all kinds of damage.

The demon will also heal himself during this process. In stimulate to go forward through this battle, you’ll need to have actually a couple of party members dealing with Balberith, while the rest attempt to destroy the souls.

Balberith will also summon Cyclops to fight beside him, for this reason make certain you take treatment of them together well.

Once the souls space destroyed, Balberith will come to be much more aggressive through his assault, but he’ll additionally lose all his resistance and also take damage properly.

The pace of the fight will pick up native here, however you need to still it is in wary the him and take necessary defensive measures.

Revenge that the source HunterMadora the companion will certainly tell you she story in i m sorry she to be responsible for a town called Hunter’s Edge. Unfortunately, the orcs came and also destroyed the village, and though Madora could do little to conserve the place, she has promised revenge for what happens, and also now asks for your aid.

You will should go to the Hunter’s Edge and go into the tavern there. Head upstairs and also you will uncover an orc referred to as Norak who has massacred a number of people there. This is the moment for Madora’s revenge, and also you should assist her.

The orc is freakishly strong with melee attacks, for this reason the best means to resolve him is slow-moving him down and prevent him from getting close come you, particularly if you have mages in her party. Freeze him or knock that down, and also just unleash whatever you can. He doesn’t have actually that much health, so he must be basic to resolve as lengthy as the doesn’t acquire within melee range.

Once the orc is dead, Madora will have actually her revenge, and also the pursuit will it is in completed.

Distill mine HeartMeet the bartender called Hershel in the tavern, and he’ll phone call you that he plans to do a solid whiskey drink because that the orcs to minimize their efficiency throughout fights.

He wants your help in the matter, and will be delighted if you could make it because that him. In order to start off with this side-quest, you’ll require three things: a recipe, a bucket, and also barley.

The recipe deserve to be discovered in Glen’s house. Inspect the basement and also you should have the ability to grab it easily.You’ll find buckets almost everywhere the city, so that shouldn’t it is in anything difficult.Barley can be uncovered outside the city, just near the exit.

Once you have all 3 of these, you need to refine them. Discover a well and also use the bucket to get some water. One well is located near the enntrance gate to the city. ~ that, head come the mill (located close to the well) and grind the barley. Once you have grinded it, merge it v the bucket of water to gain wort.

You need to process this wort making use of a pot still, which deserve to be found in Glen’s house. You’ll get a barrel in the end, but you have to ferment it because that a lengthy time in order to do it strong.

For this, you’ll should go come the finish of Time, and give the barrel to the imp there. The will change it come a thirteen year old whiskey, which should be solid enough for Hershel’s needs.

Head ago to Hershel and give that the barrel, and the quest will end.

Minor side Quests

For whom the Troll TollsAfter entering the Dark forest from the south, you’ll spot a troll ~ above a bridge suggesting with a servant commander. Head over there and also investigate those happening. Obtaining close will certainly actually leaving you in a strange position – you need to either pay for anyone or hit them all.

Either way, you will get a medallion indigenous the commander (he will offer it come you if you pay, or you might just prey his corpse ~ you death him). This medallion will certainly come in handy once you have to enter the city.

Infiltrating Hunter’s EdgeNear the enntrance gate of Hunter’s Edge, you’ll encounter an undead mage called Hortun. Hell warn you that in order to enter the village, you must win a video game of rock, paper, scissors through the watch guard, or find a medallion to present to him.

If you did the previous side-quest “For whom the Troll Tolls”, you’ll get the medallion from the servant commander. Present it come the watch guard and enter the city to finish this rather an easy quest.

The Armory KeyAn orc named Gural will tell you that he has lost his secrets to the armory, and also asks for your aid to uncover them.

The key itself is actually concealed in Hershel the bartender’s chest. The chest is located in the basement the the tavern, and has his surname engraved top top it.

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You should either convince him to give you the give with strong charm and charisma abilities, or simply break the chest. As soon as you acquire the key, you have the right to either provide it to the orc, or give it to her boss.