I"m still early on game however I"ve simply unlocked a new companion. Need to I keep dogmeat or do person followers do an ext damage?


Revised answer-

Dogmeat together a Companion


Can tank enemies, thus keeping them turn off of friend for longer periods. Less beneficial if you room a melee character, but still quite to have actually a distraction. Doesn"t count together a companion versus the Lone wolf perk, so you can obtain several an excellent bonuses that various other companions will negate.Can be provided to "Search for Items", which have the right to be advantageous for finding missed and hidden loot.The perk "Attack Dog" offers Dogmeat the ability to pin adversaries to the ground, effectively taking them the end of the because that a quick period.

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You cannot equipment him.He does not have a Companion Perk (passive) that other Companions can have unlocked.He only has melee. Ranged companions have the advantage of attacking lot sooner, therefore they"ll do an ext damage overtime. Depending upon your playstyle, this could be less vital to you.His pathing/ai have the right to be annoying and also trap you, or simply acquire in your method constantly. Your mileage may an extremely of course, but for me he was too frequently in my means when trying to stealth around. That never acquired me caught, yet he will certainly stand in a doorway favor a concrete block.Since he does melee, that is "injured" much more often 보다 ranged companions (although melee companions would suffer very same issue). While injured, he is of no advantage to you.

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It is really approximately your playstyle on if I"d recommend him. I choose ranged companions over a tank one, and also ones that ns can gear up myself. I favor dps end tanking, as I feel I can kill things fast.

Original Answer

For pure damage, Dogmeat is at a disadvantage. He cannot be geared choose "real" companions. The reality you can totally deck out other humanoids should be the deciding factor for you.

Ranged companions can hit from selection as well, so their as whole dps will constantly be greater than a melee based companion, as they have actually no downtime(or minimal) caused by gaining in range. They additionally won"t it is in injured together often, together you deserve to kill a lot before it reaches either of you.

As follow points out in the comments, "It"s worth nothing that gaining a ranged companion to "tank" for you is a bit more challenging than a melee companion. Reason being, Dogmeat will be in their challenge most of the moment so friend simply need to have Dogmeat remain between you and also the enemy and the foe will often times transition focus come Dogmeat. As you deserve to imagine, it"s a much longer run for the positioning with a ranged companion"

As Yorik mentions in the comment, Dogmeat deserve to be supplied to "search for items" i m sorry can find loot you"ve overlooked, or possibly even wasn"t accessible without informing him come look. Because that PC, press E and then select "Talk" option (▲) and from there select the search option, which I think is ◄. He"ll sniff a bit and also possibly operation off toward loot if over there is any kind of near.

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The only other quirk to the argument, is that together of appropriate now, Dogmeat doesn"t count as a companion for the "Lone Wolf" perk. I m sorry can add a the majority of benefits to her character as soon as maxed. I assume this is one oversight and will be patch, but as that this message it is quiet true.