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We Don"t offer a Damn because that the totality State the Michigan

O, us don"t give a damn because that the entirety state that Michigan The whole state of Michigan, the entirety state the Michigan us don"t offer a damn for the entirety state the Michigan, we"re from Ohio We"re native Ohio...O-H We"re native Ohio...I-O O, we don"t give a damn for the whole state that Michigan The whole state of Michigan, the totality state of Michigan us don"t give a damn for the entirety state that Michigan, we"re from Ohio

This is just one of the songs the exemplifies the rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan, too as, the rivalry in between Ohio and Michigan. The rivalry between Ohio and also Michigan goes every the means back come statehood. The Northwest Territory, in 1803, was split up into states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan (Wisconsin was sculpted out of Michigan in 1845), and Minnesota). In 1837, as soon as Michigan ended up being a state, there was a border dispute between Ohio and Michigan. Michigan want their southerly boundary to drawn east come west, at the southernmost allude of Lake Erie (south of the Maumee River). Ohio, ~ above the various other hand, want the southern boundary attracted at the most western allude of Lake Erie (north the the Maumee River). This disagreement virtually turned right into a shooting war in between the 2 states. Cooler heads prevailed and also the boundary was drawn in accordance v Ohio"s wishes. For practically two hundred years, the rivalry between the two states resides on in areas of education, industry, agriculture, tourism, etc.

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In addition to the rivalry between Ohio and also Michigan, the rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is the many storied in university football history. Though, Michigan leader the collection and say the their true competitor is Michigan State University, the Ohio State - Michigan series is constantly hard fought. In numerous of the games, because 1940, the game has play a duty in identify the large Ten Champion, increased Bowl, and the nationwide Championship.

It is no small wonder how We Don"t provide a Damn for the whole State of Michigan came about. Despite a very popular song, specifically when Ohio State plays Michigan every year in the huge Game, the is unknown when the OSUMB arrangement was composed.

The song appeared in the movie The Male pet (1942), which was based upon a play composed in 1940 by James Thurber. In the movie, the tune was entitled together We Don"t offer a Darn for the whole State the Michigan. The nationwide Board that Review, the agency responsible for reviewing movie content, had actually the film producers the The Male pet use "darn" rather of "damn". One should speculate the their decision to be based top top The Male pet being a comedy and audiences were still uncomfortable ~ "damn" was very first spoken in Gone v the Wind (1939).

James Thurber, an alumnus that The Ohio State University, and also a renowned writer and cartoonist, contributed his expertise to the production of the Broadway show. That is unknown if this track was composed for the movie or was already in use beforehand.

Even despite Ohio State is not stated in the productions, the is quite apparent that Thurber"s Buckeye roots were showing. As shown by the following:

1. In the play and also movie, there are a pair references come Hennicks, a former drug store and soda spring which existed well right into the 1950s ~ above High Street; the main commercial facility on the east boundary that The Ohio State university campus. 2. In the play, there is a mention of civilization heading to the pre game pep rally and they to be gathering at the "Neil avenue gate". 3. In the play and movie, the personalities tune come frequency 1210 am to listen to the game; 1230 is an am frequency i m sorry is assigned to Columbus, Ohio. 4. In the play and movie, throughout the radio broadcast of the game between Michigan and also Midwestern State, the Midwestern State team is described as the Scarlet tide (movie) or Scarlet Stampede (play). 5. In the movie, one can hear the melody the Ohio(I Wanna Go back to Ohio State), substituting "Midwestern" for "Ohio", being sung through the crowd numerous times as world are heading to the pep rally, going to the game and also returning from the game. 6. In the movie, before a pep rally and also after the game, the Midwestern State Marching band is presented marching through the streets. Their uniforms look at very similar to those provided by The Ohio State college Marching tape (circa 1940).

Note: In the movie, a night time pep rally is presented, however it to be not had in the play.

These references confirm the the fictional Midwestern State university is in reality Ohio State university playing the huge game of the season against: Michigan. Thurber"s optimism likewise shows; the an outcome of the game: Midwestern State 15 - Michigan 14 (the score is only mentioned in the movie).

Of course, The male Animal additionally is mocking big time football, end zealous Alumni, the plank of Trustees, faculty, students and also any any other target James Thurber might come increase with. There space side story lines i beg your pardon include:

1. One English professor (main character) who desires to read a letter in his class from Bartolomeo Vanzetti (of Socco-Vanzetti fame) and this reasons a an excellent deal of issues between himself and the board of Trustees. The is, analysis a letter indigenous an anarchist. 2. The English professor"s wife and an old flame from her college job which reasons a little of marital tension. 3. Board of Trustees and the brand-new stadium construction fund, the prominence of football end academics, etc. 4. The course, it is Michigan video game weekend.

One have to alway be aware that good comedy it s okay you to laugh in ~ yourself and also others, and James Thurber was able to do this very well.

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Finally, the melody the the song is The Old Gray Mare (Ain"t What She offered to Be), therefore making it straightforward to sing and also remember. The OSUMB sings this track as they enter St. Man Arena because that the Skull Sessions prior to every home game. At the time, you will discover the bordering crowd joining in!

Major Credit: A huge thank you to man Wozniak because that extracting this tune from the Skull session Medley

The adhering to is a piano rendition of us Don"t offer A Damn because that The whole State the Michigan. It uses the orginal music score because that The Old Grey Mare by candid Panella, i m sorry was composed in 1915.

Photo: 1901 Ohio State - Michigan Game, Courtesy the The Ohio State college Archives