(Warning: this article contains unfortunate spoiler from episode 7.) Netflix"s new series is filled with plenty the unfortunate events (hence the title), but it"s the cast of personalities that provides watching A collection of Unfortunate events so delightful. Violet and also Klaus Baudelaire room played by breakout stars Malina Weissman and also Louis Hynes, respectively, while Emmy-winning actor Neil Patrick Harris plays the villainous counting Olaf. However, it"s the constant revolving door the supporting characters that really do the collection especially strange and also entertaining. Because that instance, counting Olaf"s companion in crime, Georgina Orwell, is a fantastic addition come the final few episodes of the very first season. So that plays Georgina Orwell on A series of regrettably Events? You might recognize she from a particular Macaulay Culkin classic.

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Catherine O"Hara plays counting Olaf"s previous lover. Georgina Orwell is an evil eye doctor who also knew the Baudelaire children"s parents. Although count Olaf once left she literally in the water under the bridge and also stole all her things, when Count Olaf come on her doorstep v a new plan to steal the Baudelaire fortune, Georgina hops on plank immediately. Apparently, Georgina is an ext than an optometrist, however. The Baudelaire"s father always warned them to remain away native optimists and optometrists and also it easily becomes clean why.

Georgina is no so much an optometrist, but rather a hypnotist and uses hypnotism to gain manage over Klaus and split up the Baudelaire children. Georgina seems just as strange together Count Olaf, which only makes her that much much more fun to watch. O"Hara theatre the personality a bit too well and also her job-related on the display is phenomenal yet that"s no surprising.

The actress has actually a long resume of occupational in film and TV, many notably as the mother in the initial Home Alone films. She also appeared in the ASOUE movie together Justice Strauss ago in 2004, for this reason she"s definitely familiar through the franchise. She currently stars on the display Schitt"s Creek, and also recently appeared on the reflects What lives Inside, Glenn boy name DDS, and Six Feet Under. She"s additionally appeared in the movies When Marnie was There, The right Kind the Wrong, A Monster in Paris, Killers, and also Where the Wild things Are. And, that course, who might forget she memorable portrayal the Delia top top Beetlejuice? no to point out this iconic run number...

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You can see O"Hara and also the remainder of the cast in A collection in unfortunately Events, which is currently streaming ~ above Netflix.