The 6 God is ago with a brand-new album, and also such is the nature the the people that we live in that we must have the think pieces at the ready almost instantly.

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Drake, Aubrey Graham, has actually released this long anticipated fourth studio album VIEWS to much hype and acclaim. But is it any type of good?

VIEWS is good; solid, even. Let’s start there. The 29-year-old mogul has released a heavy album, i m sorry is fine in itself but probably feels like a disappointment because that those that were awaiting Drake’s answer to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, mAAd city. Despite Aubrey has actually never been a prodigy, 2009’s So much Gone, and also even 2007’s Comeback Season, were both prodigious efforts from a then-rising star.

Why would certainly VIEWS, while still very solid, feel like a letdown? Let’s begin with the album’s name. Prior to it was VIEWS, this album was supposed to it is in Views native the 6. Aubrey himself had actually announced the name of this album two years ago in august 2014, an forever in our reality. The surname signified the the rapper to be bringing the listener come his world, his hometown of Toronto. The surname signified the the album would certainly act as an ode and anthem to the City that Toronto, which wouldn’t be confined to playing the function of Drake’s hometown. The signified the the music would be just as much about T Dot as it would be around Drizzy.

This brand-new name, VIEWS, means that the album is partly that, but not strictly that. It transforms out that this album is much more about the Toronto of Drake, about his brand of subdued melodies that room so perfect because that late-night s/texting while “watching Vince through the legs, eight in the hoop” and buying bottles with money you don’t have at fluid — because if money can’t also buy Drake happiness, Drake is “happiest as soon as I purchase what ns want.” This Toronto that Drake has lived in, it might be just around any city.

Then, there’s the album cover image.

Drake has constantly been an skilled at developing content that was Internet-ready and not necessarily dependent on his capacity to craft great music; “I do my very own propaganda,” he claims on Hype in probably his truest rhyme yet. Drake the content generator is just as great as Drake the rapper. Let’s just look at the slew that Drake posts this album influenced for BuzzFeed: below are all the girls Drake talks around on “Views”; Drake claims Yeah a lot of on his brand-new album since of food he does; i beg your pardon “Views” tune are you based on your zodiac; right here are all the new “Views” lyrics you need for Instagram captions; 33 texts from fuckboys previous that you have the right to blame “Views” for. And that’s just one week, one web website, one album!

This cover image is a prime instance of Drake at his Drake-iest, which is to say corniest. Friend see, due to the fact that the rapper really want to make sure that his fans truly understood the layout of the album, he placed the above (and, frankly, overplayed) CN Tower ~ above the cover. Then, in perfect Drake fashion, the photoshopped himself on it because why not; contents marketing, remember? While us can’t view Aubrey’s face, we all know the expression he has at that moment: :(. Revolve that frown upside down, Drake, though then he wouldn’t be Aubrey, right? the not just the cover image either: to display that the summer part of VIEWS is over, Drake has actually a song called Summers over Interlude.

See? Drake is Drake, and also Drake is corny; yet corny functions for Drake.

That every said, Drake is a rapper and also excels at that too. ~ above VIEWS, he enrols as soon as again the help of friend and also producer noah “40” Shebib to cave as deep together he ever has in the sound that’s end up being iconic that Toronto: sober sounds, melodies and basslines, and cold snares and synths. That a formula Drake had left behind recently, with If You’re analysis This It’s too Late and What A Time To be Alive. In lot the same way he gets earlier to his hometown he never left, he finds the formula again top top VIEWS. Once Aubrey croons over and over “I’m trying to find these words come say to you” on Redemption, it might be simply as much around the listener’s apprehension with this return to the bare and minimalist-like OVO sound; the listener had actually appreciated this change in Drake’s sound. “The paranoia deserve to start to turn into arrogance; thoughts too deep to go work-related ’em out with a therapist,” he proceeds on Weston road Flows.

(But who are we kidding? It’s around (a) girl(s), all of it, because with Drake, it always is.)

VIEWS is also about seasons, the 4 that Toronto look at every year; that, we know since he’s said Zane Lowe together much. While this might be a an excellent concept for an album, and it is, VIEWS here suffers by the constraints this principle has applied on the structure: the clean highlights definitely occur over the middle parts, the “summer months” that the album if friend will, as the sound lightens up and Drake and also his team experiment through sounds and melodies that break away with the dread that the winter. While us all would love come chill in the sunlight all work every day, that true that the snowstorms that 9 and Faithful space still cool; there space those who say that the winter is important to enjoy summer, the the cold renders you evaluate the warm and, well, sure however they’re every Raptors fans living in Canada, right?

Toronto has actually 140 languages and also dialects spoken at any kind of given time, however that’s the problem with the cold: the overwhelms any and also everything, every little element that provides a city vibe and vibrant, even one as multicultural together Toronto. Or to put it in terms Drake would understand: a increased loses that pedals and dies v the an initial snowstorm. Despite if girlfriend then provide your girl said rose without pedals, then she surely will certainly leave you; in Drake’s world, it is just referred to as inspiration for a song.

Of course, if and also when a increased is in complete bloom and still has actually its pedals, young is it quite the sight. Where and also when VIEWS shines, it does for this reason spectacularly. The summer months of the album are possibly the one time wherein Aubrey renders a clear break with the usual OVO sound; the results are standouts like One Dance, Controlla, seemingly-WATTBA-outtake Grammys and also the RIhanna-featured Too Good, every one of which borrow native Toronto’s notable and important Caribbean influences.

You recognize what the problem is v summers in a location like Toronto? They’re simply too damn short. You’ve invested so long hoping to avoid it all; winter is “always on, man, ns never obtain a break from it. Doesn’t matter where ns go, I can never obtain away indigenous it,” you lament, prefer Aubrey go on 9. In Canada, winters space relentless, even for the boy. “There’s much more to life than resting in,” Drake sings this to some girl the his previous in Feel No Ways, though he may also speak to winter directly. “Three dots, you’re thinking of a reaction still,” he says in U through Me?, probably since the heart as well gets cold and lonely top top winter nights. By the finish of winter, when Drake watch taunts mom Nature in Still Here, we don’t quite believe him. As soon as the snow starts melting through Controlla, that’s as soon as we believe.

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VIEWS clocks in at around 82 minutes — however wait, is summer currently over?? :/ Yep, it certain is. Following is the fall, which will soon be adhered to by winter. Again. Goddamn.