A reaction is given with the reactant and a reagent whose correct product requirements to be formed. The reactant is an alkene molecule which is reacting v diborane in the visibility of hydrogen peroxide. The reaction is typically called together hydroboration oxidation reaction the alkene and an outcome in the development of an alcohol.

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Alkenes usually reacts through the borane or diborane compounds and also results in the enhancement reaction on double bonded carbon through syn addition. The enhancement reaction complies with anti markovnikov’s rule, that is, an adverse part of the reagent it s okay attached come the carbon having much more number that hydrogens as shown in the following example:


Thus, the reaction creates syn product. Now, in the existence of hydrogen peroxide and strong base the over borane substituted product it s okay converted into matching alcohol molecule as presented below:


The reaction collectively is recognized as hydroboration oxidation that alkene.

Draw the product that the reaction by using reagent 1, the is, addition of diborane or borane come the alkene group as displayed below:


Borane enhancement product react through the hydrogen peroxide to generate the corresponding alcohol as displayed below:



Hence the final product that the reaction is as follows:


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