About I have Loved friend Girl (But Not choose This Before)

"I have Loved girlfriend Girl (But Not choose This Before)" is a song written and also recorded by American country music artist Earl cutting board Conley. He an initial released the track in 1975 ~ above the GRT label as Earl Conley, getting to number 87 ~ above the Hot nation Songs chart. In January 1983, Conley re-released the track as the 3rd from his album Somewhere in between Right and also Wrong. The re-recording visited number two on the very same chart the year.

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I have held you girl but you ain"t never made me feeling so good before, mmm love you some moreAnd I have kissed you girl but your lips ain"t never ever tasted fairly so sweet and warm, mmm sweet and also warmAnd I have actually loved friend girl however I ain"t never ever really loved you native the heart but tonight I"m gonna startOh v every touch you"re painting pretty pictrures with your handsCreating valuable feelings the my body understandsI can almost hear the music playing somewhere soft and lowI have actually loved girlfriend girl mmm however not favor this beforeYeah I have loved friend girl mmm however not like this before

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Earl cutting board Conley Earl cutting board Conley (born October 17, 1941, Portsmouth, Ohio, joined States) is an American country music singer-songwriter. In between 1980 and 2003, he videotaped ten studio albums, including seven for the RCA records label. In the 1980s and also into the 1990s, Conley also charted an ext than thirty singles on the Billboard Hot nation Songs charts, of which eighteen got to Number One. Conley"s eighteen Billboard Number One country singles during the 1980s marked the many Number One hits by any artist in any type of genre during that decade. More »

Written by: EARL thomas CONLEY

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