MERIDIAN, Miss. ( - East main Community College has actually announced and also released the full 2021 soccer schedule.

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The announcement likewise said the the Mississippi combination of neighborhood Colleges Conference is slated because that a nine game season. Critical season the Warriors had to reduced their 2020 season quick due to COVID-19.

Week 1 | ECCC
east Miss | Sept. 2

The 2021 season will certainly kick off with a road pilgrimage to Scooba to challenge East Mississippi on September 2. This will be the an initial face-off in between the two programs due to the fact that 2019 once the Warriors fell 24-0 in Scooba. Eastern Miss opted the end of the 2020 season, an interpretation the meeting will be the an initial game because that the Lions since a 31-7 loss to Mississippi Gulf shore on November 2, 2019. ECCC is 1-4 against the Lions in the last 5 meetings v the last victory coming in the 2007 season opener.

miss Delta | Sept. 9

The Warriors space on the road on September 9 for the 2nd week of the season together ECCC travels to Moorhead to challenge the Mississippi Delta Trojans. The Warriors space 3-2 over the last 5 meetings with the Trojans dating ago to 2006. The last time they faced was the season opener in 2015, and also it went in ECCC’s favor, 34-0.

Week 3 | Jones vs ECCC | Sept. 16 | department Game

The 2021 residence opener is collection for a main three game with Jones university on September 16. The Warriors space 1-4 versus the Bobcats end the last 5 seasons with last year game finishing in a 34-5 Bobcat win. Turnovers plagued the warriors in the game as ECCC’s offense piled up 369 complete yards.

Southwest | Sept. 23| division Game

ECCC is back on the road in week four with a trip to Summit against the Southwest bear on September 23. The warriors blanked the bears in the last 2 meetings with a 21-0 victory a year earlier and a 19-0 victory in 2019. The Warriors space 4-1 against the Bears over the last five seasons with the Bears only win coming in 2017.

Week 5 | Pearl flow vs ECCC | Sept. 30| division Game

The Warriors return to Bailey stadion on September 30 to take it on the Pearl flow Wildcats for a week 5 game. The Warriors come up just brief in 2020 versus the Wildcats in a 28-21 decision in Poplarville. Over the previous 5 seasons, the Warriors hold a 3-2 advantage over the Wildcats.

Gulf shore | Oct. 7| department Game

The Warriors make the lengthy trip come Perk in the sixth week that the season ~ above October 7. The Warriors fell to the Bulldogs in 2020, 31-3. ECCC is 1-4 versus MGCCC over the last five meetings through the most recent victory coming in 2016 when the warrior downed the Bulldogs, 42-28.

Week 7 | Co-Lin vs ECCC | Oct. 14| division Game

The Co-Lin Wolves take trip to Decatur ~ above October 14 for the Warriors’ third home game of the season. ECCC has actually had an excellent success against the Wolves over the critical two periods with roadway victories in both 2019 and 2020. The wins moved the warriors to 2-3 against Co-Lin over the last five meetings last year’s 13-10 success came turn off a game-winning field goal in overtime.

Hinds| Oct. 21| department Game

ECCC proceeds the alternating home and also away schedule in main eight as the team travel to Raymond to take on the Hinds Eagles top top October 21. The Warriors and Eagles were unable to play in 2020 as result of the season cancellation, and ECCC dropped to Hinds in the many recent matchup, a 23-20 overtime ns in 2019. End the last five meetings, spanning 6 years, the Warriors space 3-2 end the Eagles through wins in 2015, ’16, and also ’18.

Week 9 | Coahoma vs ECCC | Oct. 28

The warriors close out the constant season through a non-divisional home game versus the Coahoma many tigers on October 28. The Warriors have not faced Coahoma since 2015 once the Warriors picked up a 46-13 victory in the second week of the season. ECCC has won three of the last 5 matchups against Coahoma, dating all the way back to 2007.

All East central home games are reserved for 6:30 p.m. Kickoff time at Bailey Stadium situated in Decatur. Fans that can not attend home gamings can clock the activity live in ~

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East central finished the 2020 season 2-3 and closed the year v a 13-10 overtime success over Co-Lin.