The east Michigan Eagles (3-1, 0-0 MAC) room slight, 1.5-point underdogs in a road MAC matchup versus the north Illinois Huskies (2-2, 0-0 MAC) top top Saturday, October 2, 2021 in ~ Brigham ar at Huskie Stadium. The over/under for the game is collection at 60.

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Odds for northern Illinois vs. East Michigan

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Over/Under Inthedesigningfairy.comghts

Northern Illinois has merged with its enemies to score much more than 60 points just twice this year.Eastern Michigan's gamings have gone over 60 clues in two avenues this season.The 2 teams incorporate to score 64.8 points per game, 4.8 an ext than the over/under in this contest.These two squads surrender a combined 61.5 points every game, 1.5 an ext than this contest's over/under.The Huskies and their adversaries score an typical of 54.6 points per game, 5.4 fewer 보다 Saturday's total.In 2021, gamings involving the Eagles have averaged a complete of 57.0 points, 3.0 fewer 보다 this game's set over/under.

Northern Illinois Stats and Trends

Northern Illinois has actually two wins versus the spread in 4 games this season.The Huskies extended the spread out in their only video game when favored by 1.5 point out or more.Northern Illinois' games this year have actually hit the over on 2 of four set point totals (50%).The Huskies placed up 4.5 more points per game (29.0) than the Eagles offer up (24.5).When northern Illinois puts up more than 24.5 points, it is 1-0-1 against the spread and also 1-1 overall.The Huskies collect simply 17.2 under yards per game (389.8) than the Eagles give up per matchup (407.0).When north Illinois churns out much more than 407.0 yards, the team is 1-0-1 against the spread and 1-1 overall.The Huskies have turned the sphere over seven times this season, one much more turnover 보다 the Eagles have required (6).

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Eastern Michigan Stats and Trends

Eastern Michigan has actually covered the spread as soon as this year.The Eagles have yet to cover the spread this season once underdogs through 1.5 point out or more.Eastern Michigan's gamings this season have overshadowed the over/under two times in three methods (66.7%).The Eagles rack up simply 1.2 fewer points per game (35.8) 보다 the Huskies surrender (37.0).When eastern Michigan records an ext than 37.0 points, the is 1-1 against the spread and 2-0 overall.The Eagles collect 53.0 fewer yards per game (377.0) than the Huskies give up (430.0).In games that eastern Michigan churns the end over 430.0 yards, the team is 1-1 versus the spread and 2-0 overall.This season the Eagles have turned the ball over four times, one much more than the Huskies' takeaways (3).

Season Stats

Northern IllinoisStatsEastern Michigan

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