Kevin Owens is new blood, infused right into the product by way of a collision through John Cena. The event will crown a new intercontinental champion. The first tag team Elimination chamber match and fresh deals with in the main event further the theme.

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The action unfolds top top Sunday, may 31 at 8 p.m. ET. The American financial institution Center in corpus Christi, Texas, organized what fans just weeks earlier thought to be going to it is in a run-of-the-mill residence show. 

Plans changed, though, as WWE looked to make another major sales key to add to that is network subscribers.

In doing so, WWE didn"t force fans to walk without the annual trip inside the steel for long. After taking the Elimination room pay-per-view turn off the schedule and also replacing it v Fastlane in February, a surprise shift jammed the event into the last day the May.

Now, the structure well-known as Satan"s jail is all set to make 2 firsts: The Intercontinental Championship will be determined on that steel battlefield for the first time, as will certainly the sign titles. 

Live present Info

Although described as a pay-per-view, remove Chamber will be a WWE Network exclusive.


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Unlike various other events, fans can"t bespeak this through their regional cable companies. It"s the WWE Network or bust. Luckily, new subscribers can acquire the streaming company for complimentary in May.

The psychological subscription also includes the network"s pay-per-view archive, repertoire of original specials and episodes the NXT.

The monthly fee for non-newbies is still $9.99, i beg your pardon covers elimination Chamber along with all the programming discussed above. When fans have signed up because that the 24/7 "over the top" service, they deserve to stream Elimination room live on apologize TV, Kindle Fire, Roku, video clip game consoles and a selection of other devices.

While the WWE Network is now accessible in a riches of places, indigenous Turkey to the joined Kingdom, it"s still not internationally accessible. To see if the streaming service can be ordered in your country, examine out the network assist section on

Before the battles within the steel, WWE will certainly broadcast a complimentary pre-show starting at 7 p.m. ET. In enhancement to the WWE Network, the pre-show will certainly stream live on, the WWE App, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pheed and Pinterest.

A panel of WWE characters will preview the night"s greatest matches. Recaps and hype videos will certainly fill lot of the time, yet the pre-show also features 2 former world champions.

Bryan has actually a DVD and also book comes out, so intend him come plug those items. Questions around his health, when he might return and also his think on the IC title complement are sure to come up as well.


The brand-new Day vs. Cesaro and also Tyson Kidd vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha dragon vs. The Ascension vs. The prime Time football player (Elimination Chamber complement for sign Team Championship)Neville vs. Bo DallasNikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi (Divas Championship)John Cena vs. Kevin OwensSheamus vs. R-Truth vs. Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Poor News Barrett vs. Ryback (Elimination Chamber match for Intercontinental Championship)Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (WWE human being Heavyweight Championship)


Tag teams Crowd the Chamber

For the first time ever, tag teams will clash within the removed Chamber.

That means that The brand-new Day will face almost the entire tag division, surrounding by steel. The enhance shows off the lack of depth in WWE tag wrestling today, yet novelty and a selection of relocating parts will certainly make that an intriguing contest.

WWE"s options are plentiful here. 

This bout is a opportunity for The brand-new Day to make an emphatic statement, proving that they space worthy of their spots as champs, together the division"s top heels. The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension can force fans come take notice of them through a big spot here or there.

NXT Feud Renewed

For fans that follow NXT, Dallas vs. Neville will be a extension of a strong feud that unfolded at full Sail University. For fans unfamiliar with that rivalry, this will be a little bit of midcard filler through a rookie top top the rise.

Dallas" relocate to the key roster hasn"t caused much. He"s to be an afterthought equipped with a catchphrase.

Neville has developed much faster. The crowd is acquisition to him many thanks to his electric, aerial style. He has a shoot to show off his superior arsenal as the favorite in this matchup.

Divas Triple Threat

Change is looming in the women"s division. It may be a lengthy time prior to WWE start to truly showcase its female wrestlers, however the agency appears to be acquisition baby steps.

A trio of competitors go after the Divas title right here in a three-way rivalry that has grown intense in current weeks. Paige reverted from a storyline injury to acquire revenge top top Naomi, who sent her to the sidelines. Naomi, currently aligned v Tamina Snuka, has made a habit of throttling everyone in her path.

The soot is absolutely at a great level for this matchup. 

Naomi looks to ride her current slide right into heel territory to a title win. Paige looks for her third crown. Nikki, meanwhile, has quietly expanded her reign to almost 200 days. 

Will WWE switch the belt over to Naomi to take advantage of her recent momentum? space we headed because that a lengthy Paige-Naomi feud through the summer? 


The NXT champ will pull self away from the developmental brand to collide through Cena. It"s a non-title match that may serve together Owens" coming-out party.

Owens climbed to the top of NXT in simply months. Have the right to he maintain the exact same pace increase the WWE hierarchy?

Facing WWE"s golden boy in his first match ~ above the key roster is a significant opportunity. It"s clean the agency thinks highly of him. Win or lose, a stellar reflecting will prove his pendant right.

The undefeated Owens will fulfill the man WWE no to permit lose. Something needs to give. 

The battle for the Vacant IC Title

Bryan"s injury swings open up the door for another wrestler. WWE was plainly looking to bring ago the championship"s prestige before Bryan had to relinquish the belt.

Sheamus has been ~ above a roll since his return as a mohawked heel. Poor News Barrett will certainly look to not just reclaim the location he had to vacate due to injury but follow up his King that the Ring win v his sixth IC title. Rusev and also Ryback could begin the an initial IC regime of their career.

Rusev, though, might be distracted from title pursuits. He recently watched Lana leave his side and also start smooching v Dolph Ziggler. 

The lunatic Looks come Wear the Crown

Rollins and also Ambrose will restart their excellent feud from last year. This time around, WWE"s ultimate prize will be in ~ stake.

There will additionally be a opportunity for both guys to prove the they belong in this headlining spot because that the long haul. Rollins has been his usual irksome self. Ambrose has emerged as a key eventer in spite of not installation the WWE mold.

They have actually a long background of flourishing versus each other. Also if the result is not exactly unpredictable (Rollins is the hefty favorite), this guarantees to it is in a thriller.

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Just two weeks ago, WWE put together a top quality show in spite of a low-quality buildup. After ~ a fast turnaround, WWE has the same challenge ahead the it. With Owen"s arrival, the startle violence that comes through the Elimination chamber match and Ambrose vs. Rollins" opportunity to create fireworks, possibilities are the firm will outdo that success at Payback.