Kevin Owens is brand-new blood, infprovided right into the product by method of a collision via John Cena. The event will certainly crvery own a brand-new intercontinental champion. The first tag team Elimicountry Chamber complement and fresh faces in the main event even more the template.

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The activity unfolds on Sunday, May 31 at 8 p.m. ET. The American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas, held what fans just weeks back assumed was going to be a run-of-the-mill house display. 

Plans changed, though, as WWE looked to make an additional major sales pitch to include to its netjob-related subscribers.

In doing so, WWE didn"t force fans to go without the yearly expedition inside the steel for long. After taking the Elimicountry Chamber pay-per-view off the schedule and replacing it with Fastlane in February, a surpincrease change jammed the occasion right into the last day of May.

Now, the framework well-known as Satan"s Prison is all set to make 2 firsts: The Intercontinental Championship will certainly be determined on that steel battlefield for the first time, as will certainly the tag titles. 

Live Stream Info

Although described as a pay-per-see, Elimicountry Chamber will certainly be a WWE Network-related exclusive.


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Unchoose various other events, fans can not order this with their regional cable providers. It"s the WWE Network-related or bust. Luckily, new subscribers deserve to acquire the streaming company for free in May.

The trial subscription also has the network"s pay-per-view archive, arsenal of original specials and also episodes of NXT.

The monthly fee for non-newbies is still $9.99, which covers Elimicountry Chamber along with all the programming mentioned above. Once fans have actually signed up for the 24/7 "over the top" business, they have the right to stream Elimination Chamber live on Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Roku, video game consoles and also a variety of various other devices.

While the WWE Network is now easily accessible in a wealth of areas, from Turvital to the United Kingdom, it"s still not globally available. To view if the streaming company deserve to be ordered in your country, inspect out the network-related help area on

Before the battles inside the steel, WWE will certainly broadcast a complimentary pre-show founding at 7 p.m. ET. In addition to the WWE Netoccupational, the pre-show will certainly stream live on, the WWE App, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pheed and Pinteremainder.

A panel of WWE personalities will certainly preview the night"s greatest matches. Recaps and hype videos will fill a lot of the time, but the pre-display likewise features 2 previous people champions.

Bryan has a DVD and book coming out, so intend him to plug those items. Questions about his health, when he could return and also his thoughts on the IC title match are certain to come up too.


The New Day vs. Cesaro and also Tychild Kidd vs. Los Matadores vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension vs. The Prime Time Players (Elimicountry Chamber enhance for Tag Team Championship)Neville vs. Bo DallasNikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi (Divas Championship)John Cena vs. Kevin OwensSheamus vs. R-Truth vs. Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett vs. Ryback (Elimination Chamber enhance for Intercontinental Championship)Dean Ambincreased vs. Seth Rollins (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)


Tag Teams Crowd the Chamber

For the first time ever, tag teams will certainly clash inside the Elimination Chamber.

That indicates that The New Day will certainly face practically the whole tag department, surrounded by steel. The enhance shows off the absence of depth in WWE tag wrestling today, but novelty and also a variety of moving parts will certainly make it an intriguing dispute.

WWE"s alternatives are numerous here. 

This bout is a chance for The New Day to make an emphatic statement, proving that they are worthy of their spots as champs, as the division"s optimal heels. The Lucha Dragons and The Ascension can force fans to take alert of them with a huge spot below or tbelow.

NXT Feud Renewed

For fans that follow NXT, Dallas vs. Neville will certainly be a extension of a solid feud that unravelled at Full Sail College. For fans unfamiliar with that rivalry, this will be a little bit of midcard filler through a rookie on the climb.

Dallas" relocate to the main roster hasn"t led to much. He"s been an afterassumed equipped via a catchphrase.

Neville has actually advanced much much faster. The crowd is taking to him thanks to his electrical, aerial style. He has actually a shot to present off his outstanding arsenal as the favorite in this matchup.

Divas Triple Threat

Change is looming in the women"s division. It may be a lengthy time prior to WWE starts to truly showsituation its female wrestlers, yet the agency shows up to be taking baby steps.

A trio of competitors pursue the Divas title right here in a three-way rivalry that has actually grvery own intense in current weeks. Paige returned from a storyline injury to get revenge on Naomi, that sent her to the sidelines. Naomi, currently aligned via Tamina Snuka, has actually made a habit of throttling anyone in her course.

The intensity is absolutely at a good level for this matchup. 

Naomi looks to ride her current slide right into heel region to a title win. Paige looks for her 3rd crown. Nikki, meanwhile, has quietly extended her reign to virtually 200 days. 

Will WWE switch the belt over to Naomi to take benefit of her current momentum? Are we headed for a long Paige-Naomi feud with the summer? 


The NXT champ will certainly pull himself ameans from the developmental brand also to collide through Cena. It"s a non-title match that may serve as Owens" coming-out party.

Owens climbed to the height of NXT in just months. Can he maintain the very same pace up the WWE hierarchy?

Facing WWE"s golden boy in his initially enhance on the primary roster is a major opportunity. It"s clear the company thinks extremely of him. Success or lose, a stellar mirroring will certainly prove his supporters best.

The undefeated Owens will certainly fulfill the guy WWE hates to let shed. Somepoint hregarding give. 

The Battle for the Vacant IC Title

Bryan"s injury swings open up the door for an additional wrestler. WWE was plainly looking to bring back the championship"s prestige before Bryan had to relinquish the belt.

Sheamus has been on a roll given that his rerevolve as a mohawked heel. Bad News Barrett will certainly look to not only reclaim the title he had actually to vacate due to injury yet follow up his King of the Ring win with his 6th IC title. Rusev and Ryback could start the initially IC regime of their career.

Rusev, though, may be distracted from title pursuits. He recently watched Lana leave his side and start smooching with Dolph Ziggler. 

The Lunatic Looks to Wear the Crown

Rollins and also Ambclimbed will certainly rebegin their terrific feud from last year. This time about, WWE"s ultimate prize will certainly be at stake.

Tbelow will certainly additionally be a possibility for both men to prove that they belengthy in this headlining spot for the lengthy haul. Rollins has been his usual irksome self. Ambclimbed has actually arised as a main eventer despite not fitting the WWE mold.

They have a long background of prospering against each various other. Even if the outcome is not specifically unpredictable (Rollins is the heavy favorite), this assures to be a thriller.

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Just 2 weeks back, WWE put together a quality show despite a low-quality buildup. After a quick turnaround, WWE has the very same challenge ahead of it. With Owen"s arrival, the startling violence that comes through the Elimicountry Chamber enhance and also Ambincreased vs. Rollins" possibility to develop firefunctions, chances are the company will certainly outdo its success at Payback.