Hello,I am a fully new player, have actually the game less than a week. I purchased the elite Dangerous: CMDR luxurious Edition. I have actually some suffer playing the old video game "Freelancer", however this video game does not compare to Elite, it is much simpler. I have no suffer in other flight simulations and also therefore was quite helpless in Elite, and also expecting this. Prior to I to buy the game (and afterwards) ns did check out a lot around it, and looked in ~ a lot of YT videos.When I had actually the game, I began the training mission to gain a feeling for the controls. I am top top PC, making use of mouse and also keyboard. Ns will constantly play this way, since I do not have enough an are for a joystick (plus mouse and keyboard).The training missions are unique done, yet I think there are several things missing. So below my suggestions from the perspective of a complete newbie:The an initial Training Mission (Basic Flight) is ideally suitable to optimize your controls. I chose what to usage (Yaw-Version or Normal) this means and fine tuned mine settings. Over there is "free time" to fiddle with the settings as soon as you space asked to paris to the station and nobody nags, when you take her sweet time because that it. Good!!The second Training Mission (Docking) is also well done, and also was actually quite easy because that me, even on the an initial try.The basic Combat cultivate mission is a genuine problem:The very first enemy is lot too easy, nearly a wimp.The 2nd enemy is lot too strong for a newbie. That is frustrating to try this out several times and constantly have to endure the talk and also the an initial enemy, prior to having a 2nd try ~ above the actual challenge.The cultivate Missions have actually one general problem: Keys and controls execute not job-related until you are told so. In this mission it yes, really confuses a new player! Firstly, you have no regulate groups in ~ all, therefore looking to check at the beginning, once you have time, reflects nothing. Two weapons, however no manage groups in ~ all!This leads for example to the problem, the if you are on the 10th try to carry out this mission, friend still can not deploy your hard points, due to the fact that the vital for the is locked till Baines speak you to deploy, and the display hint shows.When the 2nd and hard enemy appears, he is much too fast. The fires in ~ the puzzled player. I always lost 1-2 rings of mine shield, while Baines told me to move my fire groups. However the an essential to switch them does not work prior to she claims it, and also before the hint shows. This is very confusing and also was the reason I had actually no chance at all!Next Baines talks and also talks - i beg your pardon is really distracting - and also tells girlfriend something around energy distribution, when the trainee (me) was already at half hull strength and still fighting v the damned fire groups! it is certain unclear, why I need to use fire groups, as soon as I have actually two weapons, i beg your pardon after convert fire teams still require two various mouse buttons. Everybody who has read the manual closely will be totally confused through this!If you great to execute this, there should be a much much longer pause before the 2nd enemy appears, or man will damage the fight. In the video game I have it every organized prior to I also leave the base.The Mining cultivate is type of buggy and an extremely confusing! Baines tells you come fire the pulse lasers, and also immediately after firing she says, the a junk of ore has damaged loose, you should target it. Yet there is no junk of ore. It expense me over one hour to find out, what was wrong! This is mentioned in a short article here, and a player do YT video clip about this mission helped. I assumed I was looking somehow wrong, and also asked myself whereby this damned ore point was. Please save in mind, that world like me never have actually seen just how this looks, so when you allow Baines say, the a junk the ore is here, s/he will think it!! also - switching turn off the shields is no the ideal solution, prioritizing devices to switch turn off is much better, yet does merely not work. The training script hangs regardless of power is okay, since it expects you come switch turn off the shield! This is confusing, if one understands what happens, can solve it, and it does not work.SRV Training functioned well, till I adjusted to the SRV. But I had actually watched a lot of ship landings ~ above a planet prior to that, else ns would have actually crashed my ship number of times. Yet when I started driving (I had actually not shed my orientation, but some will certainly without doubt) Baines retained talking around "way points". What are means points? there is a target marker, yet you cannot pick it, you simply follow it. Method Points to me space a sequence of point out to follow in sequence, no a mite which reflects the way. And arriving in ~ the base I needed again a YT video clip to uncover out what the "generator" was, i m sorry I must destroy, without the video I would never ever have found it! also I indicate not to finish the mission as soon as the scan is complete, however let the player go back to his ship and board the SRV, because this can also go wrong and also it would help to have actually tried that in a cultivate Mission!FSS can use a cultivate mission too! I had actually the wrong vital in mind, and it never worked in game, till I discovered out. If you include SRV Training, FSS must deserve a small mission too.Generally i think the game might use a "Generic training Mission", there is no hand hold by Banes, and blocked keys, so that the brand-new player can try out some simple things not extended in the remainder of the maintain Missions, prefer for example FSS. To shot them in video game is not always possible.So i would indicate to put a bit of job-related in this missions, and also look in ~ them from the perspective of a total newbie! it is an extremely important IMHO, that new players, who perform not recognize the video game in any kind of way, and have no endure with similar games have a opportunity to go into the civilization a bit an ext prepared! (I had actually experience with the Freelancer game, which did aid a lot, or i would maybe have offered up.)Also what pertains to mind: over there a a most veteran players, who have the video game for years.

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Every enhancement since the Beta - and also there are fairly a lot evaluate from various sources - because that them was a new thing come learn and also master, after they currently knew the video game well. For players who get in now it is absolutely overwhelming! ns personally like the complexity very much, the is one reason I purchased this game! yet a bit much more help would be in order, i think.PS: I compose this come celebrate me win the (damned) basic Combat Training because that the first time, v 25% hull remaining, however alive