On Empire Season 4 episode 10, Lucious was still locked up in ~ Nurse Claudia"s cabin in the woods, and also Cookie and Thirsty wasted no time in looking for him. 

Demi Moore has actually been an excellent as Nurse Claudia throughout realm Season 4, yet I can"t help but feeling a tiny disappointed around the swift resolution of this plot. 

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Empire has actually a habit that burning through storylines at a breakneck speed. In fact, that"s among the most significant flaws through this series, and also one that I"ve been vocal around in vault reviews. 

The moment Cookie knew the Nurse Claudia was associated in every one of it, the coin dropped. She knew there to be no means that Lucious would move on with the villain. 

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It was ludicrous the Cookie go on the mission alone. Yes, she sons were dealing with some hefty stuff, yet there must have been someone who would be willing to investigate Lucious" whereabouts. 

When Cookie was ultimately captured, it seemed prefer a therapeutic procedure for her and Lucious come chat about their differences in a regulated environment. 


By controlled, I average Claudia threaten to turn off them at every turn since they to be "terrible people." Cookie perfectly got her way, and also it make Claudia think around whether Lucious was too far gone because that redemption. 

The final fight was spectacular, but my main worry with it was that it to be cut quick by Lucious throwing a beat at Claudia. The scene that followed were really telling about just how various Lucious and Cookie are.

Cookie: ns going to ask friend one thing: perform I need to worry about this bitch?

Lucious would certainly usually kill first, and also think around it later, but he miraculously prospered a conscience.Who would have actually thought the after all these years, Lucious would it is in the one come think rationally around something?

Then there to be Cookie, that was egging Lucious on to death the deranged nurse. It might not seem favor it, yet this to represent a significant turning allude in the relationship. 

Lucious: carry out you understand who ns am? perform you know what ns going to execute to you? perform you recognize what kind of pain ns going to carry on you?Claudia: We’ll talk about this once you’ve had actually a little much more rest. . Ns know exactly who you are and also what i’m doing come you.

It"s certainly an exciting method to take things, yet I hope this storyline gets some room to breathe. It would certainly suck for Lucious to go back to his former ways without lot of a factor why. 


Cookie has actually long looked at Lucious as a guy who looks after his family ... Even if it requires murdering someone that poses a risk to them. Will certainly she have the ability to get top top board v this brand-new and enhanced Lucious, or will certainly she begin to check out him in a whole brand-new light?

That will certainly be one of the an ext intriguing questions as we head into the back half of realm Season 4. There have actually been so many missteps with this series since empire Season 2 that it"s an overwhelming to tell how long this period of good storylines will certainly last. 

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The flashbacks really services the key plot that the episode. Yes, we"ve had a the majority of flashbacks of Cookie in prison, however "Birds in the Cage"gave Taraji P. Henson her finest material to occupational with yet. 


Cookie necessary to adapt conveniently when she was locked up, or she would have actually likely not endured the seventeen-year insignificant in the large house. 

Even Jamal was provided a meaty story to job-related with, and I cannot wait to watch what the does v it. He may not have actually meant to, however he take it a life, and that"s going to have a profound effect on him. 

I assumed you we were favor the Princes of England. You to be the stable one. What’s his surname ? William?


Angelo was the worst and also needed come go, but I would certainly have desired him come wind up in prison. Jamal may be off the drugs, yet he"s hurting, and also it would be unsurprising to watch him spiral out of regulate once again. 

The 3 brothers difficult together verified that, even when the family is at odds through each other, they can come with each other to put on a united front.

At least Angelo"s death served a more far-ranging purpose: It lugged the brothers back together. Thanks, Angelo!

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Hell, even Andre is no out that the woods. I never thought I"d say this, yet Hakeem is the sanest brother in the family. Generally, I dislike the midseason breaks, however something around "Birds in the Cage" felt fresh and exciting. 

Let"s hope the show stays top top track, and also we get earlier to this gift the show we loved during Empire Season 1. 

Other tidbits native the episode:

Cookie had actually so countless different looks transparent the illustration that it was hard to store up. Her colorful hairstyles are the biggest scene-stealers on this show. Nurse Claudia utilizing Lucious" music against him was sick, but a stroke of genius in ~ the very same time. I am so ~ above board through Becky"s pregnancy storyline. Any type of scene involving Becky is guaranteed to be a great one. It felt turn off to have Porsha therefore detached indigenous Cookie"s storyline. They are constantly joined at the hip. 

Okay, realm Fanatics! 

What did you think the the midseason premiere? how will Cookie react to this new Lucious?

Hit the comments below. 

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