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The Engine of damage Starcraft 2 mission canseem challenging at first, you can make the a lot easier by following the strategies contained within this article.

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Basically the just thing you have to do to beat this mission is follow the Odin around and repair that while itdoes all the hard work.

You deserve to use both SCVs and Science vessels to fix the Odin. SCVs work an extremely quickly and also repair the Odinvery rapidly, for this reason they are absolutely necessary.

However, science Vessels are great too due to the fact that they fix SCVs, each other, and the Odin, making them much moresurvivable.

Other 보다 that, girlfriend will desire to make a few Wraiths to take out any kind of air units that could get in her way. TheOdin"s damages versus ground units is substantial and the splash damages is massive, allowing it to take out any infantrywith ease.

Step by step Engine of devastation Brutal Walkthrough

For simplicity, ns am going to break this component down ~ above a step-by-step basis. This way, you know exactly what youneed to carry out for each "wave" in stimulate to it is in prepared.

Entrance: during the initial phase, Tychus and a group of Medics and Marines will grab theOdin. You need to not lose any Marines throughout this attack. Allow Tychus go in first and take it the brunt the the damageand usage the Medic to cure him.

Your units deserve to out-range the auto-turrets, to ago up once those pop up together otherwise you will lose all yourunits.

Battlecruisers: After arriving at your base, friend only have a minute or two to prepare beforeTychus storms turn off in the Odin. Coat the Wraiths you get and use them come take out the Battlecruisers. Repair theOdin.

At your main base, ar your Marines in the Bunker girlfriend get and also train huge numbers the SCVs. Throw under a TechLab or tech Reactor and train 2 scientific research Vessels (if you have the technology).

Next, throw down a Reactor or tech Reactor on your Barracks and also train Medics. Medics repairSCVs an extremely quickly, and your SCVs will be acquisition fire indigenous the computer, so this is for sure necessary.

Base 1: While girlfriend are structure Science Vessels and Medics, Tychus will assault the very first base.Send in your Cloaked Wraiths through him and also use castle to emphasis down the Medivacs. Tychus will clean increase the base on hisown. Send in 1 SCV to fix him after he takes down the very first initial bulk of units.

You then get a break. Repair the Odin and also start training Wraiths and continue to train Medics and SCVs.

Base 2: The assault on the 2nd base is tough. Friend will want to carry up about 8 SCVs or soto repair, and only send castle in groups of two. This is due to the fact that the computer will emphasis fire down your SCVs if youare no careful.

The best danger is the Raven. It will usage Seeker Missiles on your SCVs, which deserve to blow them every up in oneswoop. The hangs far back too so that is difficult to pick off through your Wraiths.

Once the crow is dead, send your SCVs in two at a time. Usage your Wraiths to pick off any type of units which are tryingto attack your SCVs. You will continuously need to stream in SCVs to keep the Odin alive.

Science Vessels go a long way here together they deserve to continuously heal the Odin and also are not easily killed themselves.Four vessels is the best number for the 2nd attack.

Base 3: At an initial glance, the third base seems nearly impossible. The vital here is thatthere is no detection roughly the enntrance gate to the 3rd base. In other words, as shortly as you finish killing thesecond base, send her Wraiths in come kill units in the 3rd base.

The third base itself is loaded v "SCV sniping" units such together the Vulture and also Reaper, both the which room fastand execute a lot of damage to irradiate units. However, you can make this a non-issue by death them off prior to the Odineven it s okay in range!

Kill the Siege Tank too with your Wraiths and then begin picking turn off Reapers and Vultures. This willsignificantly reduce the damages the Odin takes and make it a lot safer for your SCVs, do the third base abreeze.

If you perform not attack ahead of time v your Wraiths, you will be in a many trouble. Continue to train Wraithsas friend will require them in the next section together well.

Important: prior to heading into base #4, construct a few Missile Turrets at the western entrance toyour base. Girlfriend will acquire hit by an Aerial attack, so friend will want some turrets to safeguard yourself. Position a fewMarauders over there to address the Vikings when they land.

Base 4: similar to with basic #3, you will desire to walk in through your Wraiths front of time and also pickoff the two Siege Tanks and also all the Banshees floating around. Over there is only 1 Missile Turret right here that have the right to detectyou, and it is deep in the base.

You should be able to kill off most of the attack units right here without much trouble before the Odin even getsthere.

Base 5

Unlike the previous bases, basic #5 is loaded v detection, so you can not simply just blow the up through yourWraiths. As soon as you end up base 4, save your game, since you might need to shot this a few times.

After the assault on her base is finished, pull off many of her SCVs and also bring them to the Odin. Unload all ofyour Bunkers also - no much more need for defense as the mission is nearly over.

Next, just before the Odin desires to attack, shoot the an initial Bunker with your Marines, climate run earlier to the Odin.A Raven, a few Marines, and a Battlecruiser will provide chase. You can then kill these units exterior of the basic withyour Wraiths and also Marines - keep alternative between attacking and also running and they will eventually reach the Odin,at which suggest you can take them the end easily.

Killing a Raven and also Battlecruiser prior to even obtaining into the base provides this mission a lot much more manageable.Repair the Odin prior to it operation off.

When the Odin finally does go in, let your Wraiths and also Marines cave back. Execute not send your Wraiths in ahead ofthe Odin. When the Siege Tank dies, you have the right to send in her Marines. Use your Wraiths just to death off Vikings(priority #1), Ravens (priority #2), Banshees (priority #3), and also Battlecruisers (priority #4).

It is really important to no let your Wraiths obtain hit with any kind of Seeker Missiles. Also, execute not allow your Wraithsto attack Marines, together Marines room very solid against Wraiths. Additionally, focus down Vikings first, becauseVikings will easily kill off your Wraiths if you space not careful.

About twice throughout this battle, friend will must send in all of your SCVs to repair the Odin. Walk in when it isat around 1500 health and immediately traction them the end of the hit (and the end of the base) after repairing. If they aresimply standing roughly after finishing repairing they will certainly be killed off quickly.

This final fight may take a couple of tries to complete. Simply make certain you have sufficient wraiths (about 12-14 isenough) and also you safeguard them from Marines and also Vikings.

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Engine of damage Brutal video clip Guide

Here is a video guide therefore you can see specifically how you have the right to use swarms of SCVs to save the Odin lively in bespeak tocomplete the mission:

Part 1

Part 2

Engine of devastation Brutal Conclusion

While this mission is one of the toughest Starcraft 2 objectives in video game to beat on Brutal mode, great control ofthe Wraith provides it a lot of easier. Conserve after each base so you deserve to reload the game and shot again if girlfriend fail.