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ERP to be originally offered in the ________ domain. ERP to be originally used in the _____ domain . Production ________ is a suite of software application applications that consolidates existing equipment by giving layers of software … BCIS chapter 7 testimonial Questions. ERP is a suite of software application applications the integrates existing equipment by offering layers of software program that connect applications together. C. The two major components that ERP equipment are manufacturing applications and also inventory applications . D. ERP solution are offered to forecast sales and also to create manufacturing plans... Enterprise source planning erp help in a. This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Authorize up to view the full version. 32) ERP to be originally used in the ________ domain . A) Enterprise source planning ( ERP ) system B) enterprise integration applications (EAI) C) customer relationship management (CRM) device D) Rich net application... Wed Jun 17 2015 · Enterprise resource Planning Domain What is ERP ? ERP is an sector acronym because that Enterprise source Planning . Generally speaking ERP refers to automation and also integration of a company’s core organization to aid them focus on performance & simplified success.The Information technology industry is renowned because that its fostering of abbreviation which are frequently widely used but not …D 32 ) ERP to be originally offered in the ________ domain . C 33) ________ is a suite of software application applications the consolidates existing equipment by providing layers of software program that attach applications together. B 34) i beg your pardon o...


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