Who is Erik per Sullivan? Wiki Bio

Early life and also education

Erik was elevated as a solitary child in Worcester by his dad Fred that is a businessman, and also his mommy Ann that is originally from Sweden, and also who obtained her American citizenship in 2007. Erik spent a lot of his time farming up in Sweden, wherein he learned a little of your language, and also today he and also his household visit Sweden at least once a year.

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He prospered up gift interested in sports, took taekwondo lessons and also today holds a first degree black color belt. Erik was also interested in music, and began acquisition piano and also saxophone lessons if attending a publicly high college in Worcester, when he additionally played football and also tennis.He released his acting career if he was still attending elementary, school and then after matriculating native high school chose to study at the college of southerly California, while all at once working ~ above his exhilaration career. He also worked ~ above his acting skills at Phillips Exeter Academy and Mount Saint Charles Academy.

Career together an actor

Erik made his debut movie appearance in the scientific research fiction movie “Armageddon” in 1998, i beg your pardon starred Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, and also Ben Affleck and also was a vast commercial success. In 1999, Erik shown Fuzzy in the drama movie “The Cider residence Rules”, which follows Homer Wells that is living in the us after human being War II.He made his debut TV collection appearance in the episode “Pilot” that “Wonderland” in 2000, and also then became famous worldwide after being invited to portray Dewey Wilkerson in the sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle”, shooting for it from 2000 come 2006.
The show starred Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston and also Justin Berfield, and follows a teenager that is living v his weird family. He went ~ above to show up in the comedy movie “Joe Dirt” in 2001, and in the horror film “Wendigo” and also was then actors to show up in 2 TV collection – “Meatball Finkelstein” and also “Black of Life”.The year 2002 saw him star together Charlie Sumner in the erotic drama thriller movie “Unfaithful”, and also appear together Young Arthur in the episode “Shrink Wrap” in the sitcom “The King that Queens”. Erik lent his voice come Sheldon in the computer-animated movie “Finding Nemo” in 2003, and voiced the very same character in the video clip game “Finding Nemo” in the exact same year.

In 2004, Erik showed up in the comedy movie “Christmas through the Kranks”, if the year 2006 saw him show up in a single episode the “Come ~ above Over”, and in the French comedy movie “Arthur and also the Invisibles”. Several of Erik’s final roles prior to retiring from acting were in movies “Mo” in 2007, and also “Twelve” in 2010. It is not known what Erik has actually been doing due to the fact that his retirement.

Awards and accolades

Erik was nominated because that nine awards for his power in “Malcolm in the Middle”. He winner a Young Star Award in addition to his colleagues for the ideal Young Ensemble Cast: tv in 2000, and also was climate in 2001 nominated because that a Young Artist Award for both ideal Ensemble in a TV series (Drama or Comedy) and also Best power in a TV series (Comedy or Drama): Young Actor period Ten or Under, and also for a Teen selection Award because that TV: selection Sidekick.



Daveigh launched her exhilaration career in 1999 showing up in the movie “Her Married Lover”, however only acquired recognition after being cast to voice Lilo Pelekai in the Disney’s animated movie “Lilo & Stitch”. She starred in the horror movie “The Ring” in 2002, to win the MTV Movie Award for the finest Villain. Today, Daveigh is famous for her roles in the TV collection “Oliver Beene”, romantic comedy movie “Carolina”, and the comedy movie “Beethoven’s 5th”.

Hobbies and other interests

Erik is physically active, playing a range of sports in his free time as well as practicing taekwondo, and is still interested in music, playing the piano and saxophone.

He likes to hear to jazz and blue music, with few of his favourite singers being Ella Fitzgerald, billie Holliday, and Nat King Cole while several of his favorite songs encompass “Someone to Watch over Me”, “These Foolish Things”, and “Mack the Knife”. The likes come travel, and also has been to number of US states, while he has also been all roughly Sweden, and also to numerous other European nations such as France, Norway, and Iceland. Erik is a lover of animals and also has 2 pet dogs.Erik has actually his very own favorite actors and actresses some of whom are Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, and also Julia Roberts while some of his favourite movies space “The Terminal”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, and also “Runaway Bride”. His favourite TV series is “3rd rock from the Sun”.

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Appearance and net worth

Erik is 28 years old. He has medium lengthy brown hair and brown eyes, is 5ft 9ins (1.75m) tall, and also weighs approximately 152lbs (69kgs). As of April 2020, Erik’s net worth is approximated at end $3 million.