E:60 Pictures premieres WWE: Behind-The-Curtain, a new one-hour documentary movie featuring unmatched behind-the-scenes accessibility to Vince McMahon’s billion-dollar an international empire this evening (ESPN, 8 p.m. ET). The display will follow 3 potential superstars on their grueling, high-stakes rise with dreams of making it come the huge show, additional by open minded interviews with WWE Chairman and also CEO Vince McMahon, his executive Vice president of Talent, Live Events and Creative, Paul Levesque (a.k.a. “Triple H”) and former WWE talents rock Cold Steve Austin, The rock – Dwayne Johnson and Hulk Hogan. Coordinating Producer Ben Houser shares his own story that a manufacturing two year in the making:

After seeing the final product after together an investment of time and also energy, what room you many proud of?Growing up together a pan of WWE, the procedure behind the scenes is something ns was constantly curious about. In stimulate for united state to call the story of our main characters, us needed access to their an individual lives and also capture moments before and also immediately after your in-ring performances. Paul Levesque is the guy who made that take place for us. Ns am many proud the we stayed the course, filmed regularly over 2 years, and waited for the genuine life story lines come develop and wrap increase organically prior to airing this show.

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Lastly, I’d indicate staying through the credits for an exciting exchange with Vince McMahon and also our award-winning reporter Jeremy Schaap. – Houser

What can you phone call us about the hour-long doc that us can’t glean native the trailer?The initial ide was to perform a 10-15 minute feature, although once I began filming v WWE, their talent development system, NXT and Levesque, that was evident that the contents we recorded was far much more than we anticipated. We filmed with 5 NXT wrestlers: Xavier Woods, Corey Graves, Adam Rose, Tyler Breeze and Colin Cassady. Austin Watson, aka Xavier Woods, to be my first choice. He to be charismatic, intelligent and also we were left v a solid impression he would certainly advance. We want performers at different ends the the spectrum as far as their WWE status and also worked v them to choose performers the fit the criteria. Although us were only able to encompass three story in the show, we additionally produced two different digital features chronicling two an ext journeys, one of which will run (on ESPN.com) straight following tonight’s show.

What perform you think will surprise viewers the most?From what I observed behind the scenes, the WWE universe’s reaction to personalities is critical to their success or failure. The night that ray Leppan debuted in NXT together ‘Adam Rose’ was an authentic moment for a male fighting because that his livelihood. Currently, his character isn’t law much. I think the may adjust based ~ above viewer response. Lastly, I’d imply staying with the credits for an amazing exchange v Vince McMahon and also our award winning reporter Jeremy Schaap.

Production Notes: E60’s “Moneymaker – Behind black color Widow” director Martin Khodabakhshian

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